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KoziKidz All Weather Jacket

All Weather Jacket – Kozikidz considers the safety and well being of your child as paramount.   All our clothing items are manufactured to meet the industry and European wide standards and careful choice is made to ensure that our factories meet these standards. Our rainwear is made of phthalate free Polyurethane (PU). It is part of our vision to always be fully focused and up to date on developments in environmental and quality issues.  The KoziKidz clothing is available in sizes from 1 to 8 Years

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£60.99 and are available in sizes 1 to 8 years. For stockists please visit

KoziKidz All Weather Jacket Reviews

Product Tested by: Kerry Baldwin – Cameron Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Kerry Baldwin – Cameron Aged 3 Years

Kerry Awarded The KoziKidz All Weather Jacket  5/5

First impression very funky.  Their website looks great. They have all purpose raincoats which all look funky and do cool trousers to match.  I love everything about this coat. The weather has been terrible here at the minute so has been ideal for my son Cameron. Its warm and I just love the colour and the design.  The design and sizing were absolutely perfect for Cameron.   Its top quality in my eyes. The fleece inside is so soft and the outer material is also lovely.  This coat was superb and kept Cameron dry and warm.   Very good fit, comfortable to wear and the fleece lining is so soft and cosy.    I have washed it once so far on a 40 wash and it has been fine.  It does seem pricey at first but the quality of the coat is really lovely and you do get what you pay for. I have even looked to buy my daughter one of these.  Will most certainly continue to use this coat as great quality and Cameron loves it.   I have already recommended it to a few because I think it’s a lovely coat overall.   I was very pleased with the Kozikidz raincoat; it’s warm, waterproof, funky and keeps your child snug.  Kerry Baldwin – Cameron Aged 3 Years

Product Tested By Susan Hill – Rebecca Aged 4 Years

Susan Awarded The KoziKidz All Weather Jacket  4.3/5

Lovely bright colours that my daughter will love, but very practical too.  Images took a while to load, even on a fast speed connection, and site was a little out of date (mentions of products coming into stock 09/09 and it is now 11/09) but well laid out site, clean look and very informative, good photography. Also it’s a little off-putting to see so many products "coming 2010) – perhaps it would be better to have a separate section entitled "coming soon" rather than list them in the main products sections. This coat is lovely, fits well, practical pockets, adjustable cuffs, removable inner lining so it will be suitable for most of the year. Hood could perhaps be better designed to stay up better, but on the whole excellent.  Ideal (coat is age 5-6 and my daughter is 4 but quite large (tall).  Quality is very good, appears to be durable but only time will tell.  So far so good as been well tested this week and kept Rebecca warm and dry.  This is a comfortable coat to wear, but the only problem being the hood which she tends to hold up while running to stop it coming down.   It is machine washable, though I haven’t tried it yet. I would not consider purchasing a coat that wasn’t machine washable.  Much more than I would normally pay for a coat but my daughter loves it and it has some great features. I hope it stands the test of time. A great coat, very well made, practical but the price is a bit too steep for us.   A fantastic coat which is fun to wear yet practical and durable.  Susan Hill – Rebecca Aged 4 Years

Product Tested By Lauren Travis – Carl Aged 4 Years

Lauren Awarded The  KoziKidz All Weather Jacket  4.5/5

Lovely, as I was reading the description and looking at the coat when it arrived I really liked the reflective piping in the coat so he would be easier to see in the dark or on foggy days. Website is very easy to navigate around and they have a wide range of products available. The only negative thing I have to say is there was no RRP with the products, to find this out you have to look on the individual stockist’s websites. (there are links to these from KoziKidz website).   Very nice, it is a colour that would suit most skin tones and I really liked the reflective piping. There is also a fleece inside that can be removed which makes the coat a lot warmer.  The design is practical for age group, although my son does need help getting it on due to the fleece jacket inside or he puts his arms through the coat but not the fleece.  Quality is superb, waterproof, easy to wipe clean if gets dirty.   It keeps Carl very warm especially if worn with the fleece. I didn’t think the hood was big enough for him though so the front top of his head did get slightly wet. The hood can be removed though and a brolly or hat used instead when it’s raining.  This looks comfortable, no complaints from Carl so he must have felt comfortable wearing this too.  So easy to keep clean, just wipe clean on the outside and the fleece jacket can be washed on a normal wash cycle.  No need to iron.  I thought the RRP was slightly higher than it should be for a coat that will only last him a year. However I intend to pass this onto my youngest son and if other parents have other children and bare this in mind the price isn’t that bad.  We will certainly continue to use this as keeps Carl snug and warm.  Would certainly recommend as there are hardly any faults with it except the hood which can be removed.  Fantastic, my son also loves it which is always an added bonus.  Lauren Travis – Carl Aged 4 Years

I was very pleased with the Kozikidz raincoat; it’s warm, waterproof, funky and keeps your child snug. 


Kerry Awarded The KoziKidz All Weather Jacket  5/5

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