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KoziKidz Rain Suit

All Kozikidz rainwear is 100% waterproof (to 800mm) and made of robust, phthalate free Polyurethane. All items in the range have reflectors for visibility in the dark, as well as detachable hoods for comfort and safety.

For all autumn all riancoats have a soft jersey lining for extra warmth, comfort and "koziness"

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£45.00 and are available in sizes 1 to 8 years. For stockists please visit

KoziKidz Rain Suit Reviews

ProductTested By Rachel Roberts – Isabella 3 Years

RachelAwarded the Kozikids Fleece Lined Rainsuit 5/5

It feels like a good quality rainsuit which looks like it will be comfortable to wear as well. Really  nice practical design.  I really like the reflective spots on thesuit which are really bright when the light catches them – it is also great to have them as part of the fabric and not as something that clips on and can easily be lost. I like the fact that the outfit can be adjusted to fit the child and also allows room for them to grow – e.g. the adjustable shoulder and foot straps on the trousers. I thought the quality of the fabric was really good.  The fleece lining is really soft and warm and the outer shell is also soft – often raincoats can be really plastic and rigid, but this is much softer and allows the child to move around freely. It looks really comfortable and my daughter said it felt really nice to wear…in fact she didn’t want to take it off! No irritation noted – it was quite big for my daughter, but I think that’s because I chose a size too big. It does represent good value for money as it is both high quality and should last a while as it can be adjusted as the child grows. It can also be used in a number of ways –the jacket is nice enough to use as an everyday coat and it also feels like it could be used as a snowsuit. Almost looking forward to bad weather so my daughter can use it a bit more! A really bright, practical and high quality product which my daughter loves! Rachel Roberts –Isabella 3 Years


ProductTested By Jane Samuel – Lydia 15 months

JaneAwarded the Kozikids Fleece Lined Rainsuit 5/5

Thisis a very well made and good quality product. Nice colour and seems very durable. We changed her into the suit in the car which was no problem. It is a little bulky (may actually be a little big this season). Hard to tell what size was received and what age it was for. But from use we discovered that it’s very easy to wipe clean of mud. Its wind proof, cosy on inside and also nice and fleecy. Zippers were protected so did not catch under chin which I thought was very good. Great value and I am hoping that she fits into next winter season, we loved it. Jane Samuel – Lydia 15 months


ProductTested By Kirsty Buttle – Rhianydd 3 Years

KirstyAwarded the Kozikids Fleece Lined Rainsuit 4.5/5

This is fantastic! The design is lovely, it feels fantastic and it’s really functional. The age suitability is good and I think it would be great for quite a broad age range. The fabric feels and performs like a very good quality fabric. It washes well too. This kept my daughter perfectly dry despite her splashing around in a small water park. It definitely keeps her very warm. It looks generally comfortable on my daughter but is a bit big so the neck sits a little high on her but this only seems to bother her when she’s not being distracted by something fun. There is also quite a bit of gather around her ankles as it’s abit long for her. It was very easy to launder. Just put itin the washing machine and it comes out fine. No ironing required. This is a great rain suit but I don’t know if I could justify spending quite so much on it when there are other things that do the same job almost as well for less than half the price. I loved this product. My only complaint is that the fleece lining isn’t removable so this product isn’t really suitable for use as the weather starts to warm up a little as the suit is very warm. Great for the winter but I would want to use something a bit more lightweight on my daughter at this time of year. But this is an excellent quality product that was great fun for my daughter to test. Kirsty Buttle – Rhianydd 3 Years

 A really bright, practical and high quality
product which my daughter loves!


Rachel Awarded the Kozikids Fleece Lined Rainsuit 5/5

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