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KoziKidz Waterproof Rainset (jacket+dungarees)

Kozikidz waterproof rainset, jacket and dungarees in pink and blue stripe. 100% waterproof. The jacket has a detachable hood, front zip fastening with popper down storm flap. Taped seams, elasticated cuffs and hem for a neater fit. The dungarees have adjustable shoulder straps, elasticated hem and stirrup feet. The rainset comes unlined and is reasonably generous on sizing, thus allowing extra layers underneath for colder days. 100% Polyester. Machine Washable (follow washing guidelines).
Available in sizes 1-2 years, 2-3 years, 3-4 years and 4-5 years

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KoziKidz Waterproof Rainset (jacket+dungarees) Reviews

Product Tested by: Jennie Potts – Sam 21 Months

Product Tested By Jennie Potts – Sam 21 Months

Jennie Awarded The KoziKidz Rainset (Jacket+Dungarees) 5/5

I loved the bright colours and it looked and felt very good quality and couldn’t wait to try it out. It is a great design and very well made. The dungarees have poppers on them so that they can be made slightly tighter at the top if needs be and I liked that the hood can be removed from the jacket. Very practical design the dungarees come up high and it is great that they are separate items meaning the jacket can be worn separately. The quality of the fabric is excellent. It is soft to touch and flexible and so I was not worried about it being uncomfortable or restrictive on my son. It kept my little boy very dry and warm even splashing through very deep puddles. The only time he got a bit wet is when he sat in an empty sand pit which was filled with about a foot of water and I never would have expected it to withstand that. It looked very comfortable and was roomy on my little boy and he loved wearing it. This set did not cause any irritation at all. Very easy to launder I just put it in with a normal dark load. It dries very quickly when wet and dirt can easily be wiped off or shaken off when dry. I have only felt the need to wash it once in the 6 weeks of my son wearing it. I think the RRP is quite expensive, however if you compare it to other products on the market e.g. all in one rain suit that can be £30+ it is good value for money as both parts can be worn separately. The rain set comes up on the large side so I am hoping that this will last until this winter for my son as well. I think it is great quality and has been great with all this wet weather recently. It has meant that I am happy to let my little boy out in the garden to play and run through puddle knowing that he will not get cold and wet. A great product, good colours, well made and durable. My little boy is a typical boy and loves to be outside, slashing and making a mess the rain set has been an absolute god send in the recent wet weather and he has worn it almost every day. It has kept him warm and dry. It is soft and comfortable as well as durable withstanding park visits and playing with mud and woodchip. A great product and definitely worth the investment. Jennie Potts – Sam 21 Months

Product Tested By Michelle Bernard – Amelia 4 years

Michelle Awarded The KoziKidz Rainset (Jacket+Dungarees) 5/5

It was really, really good. It kept her really well covered and the peaked cap kept her eyes free from rain. Also loved the way that it has adjustable braces to grow with her. Peak on hood was a bit too big or maybe hood was. Not sure. Also braces are adjustable to grow with legs but nothing to grow on arm size. I think any age would benefit from this as it is comfortable, good for the purpose it’s made for and roomy enough to be used anytime and not be clingy. Good quality set. Good. It wasn’t too hot or too cold, kept her very, very dry and was comfortable to wear. It lasts well, is easy to clean and does the job well. This set certainly kept Amelia dry. She didn’t get too hot or cold and was used in appalling weather and kept her bone dry. She said it was really comfortable to wear. Only problem was the peak getting in the way of her vision sometimes as it was too big so too low down. The rain set did not cause any problems only issue we had was with the hood.  It cleans easily and doesn’t really take any care. I would buy one for my son. They are quite pricy but not as much as some I’ve seen so for what they are id say good value for money. My daughter likes it, it isn’t too bulky to take around with us and I’ve even had friends ask where we got it. We loved it. My daughter calls it her fisherman suit and doesn’t mind the walk to nursery now if it’s pouring with rain. No water gets in the bottom of the trousers, the material is very waterproof and she doesn’t overheat. She loves it so definitely. Also it can be used just as bottoms for rock pooling or just as a top if it’s not too much rain so double bonus! Xx  Michelle Bernard – Amelia 4 Years

Product Tested By Leanne Barnes – Alfie 3 years

Leanne Awarded The KoziKidz Rainset (Jacket+Dungarees) 4/5

Really bright colourful fun jacket and material feels really nice. I love the design of the raincoat although the hood seems a little large in comparison to the rest of the coat. Neither I nor Alfie were really convinced by the trousers but am not sure we have had the right situation to warrant the need for them. The design is mostly practical although Alfie is quite independent and could do the zip up but found the poppers hard work. Quality is good and so much nicer than the standard raincoat. Alfie was lovely and warm and dry after a trip out in the rain. The raincoat looked very comfortable but Alfie did not seem very happy with the trousers and was a bit fidgety with them and was constantly adjusting. This set never caused any irritation of rubbing on the skin, as it was comfortable to wear. I just wiped with a wet cloth when dirty and cleaned up nicely. This is a really lovely set but personally I would not pay the price of £49.99 as feel too expensive. Alfie loves his rainbow coat. A fun colourful coat with dungarees that serves its purpose but does not really warrant the high price tag.  Leanne Barnes – Alfie 3 years

It has kept him warm and dry. It is soft and comfortable as well as durable withstanding park visits and playing with mud and woodchip. A great product and definitely worth the investment.


Jennie Awarded The KoziKidz Rainset (Jacket+Dungarees) 5/5

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