Saved In In The Nursery and Cots (2in 1 & 3in1)

KUB Eco Cotbed


  • Available as a cot or cotbed
  • Straight-edge design
  • Solid pine in whitewash finish
  • Three position bed base

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£185.00 from birth – 3 Years To find local stockist click onto

KUB Eco Cotbed Reviews

Product Tested By Alex Johnson – Baby Caroline 5 Months

Alex Awarded the KUB Eco Cotbed 5/5

I thought this looked so lovely when I first saw it. I had never heard of this brand before so I was interested to see how nice it would be. It didn’t take me long at all to put it all together, I had no problems and I was satisfied that it was safe and secure. You get an Alan key to make life simpler when putting it together too. Once the cot was up I was really happy with it, the colour is very light and neutral and it goes really well with baby’s room. The cot is really light also; I have moved it a few times myself and I found this very easy as it’s not extremely heavy. The price is wonderful for a cot bed, I had never thought about choosing this option before now, but it’s wonderful. Caroline seemed to sleep so much better in this than what she did when in her crib ad I think it looks great. It’s got plenty of space for her to move about freely too. I’d highly recommend a lovely product and a reasonable price! Alex Johnson – Baby Caroline 5 Months

Product Tested By Maria Norris – Baby Dexter 4 Months

Maria Awarded the KUB Eco Cotbed 5/5

My first impressions of this product were average, I thought it looked a little unfinished because it’s a simple design and is not painted, but once it is assembled it looks lovely. There is a very simple instruction guide, all picture by picture, any one could understand it. Also it uses an Alan key which is nice and simple for anyone to use. The quality of the cot is fantastic, it is very lightweight and pale wood, and with no paint on it may not be to every ones taste, but i think for a blank wood when its assembled i is actually a very sturdy and I don’t see any reason why it would ever break. £185 is an excellent price to pay for a lovely cot bed, especially one that feels very natural. The size of the cot bed is great, it’s very spacious and it will be ideal for a very long time. It is very easy to turn the cot into a bed just by using the Alan key. I think that this is a lovey cot bed and it feels very well made, it is a light colour and so is very pleasant to look at. Whilst also feeling well built and easy to assemble, and all at a great price. Maria Norris – Baby Dexter 4 Months

Product Tested By Katie Lowndes – Bay Isaac 4 Months

Katie Awarded the KUB Eco Cotbed 4.5/5

First of all it was a brand I hadn’t heard of so was quite intrigued and so could not wait to put it all together, once it was built  I was really pleased as it looked quite stylish and comfortable. The packaging was minimal considering the size of the item; the wood was protected well by additional layers.  Was a bit awkward to carry but that was probably just due to the size of the cot bed. Took me about an hour to fit it all together on my own so I was happy with that.  The instructions were good, giving clear step by step details without going too much into it. I had never thought about getting a cot bed before, I had previously opted for a cot and toddlers bed separately however this has changed my mind.   It looks very clean and secure; the wood seems soft and blends well in the baby’s room. If I didn’t know the price of this I would have thought it would have been a little bit more expensive. I put Isaac in this at only 2 months old and he slept so much better than when he was in his crib.  I guess he likes to stretch out! I think that this offers real value for money as you are getting good usage out of it in terms of time. I would however suggest that it would offer a little more in terms of value for money if it was priced a little higher but one of the sides of the cot could move down as when it is used on the lowest height it can be back breaking lifting over for the baby. The cot bed is really spacious and I am happy that Isaac has lots of room to spread out. I would not have been happy putting Isaac in a cot if I didn’t think it was 100% safe.  Having put this together myself I was happy with how sturdy the cot was but I did ask my other half to tighten the screws to make doubly sure. The name says it all.  In my opinion you would expect to pay a much higher cost for any product that is “Eco-friendly” (if this is what the ECO stands for).  I think it leaves a great impression of the company because it makes me feel that they are actually interested in making a difference rather than cashing in on it as a selling point. In terms of the cot – I am really happy to put my baby in this as it is ECO friendly, it gives me reassurance that the wood hasn’t been treated with anything that could be harmful to the baby. I would recommend this product to friends and family but I would feel the need to point out that you cannot lower one of the sides. However this is great value for money. Sturdy, secure, stylish and spacious, what more could a baby need in a cot bed to get a good night’s sleep. Katie Lowndes – Bay Isaac 4 Months


Caroline seemed to sleep so much better in this than what she did when in her crib


Alex Awarded the KUB Eco Cotbed 5/5

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  • Address: KUB, Dorel UK, Hertsmere House, Shenley Road, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, WD6 1TE
    Dorel Ireland, Unit 25, Canal Walk, Parkwest, Dublin 12