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Lafe’s Crystal Stick Deodorant

Made with natural mineral salts in a convenient transparent container. A highly effective formula to reduce body odour. Fragrance free. Contains no aluminium chlorohydrate. Will not stain clothing and leaves no white residue. These ingredients have a long history of safe and effective use.

Ingredients:- Natural mineral salts, potassium alum.

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Regular 4.25oz £8.99 - Mini 2.25oz £6.99 - Now Available in the UK online at www.healthychoices.co.nz - New UK website launching February

Lafe’s Crystal Stick Deodorant Reviews

Product Tested by: Charles Pitt - James & Graham Aged 14 & 16 Years

Product Tested By Charles Pitt – James and Graham Aged 14 & 16 Years

Charles Awarded The Lafe’s Crystal Stick Deodorant 4/5

Must admit I was a little surpirsed to be sent a Crystal stick deodorant to test.  Was not aware these sort of deodorants were available and interested to see how well it would work.  I have a very sensitive skin ( suffer from Eczema) and unable to use normal deodorants on a regular basis due to encountering skin irritation.  Also with two very active teenage son’s you can imagine we are always spending money on the latest brand of deodorant.  Lafe’s is available in 2 sizes regular & mini.  Very neat and compact and easy to use.  Information listed on product informative.  To use this deodorant all you do is wet the crystal and use normally.  Stated delivers 24 hour protection.  Personally I found this product effective, used every day for 2 months and no skin irritation and could use every day.  James is very conscious about appearance and how well he smells, so was not so keen to use.  After some persuasion used and comment was really good, and although he did sweat and had some moisture under his arms he was amazed his sweat did not smell, so thumbs up from James.  Graham suffers from same skin ailments as myself so was keen to try something that did not cause irritation and worked.  Results were good and must admit we are all now converts.  This is an effective deodorant, different to most on the market and one regular size will last and last.  From a value for money point of view good as we are not shelling out money on deodrants every month (and the lads do go through them).  I was amazed this product worked and would recommend to family for sure.  Charles Pitt – James and Graham Aged 14 & 16 Years.

I was amazed this product worked and would recommend to family and friends.


Charles Awarded The Lafe’s Crystal Stick Deodorant 4/5

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