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Lalaloopsy Ember Flicker Flame Doll

Ember Flicker Flame™ was sewn from a firefighter’s uniform. She’s super brave, and she’s always there to save the day. She also has a fiery temper, and her favorite food is BBQ…but only if it’s spicy!!! She has a pet Dalmation.Sewn on Date: May 4th (International Firefighters Day)

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Lalaloopsy Ember Flicker Flame Doll Reviews

Product Tested by: Kerry Evert – Amber 3 ½ Years

Product Tested By Kerry Evert – Amber 3 ½ Years

Kerry Awarded The LaLaLoopsy Ember Flicker Flames Doll 4.5/5

This product looked great! I was really impressed with the overall look of it;  the packaging was lovely and made the doll look really exciting.  The only downside was that it was pretty difficult to get the doll out of the packaging.  The toy is a nice size, I’ve seen smaller ones,  but I think the bigger ones are better as they’re a bit more unique.  The only issue we have is that the head is so heavy she can’t sit up and have a tea party with us.  She’s been a great addition to Amber’s doll collection;  Amber particularly enjoys dancing with her and taking off her shoes.  The dog that came with her has also been a great playmate.  I think it is definitely well suited to Amber’s age (3and a half) I think when she was a bit younger the fact that she cannot sit up would have been annoying for Amber.  The fact that she can’t sit does limit her"playability” and the ability to keep Amber’s attention for long periods as Amber likes to have picnics with her dolls and have them story-time with them. But she does love the doll and has her in a dolls buggy a lot,  pushing her from room to room and holding hands with her for dancing.  It has helped with her development.  I think the bright colours and the unique "sewn” face has been quite good, as she is different from the other dolls one gets.  I suppose on another level it’s nice that she’s not "Barbie perfect”, which in the long run would probably help self-esteem issues, but I would say it is too early to say. I’d say it has made Amber aware of having to balance, which is something new for her.  Amber loves playing with her, and she doesn’t lose interest in it any quicker than her other toys.  Perhaps because she is a bit different, she holds Amber’s attention a bit more than others.  Amber likes to hold hands with the doll and dance.  I think the quality is great, although with a few on-and-off’s of the shoes, they have become a bit baggy.  I think it is good value for money, because the doll is different to other dolls and around the same price as another branded doll for instance, so given a choice, I’d buy Amber another one of these instead.  I would recommend this to everyone.  Amber has enjoyed playing with the doll, it is good quality and has kept her attention (i.e. it’s not been left at the bottom of the toy box, for the 4 weeks she’s had it) I’d say that gives it a good nod from Amber,  although the sitting/balancing issue has annoyed her on occasion.  Kerry Evert – Amber 3 ½ Years


Product Tested By Stephanie Holmes – Lana 4 Years

Stephanie Awarded The LaLaLoopsy Ember Flicker Flames Doll 4.5/5

I thought it looked fab; both my girls were so excited when I took it out of the wrapper.  The packaging was great however hard to get into especially when you have excited children eagerly awaiting to play with it.  The size and style of the doll is great but the doll is very heavy and you can’t stand her up or sit her down with her head up as her body is very floppy and head hard.  I had no concerns with my daughters playing with it. Both my girls are having fun doing role play with it and now nagging for more from the collection.  They are very happy with her.  It is a very colourful doll, very well made and very appealing to young children, but unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend one to a friend as I believe it’s a lot of money for something that doesn’t actually do anything! Stephanie Holmes – Lana 4 Years


Product Tested By Shena Begam – Aisha4 Years

Shena Awarded The LaLaLoopsy Ember Flicker Flames Doll 4.8/5

My initial impression of this product was great.  I had seen these in the toy shops so was looking forward to trying it out. The packaging was ok but I did find it a little difficult to get the doll out.  As soon as I did Aisha was away with her.  The size was great and I loved the style.  It comes with a little doggy too which Aisha also liked.  The only problem we had was that her head was quite heavy so didn’t tend to sit up very well when Aisha was playing. T his didn’t seem to stop her from playing with her though.  She has taken her everywhere with us, even to the cinema where she had her own seat.  I had no concerns with my daughter playing with this product at all.  It has kept her attention for a while and she even sits it by us when we watch TV or a film. I have seen her playing role play games so definitely helps with her imagination.  It is simple enough to play with without losing interest or getting annoyed.  The overall quality is fantastic and I will definitely be looking at purchasing more from this range.  It is ideal to add to for birthdays or Christmas.  It does seem pricey as I know you can get interactive dolls for similar prices but Aisha really does like her; maybe because she is different from other dolls she has had before.  They are really unique looking though but cute.  I have recommended it to my sister because my niece always tries to get it when she visits.  It is a lovely toy that Aisha has enjoyed playing with and is still being carried around everywhere by her.  Shena Begam – Aisha 4Years


I would recommend this to everyone. Amber has enjoyed playing with the doll, it is good quality and has kept her attention. 


 Kerry Awarded The LaLaLoopsy Ember Flicker Flames Doll 4.5/5

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