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Lamaze Mix and Match Activity Blocks

Lamaze Mix Match Activity Blocks : With their bright colors and high contrast patterns, the Lamaze Mix and Match Activity Blocks are terrific for stimulating baby’s visual development and sparking creativity. Featuring multiple textures, crinkle sounds and a discovery mirror, the Mix and Match Activity Blocks can be configured in multiple ways and are also great for encouraging sensory exploration. Whether at home or on the go, these activity blocks are a perfect take along toy.

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Lamaze Mix and Match Activity Blocks Reviews

Product Tested by: Annmarie Brown – Baby Jones 6 Months

Product Tested By Annmarie Brown – Baby Jones 6 Months

Annmarie Awarded The Lamaze Mix & Match Activity Blocks 4/5

Nice bright colours with usual various textures of Lamaze toys/products. Excellent quality and no concerns with my baby playing with this toy. It did not captivate my baby’s attention and became bored with it. This is not washable but you can wipe clean. Very easy to attach to the maxi cosi car seat that I have and also to the stoke xplory pushchair using the simple clip. My baby has a few different toys from Lamaze, and the fabrics and colours are the same. However she seems to be more interested in other toys as there is more detail on them. Quality is excellent. The product is average in price, but I feel there are other toys in the range that are a similar price with more detail and are better value for money. I would buy this product as my baby did play with it. I would recommend as all-round nice toy for baby. Good quality, nice and bright.  Nicely produced toy, with different textures and colours, easily attaches to car seat/pushchair and can be used from an early age. But there are other Lamaze toys that I feel stimulate my child more. Such as the doll and horse. The activity cube is very basic. Annmarie Brown – Baby Jones 6 Months

Product Tested By Leanne Berry – Eilidh 11 Months

Leanne Awarded The Lamaze Mix & Match Activity Blocks 4/5

The product seemed bright and interesting looking. I seemed to have a variety of textures and a mirror and it connected to her car seat and buggy so she had something to amuse her on the go. It was well made although after a couple of weeks the threading was a little loose at the hook connector and the Velcro didn’t stick as well as it did when new. No concerns whatsoever with age suitability. It did amuse her if we were on a bus journey, but as she is a bit older it didn’t hold her attention for as long as it could have. I have only hand sponge washed it so far, but dries easily. She had it on her pushchair and car seat and it stayed attached with no problem. There are a lot of very similar products to this toy on the market. Well-made and sustained some pulling from LO. Only now has become a bit frayed. Good value for money, but there are a lot of products of the same type and value. I would consider it, but my girl is a bit older than the target age range for this toy now. For younger children I would say that this would be a good addition to a pram or car seat as well as general play. Very good product. Eye catching and amusing with different things to look at and feel. Attaches easily to pram for trips without worrying it will fall out. Good experience. My girl still plays with it in her pram and loves the mirror feature. It was handy to just clip onto the buggy or car seat and not worry about it going missing or getting threw away. Leanne berry – Eilidh 11 Months

Product Tested By Gemma Nurse – Harrison 16 Months

Gemma Awarded The Lamaze Mix & Match Activity Blocks 4/5

Looks very attractive with bright colours and interesting touchy-feely bits. Sturdy, pulled about and doesn’t feel like it will break. Good quality. No concerns with my child playing with these blocks. At 16 Months these did not hold his attention. However had he been 3-6 months old I think that we would have been far more interested in it. These were not washable. It has a large plastic clip to attach to a bar on a car seat or pushchair; it’s very hard for a baby to pull off. I do not think this is really that different to other toys available. The concept of having a variety of colours and materials to interest a baby isn’t new. However, having black and white sides, mixed with colours and different textures does make it a bit different. Quality seems very good. If I purchased it after my child were 6 months I think it would be a waste of money, but if it were offered for babies from birth onwards then I think it would offer value for money. It’s a very good price if you are looking for a gift. I think it would make a lovely gift for either boys or girls but for a much younger age. I think my child was far too old for this toy to keep his attention for any period of time. The label stated it’s for 6 months+, but I don’t think it would even have kept his attention when he was a 6 month old. I think it would work better if it were designed for 3 months+, or from birth, when babies are enjoying the bright colours and the feel of the materials a lot more. Therefore, as a toy for a young baby it has lovely bright colours, the different materials are good for them to feel and the mirror part is always fun for them. My overall opinion of the product is mixed as I can see the benefit the toy can bring; only it didn’t hold much interest for my son, which I feel is entirely down to the fact that he was too old for it. Gemma Nurse – Harrison 16 months

Nicely produced toy, with different textures and colours, easily attaches to car seat/pushchair and can be used from an early age.


Annmarie Awarded The Lamaze Mix & Match Activity Blocks 4/5

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