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Lamaze Pyramid Playhouse Gym

Lamaze Play House Gym transforms with each stage of baby’s development providing more ways to play. You can customise the play experience for a variety of developmental phases..from newborn and tummy time to sitting up and imaginative play. 0m+ stage 1 tummy time and lay & play -Tummy Time mirror for self-discovery – Cushioned play mat quickly folds to create an engaging environment with soft side walls. 6m+ stage 2 sit & play – Double-sided mat for twice the playtime fun – Rattle, crinkle, and squeaky soft shapes make learning colours and shapes fun. 9m+ stage 3 peek-a-boo & matching games! – Peek-a-boo play, see the happy family – Cute boy and girl dolls promote imaginative role play – Lights & music are perfect for visual tracking. Twomusic modes: baby-activated or continuous play – Attach to a stroller bar for on-the-go fun. Named one of the Best Toys of the Year in the November, 2009 issue of Parents magazine, a U.S. publication

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Lamaze Pyramid Playhouse Gym Reviews

Product Tested by: Rhona Welsh – Baby Annabel Aged 10 Months

Product Tested By Rhona Welsh – Baby Annabel Aged 10 Months

Rhona Awarded the Learning Curve Pyramid Play Gym 4.5/5

On arrival I thought it was a good quality play mat but I’m not sure that it would appeal to a newborn baby. (24 months as indicated on the packaging) looking at the companies website, I thought it was very difficult to find and navigate. I found it much easier to browse the products on a department store website. When choosing an activity toy I look for a good quality brand, quality product with educational content and durability. This product definitely has these attributes! I think the packaging was great, I could clearly see the product fully with its accessories. It also has lots of play suggestions on the reverse of the packaging which I found very useful. The instructions were easy to follow and the product was great quality. The activity toy was also very easy to assemble. It is also relatively bulky but no more so than any other play mat so it is fairly easy to store. The mat also has the added bonus of being able to store the accessories inside the mat when it is in house mode. The play factor of the toy was very good because the mat can be used in several different ways and the accessories can be used away from the mat. For example the singing sun has been great strapped onto our pushchair. I am unsure that it would still be appealing for as long as the packaging states, but it does ‘grow with the child’. My baby definitely enjoyed playing with the accessories more than the mat. I found the activity toy safe and sturdy although I would prefer it to be made from a softer material. The plastic linking rings didn’t seem to work well with the slippery fabric. I think this product offers very good value for money but I think the design could do with some improvement because I feel it is too busy. Now that I have tested this product I would consider buying it, not for myself, but as a gift. I would also recommend this product to friends or family but only as a second play mat. Not as a replacement for the more traditional and soft play gym. Overall, it’s a brilliantly fun product with great accessories, including different modes of play. Rhona Welsh – Baby Annabel 10 Months

Product Tested By Bhavna Topan – Rishi 11 Months

Bhavna Awarded the Learning Curve Pyramid Play Gym 4.5/5

I thought the gym looked great, and I couldn’t wait to see what the little one thought of it. The website is informative, has a wide number of baby products that look in very good quality and reasonably priced. Everything seems to be very colourful, and they are all products that I would happily buy. When choosing a toy I look at the price, the quality and how the product would stimulate, educate my child. I also tend to look at reviews for that product. With this product, the quality seems to be good, it would stimulate my child for a number of months, very colourful and the reviews are very good. Also I know friends who have other Lamaze toys and they are very happy with their products. The packaging is great; it’s colourful and includes all the information that you would need to know how the gym would grow with the child, and how the child would be stimulated by it.  It’s great, not as big and awkward as some of the other gyms i have seen and used, I would recommend it for those with little storage space. Its light weight and folds up with a handle, great to carry around too. There are nice good size toys that are easy for children to handle and keep amused for some time, which are colourful and attracts the Childs attention from a distance. The toys are detachable and I have found my son playing with them for ages. The music is catchy and my son loves it, the patterns on the whole thing are very eye catching too and many of my son’s friends have loved playing with it too. The toy is safe to play with; when I received it my son was 8months old and was able to sit up so the sturdiness of it was really not too much of a factor for us. However, other children who have come to visit have used it and I was very happy with it. A great product that stimulates your child for a number of months,  by it’s colourful hanging toys, cushioned play mat, and sitting up play house. Bhavna Topan – Rishi 11 Months

Overall, it’s a brilliantly fun product with great accessories, including different modes of play.


Rhona Awarded the Learning Curve Pyramid Play Gym 4.5/5

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