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Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym

The Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym is loaded with features for baby to explore. Motorized arches sway back and forth to bring the hanging toys to life. Modes include motion with music, or with white noise. Gym has a soft mat with bright space graphics and pattern arms. Features include five pillow characters with ribbons, rattle, jingle, squeaker, crinkle, and a tummy time mirror. Features are removable for on-the-go, or attach to the mat.

  • Quick-snap bars for easy assembly
  • Fun space-themed music engages baby as the bars gently sway
  • Rocket toy jingles, crinkles and "soars" when linked to the moving bars
  • Ten developmental features
  • Four space characters have high-contrast faces and fun sounds to get baby smiling
  • Engage baby longer as the bars sway with their mobile-like motion
  • requires 3 AA Batteries, not included.



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    £49.99 Available Mothercare, online Amazon or click onto for local stockist

    Lamaze Space Symphony Motion Gym Reviews

    Product Tested by: Wendy Hirst – Baby Zak 2 Months

    Product Tested By Wendy Hirst – Baby Zak 2 Months

    Wendy Awarded the Lamaze Gym 4.8/5

     I thought it looked really good, it was brightly coloured which caught my eye straight away. Also I could see that it had a lot of entertainment value for Zak and I could see him playing with it a lot. I thought the company’s website was really good; it not only had a great selection of toys. It also explained how the toys work and the developmental benefit of each toy. It was really good quality and very well made. It will easily withstand a lot of use. The only negative side was the loops especially where the main turning piece is needs to be a bit stronger; on mine the loop snapped but was soon fixed with a few stitches. No concerns very happy to let my baby play with this gym, he enjoyed it; it certainly kept my baby entertained for ages. He loved watching the toys moving and the motion of the bars.  I think this gym is very versatile as you can use it as a gym to begin with then as the baby gets older it could be used for a play mat with the added bonus of having some different textures for the baby to feel. I would highly recommend this, the entertainment value; the benefits developmentally are all worth the price tag!  Zak absolutely loves playing with this; I have found that when he is crying if I put the gym on he stops crying as he is so busy concentrating on the toys moving he forgets about why he was upset. Wendy Hirst – Baby Zak 2 Months


    Product Tested By Felicity O’Keeffe – Baby James 3 Months

    Felicity Awarded the Lamaze Gym 4.5/5

    Fantastic, box looks great, great idea. I thought the gym seemed of very high quality and definitely well made. My only concern is whether the plastic part that makes parts move is safe. It is attached with Velcro to the bars that go over the top and it is positioned right over the baby’s head. I was concerned incase the part came loose and fell on my baby but it has stayed firmly in position and hasn’t moved. The Gym is very captivating for my baby, he loves this one a lot more than his old one. The music is lovely and the fact that the toys swing gently really holds his attention. The movement and music make it very different to other gyms; it is like a combination between a gym and a mobile, more interactive than a mobile and more fun than other gyms. I am very impressed with the versatility; it can be used for tummy time, with the lovely pictures on the bottom of the mat and by using the mirror which came with it. It is quite expensive, but in my view really worth it for the extra benefits over other baby gyms. I have already recommended it to my friends and they have bought their babies round to try it out! This is most definitely the best baby gym I have ever seen, I have been raving about it to everyone (even my friends without babies!) My son has really enjoyed using this product; he is engaged by the toys moving and seems to enjoy listening to the music. This is the best baby gym I have ever used. Felicity O’Keeffe – Baby James 3 Months


    Product Tested By Anna Cook – Baby Tamim 3 Months

    Anna Awarded the Lamaze Gym 4.3/5

    My initial impression was that the Lamaze gym seemed quite different when compared to other baby gyms because it can play music and has moveable arches. When it arrived my impressions were positive because there were so many toys attached to the Gym and it looked very appealing and colourful. The gym is of great quality and is obviously well made. I have no concerns allowing my baby to play with the gym; it also has a lot of toys attached which makes it more captivating for my baby. The material it is made of means that it is surface wash only but it doesn’t attract dust or dirt and when compared to other baby gyms I have tried, this one takes a lot less cleaning. The Lamaze gym offers a lot more because it has the music and motion, and also more toys attached than average, the tummy time element with the mirror is good too. It is quite versatile, as it can be used for the baby lying on their back playing with the toys, or on their tummy. I think it is quite expensive but it does a lot more than other baby gyms. My baby loves playing with this, and I feel happy with it too. The only minor problem we encountered at first was working out how to put the battery section together for the two arches. But once I had that figured out, there are definitely no complaints with the product! My baby is using it everyday now. Anna Cook – Baby Tamim 3 Months

    I would highly recommend this, the entertainment value; the benefits developmentally are all worth the price tag!  


    Wendy Awarded the Lamaze Gym 4.8/5

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