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Lansinoh LatchAssist

Have your baby positioned for breastfeeding and then use the LatchAssist™ as directed. This will enable your baby to latch on to your breast as soon as your nipple is drawn out. Small and convenient, the LatchAssist™ comes with a case so that you can have it with you wherever you are, whenever you may need to draw out your nipple for a better latch.

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£7.95 - Available Boots, Waitrose, Mothercare, Lloyds Pharmacy, or click online for full list of stockists

Lansinoh LatchAssist Reviews

Product Tested by: Lucy McKee – Emily 23 Weeks

Product Tested By Lucy McKee – Emily 23 Weeks

Lucy Awarded the Lansinoh Latch Assist 5/5

A simple and easy product to use, it seems very straightforward. The packaging seemed straight forward, the little case it comes in, is a good idea for when out and about too. The product itself seemed simple and straightforward, but if the instructions were required, they were easy to follow. But I didn’t need to use this product, as I had established breast feeding. It is very easy to clean, just with soap and water and the quality is good. I would not consider buying this only because I didn’t require it to feed, but if I had, then yes I would have bought it. It’s a simple and straightforward product that can help make breast feeding easier. Lucy McKee – Emily 23 Weeks

Product Tested By Victoria Matthews – Baby Isabella 5 Months

Victoria Awarded the Lansinoh Latch Assist 4/5

I thought this looked a bit strange at first but I was willing to try it, it was neatly packaged in lansinoh designed packaging. Clear, concise instructions although they take a bit of believing – you have to try it!  Engorged breasts create a need for this product to assist with the baby’s latch and to avoid a lot of milk leakage during this time. I used this at home and out and about in discreet locations such as mother and baby rooms. It was a bit fiddly to get used to but it did make breastfeeding easier and cleaning it was fairly easy too. Very good quality, made to last! I would prefer to see this product made cheaper as it is not necessarily at a price that everybody who needs it could afford. Very handy product that takes a bit of getting used to and confidence to use in public! Victoria Matthews – Baby Isabella 5 Months

Product Tested By Claire Tauchauer – Baby Daniel 4 Months

Claire Awarded the Lansinoh Latch Assist 4.5/5

I thought that this looked well made but I was worried that it might hurt using it! Small enough to fit in a handbag, useful that it comes with a case too. I did not use this product much with my second son as breastfeeding was already established but would have used it lots of times with my first son instead of using a manual pump as the latch assist is much smaller so more convenient. I needed to use it when my breasts felt engorged. When the breasts are engorged the baby finds it difficult to latch on, I was more confident with my second son but with your first baby it is a lot more stressful and so you look for anything to help you and make it easier.  It is easy to take apart and you can just wash it up with everything else. Good quality, although I have only used it about a dozen times so I am not sure how it would wear but is seems well made and lansinoh is a brand I trust because I have used the nipple cream which is very good. I think as a second time mum this would have been a waste of money for me as I felt confident enough to either squeeze the breast or to use a manual pump when the breast felt engorged but as a first time mum who isn’t very confident I would definitely have used it more.  I can’t really think of a way it could be improved. Initially I thought the case was a good idea, but then I took it off and didn’t really use it again so maybe it could come without the case and it could be a bit cheaper, but then it is useful if you want to put it in your bag and take it out with you. I think this product will be really useful for lots of first time mums and will help breastfeeding be less stressful which is really important as if it’s too difficult you feel like giving up and just using bottles instead. This product was helpful, easy to use and for a first time mum will be good value for money. Claire Tauchauer – Baby Daniel 4 Months

It’s a simple and straightforward product that can help make breast feeding easier.


Lucy Awarded the Lansinoh Latch Assist 5/5

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