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Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

The Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump is made from 100% polypropylene, the preferred plastic for breastmilk storage. The unique ComfortSeal™ cushion creates a secure seal for more comfortable and efficient pumping. The ergonomic handle and lightweight, compact design allow for easy one-handed use and discreet portability. The pump is silent, easy to assemble, easy to use and easy to clean (dishwasher safe). For extra value, the pump comes with two extra valves and a spare silicone diaphragm, as well as two storage bottles, bottle rings and specially designed sealing disks to prevent leaking.

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£24.95 - Available Boots, Waitrose, Mothercare, Lloyds Pharmacy, or click online for full list of stockists

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump Reviews

Product Tested by: Laura Bedford – Lily 1 Year

Product Tested By Laura Bedford – Lily 1 Year

Laura Awarded the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump 5/5

The pump looked simple to assemble on first impressions and I found it comfortable to use. Assembly was very easy to follow from the clear, concise instructions. There were simple diagrams, accompanying the written instructions, clearly marking all the parts and the 8 straightforward assembly directions. All parts were individually wrapped in clear packaging making it simple to view what went where and what parts were needed for set-up. The parts separated easily and quickly making disassembly simple and uncomplicated. The pump cushioned really comfortably on my breast which meant the suction was strong and I could pump for a while (pain-free – with no bits of uncomfortable plastic digging into my breast!) Expressing takes time to get established but the pump was effective and I pumped for 15 minutes and managed to get a full 5oz bottle each time. It would’ve been more helpful if the ml/oz gauge on the Lansinoh bottles were printed in black so you could see how much you’d pumped. Most times I just kept pumping until I got a full bottle. The pump is definitely portable; I’ve taken it out with me to friend’s and family’s houses. You can also walk around with it whilst pumping – making multi-tasking achievable! It cleaned without difficulty. The parts dismantled with no trouble or confusion. The only issue I had was drying the silicone components – use kitchen towel rather than a tea towel so you don’t get “fluff” or water marks on the parts. It also ensures it’s completely dry with no drops or residue left on the components. The pump comes with everything you’d need for successful breast pumping. It also helpfully has a spare ComfortSeal cushion and two spare valves. It’s so easy to assemble and use and is extremely comfortable. A must-have pump for easy, comfortable and efficient breast pumping at a great price! Laura Bedford – Lily 1 Year

Product Tested By Karen Austin – Baby Ben 7 Months

Karen Awarded the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump 3/5

It was easy to put together, but seemed a bit flimsy. It is a nice color and quite a nice shape, but somehow feels a bit cheap. It was very easy to put the pump together, It was obvious how to assemble it with clear and detailed instruction. I think the sucking was about right, but I couldn’t tell if any milk was coming out as I couldn’t see though the coloured plastic. With my other pump, I pump until the milk starts to flow, then just hold the handle in for a minute or so until the flow stops and then do a single pump to start it off again. With the Lansinoh pump, I couldn’t see what was happening and wasn’t sure if the flow had started or stopped. This meant pumping more than normal and taking longer to get a quantity of milk; it also started getting uncomfortable by the end. I only managed to pump about half a feed and was uncomfortable by the end – sometimes with my other pump, I can wait 15 minutes and then try again and get some more, but when I tried this with the Lansinoh, it was too uncomfortable to do any more. It took a lot longer to get the same amount of milk. It was fairly effective, but again the colored plastic caused the problem for me. It was easy to clean. The only issue was the slim opening at the top of the container/bottle holding the milk. Overall an average pump, it works but I do have an easier pump that I would prefer to use. Karen Austin – Baby Ben 7 Months

Product Tested By Louise Miller – Daniel 10 Month

Louise Awarded the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump 5/5

As a first time mum looked good quality and eager to try. To assemble this is very easy and the instructions are easy to read and follow as they also had diagrams to follow which was a great help.  I also found it very comfortable to use. Well packaged and nice to you had detailed instructions on how to use all the parts. Found this very easy to put together and dismantle.  When using this fitted well and felt comfortable to use.  I found the suction action very effective and could pump the milk without any discomfort. As a first time mum just got used to this and would take about 12 minutes to fill bottle.  The fluid guage was fairly easy to read, but could be in bolder colour to make it even easier.  A good quality pump and certainly one that is easy to take out when on your travels. Was very easy to clean.  This pump comes complete with all you need as well as some spare parts such as spare valves and comfortseal cushion.  I got on really well with this pum and loved it.  Easy to use, easy to take on your travels, good quality and value for moneyt. Thank you.  Louise Miller – Daniel 10 Month

A must-have pump for easy, comfortable and efficient breast pumping at a great price!


Laura Awarded the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump 5/5

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