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Lassig All Over Wrap

Lassig All Over Wrap – Made of 100% Lyocell – Size -51 – 163cm

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Lassig All Over Wrap Reviews

Product Tested by: Sally Lakin – Baby Phoebe 13 Weeks Old

Product Tested By Sally Lakin – Baby Phoebe 13 Weeks Old

Sally Awarded the Lassig All Over Feeding Wrap 5/5

I was really intrigued with this product and how it would work and I was very much looking forward to trying it out. The website is eye-catching and very easy to navigate your way around. The range of products they have is great. I especially like the range of changing bags that they do in modern funky designs. The cover is a very simple style. I like that it is loose and isn’t restricted by any of it being elasticated. The material is soft and the one I tried was plain black so went with anything I wore and didn’t stand out as a breastfeeding garment! I think the idea is brilliant. I have a baby sling which allows you to breastfeed, but I find it incredibly fiddly to use and to get Phoebe into the right position. This allows you to breastfeed in comfort for you and baby and gives you all the privacy you could need. I think it is especially good for mums who are new to breastfeeding, as I am, as it allows you to easily get baby into position and cover yourself up so avoids any anxiousness and embarrassment that you may feel.  I found some of the styles shown on the packaging a little difficult to achieve. And I had to try and remember how to do the wrap up again after I had fed Phoebe to achieve the style again. I am quite conscious about feeding Phoebe in public and am all for a product that draws less attention to my breastfeeding. I believe that the wrap does allow you to be more discreet when breastfeeding in public as you can hold baby close and almost wrap both baby and yourself up in the wrap covering everything up and in the cold weather keeping you and baby warm! The cover was big enough for me once fully opened up. The amount of fabric allowed me to cover Phoebe and myself more than adequately. I will definitely continue to use the product, and even on days when I will not be wearing the wrap as a garment I will put it in my changing bag as it is so light and does not take up much space at all and take it with me to use at feeding time.  I would recommend this product to others, especially to mums who had not breastfed before and find it difficult to perfect the art of the slings or breastfeeding tops. A very good idea especially for first time breast feeders and all in all quite simple to use. Sally Lakin – Baby Phoebe 13 Weeks Old

Product Tested By Bernadette McCauley – Baby Joshua 4 Months

Bernadette Awarded the Lassig All Over Breast Feeding Wrap 2.7/5

Lovely soft materials that wash well, but I found using the buttons a little fiddly. Although there are photos showing you how to use the item I would say that it’s not obvious its primary use is for breastfeeding but more of a versatile scarf. I personally don’t think the idea of it is too great as it could any piece of material being used to "hide" the baby. I do think that shy mothers may find it useful although I did find that my baby, who is quite active, just kept wriggling and pulling it off.  Easy to use but buttons are a bit fiddly so I left it open for breastfeeding and didn’t really use it for any other use as shown in the diagrams on the front of the packaging. It definitely covers both the baby and mother very well but I found that it seemed to draw more attention wearing it. Personally I wouldn’t pay £29.99 for it as I think there are better products on the market which offer more discreet ways of breastfeeding your baby, but obviously every mother is different. Bernadette McCauley – Baby Joshua 4 Months

Product Tested By Michelle Silk – Patrick 14 Weeks Old


Michelle Awarded the Lassig All Over Feeding Wrap 4.5/5

Looked a good quality product when arrived and keen to try out as I had not heard of Lassig before.  This is a large wrap and easy to use.  The material felt soft and I found it easy to use when breastfeeding. This is easy to wear and take with you when going out so you can breastfeed in comfort. This certainly gave me all the privacy I needed when breastfeeding and I found it comfortable and Patrick seemd very safe and secure. I think this is a great item for news mum’s like myself as does give you the confidence to breastfeed and not worry about not having the privacy you require. Veryu easy to position baby and feed. This is a good size and nice to use. Also very easy to fold and store in changing bag for when you need it. I liked this product, good quality, reasonable value for money and have already recommended. Michelle Silk – Patrick 14 Weeks Old

A very good idea especially for first time breast feeders and all in all quite simple to use.


Sally Awarded the Lassig All Over Feeding Wrap 5/5

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