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Late Night Alias from Tactic

Describe the words you CAN NOT say, by saying things you SHOULD NOT! Team up with friends and use the clues you heard to guess rude words. Get as many as you can in just one minute… Late Night Alias is ideal for fully-grown adults who want to act like naughty-little children!
With some very adult themes, and laugh-out-loud content, you should give rude clues if you don’t want to lose! But do you dare? The team with the most points wins. Includes card vault, game board, 6 colourful pieces, sand timer, pencil and 1800 words on 300 cards. Also has 100 BLANK cards so you can fill in your own filth! 4 or more players; age 18+.
£24.99 Available to buy online
Bizziebaby Silver Award Winner 2019 Adult Games Category

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Late Night Alias from Tactic Reviews

Product Tested By Laura Rigby

Laura Awarded The Late Night Alias Game 5/5

Looked intriguing and fun. It was nice to have a game specifically aimed at adults rather than having to try and adapt children’s games. Instructions very easy to read and follow.  The contents of the game were ideal as had exactly what you needed. Rules where explained in instructions very clearly. Very easy and fun to play. I wouldn’t say challenging as it was fun to play and very easy going. Extremely competitive but that’s what made it fun to play. It really did keep us entertained, especially the vault words. We played it with our group of friends and loved it. Once a month we get together with friends for food and wine and like to play a game…this game is definitely being added to our favourites pile.  We played it just the once on our monthly get together, but we will definitely play it again and again. The quality of the product is fab. Very competitively price in comparison to other board games. The vault words where such a giggle as you can let your imagination run wild.  I would buy this as it can be played again and again without getting boring.  We already have recommended, definitely a fab addition to any child free nights. Fun competitive and highly enjoyable.  This game is perfect for child free nights with family or friends, not overly complicated very straight forward which avoids the dreaded cheating arguments. Laura Rigby

Product Tested By Clare Kerslake

Clare Awarded The Late Night Alias Game 4.3/5

The product arrived in a sturdy box with an attractive design. The concept of the game is pretty simple; you need to be the first team to cross the finishing line and you win!  Inside the box is a double sided sheet on instructions, that’s it!  There are a couple of items that you will need to prepare before commencing the game but then it’s ready to play. The board which the counters move around is really sturdy and good quality.  The cards you play with are thick too, so no chance of anyone peeking at the answers! The game rules were very simple to understand and straightforward to follow. Everyone was clear of the rules at the outset and they were easy to follow! The game is not so much challenging but really good fun and provides a lot of light hearted entertainment! As the counters move around the board, closer to the finish, the game became more competitive.  But you need to work as a team and the shouting of answers certainly got louder when frustration set in!! The game kept everyone entertained and on the plus side it didn’t take too long for a team to win and this kept everyone focused!  This game is not suitable to be played with just your partner.  It is a team game and you need a minimum of 4 people. This is where the game came into its own!  On each occasion played, there were at least six adults (two teams of three).  You could have easily played with more players and added another team.   During the review period this game was played on 3 different occasions with different groups of friends.  Each time the game was played it was very entertaining, answers are always different and there was much frustration but a lot of laughter! The quality of the product is great, sturdy playing board and thick glossy cards.  I do think this game is quite expensive and the price would have initially put me off purchasing it.  Since playing the game several times I have realised how much fun it is however it is only going to be played on occasions that you are together with a group of friends. My favourite aspect of the game is the laughter it brings into the room.  Everyone in their team works together and you can’t be afraid of ‘having ago!’ if I wanted to purchase a game for adults to play and have fun with, this is definitely the one!  Its light hearted no intelligence needed you just need to be prepared to be a little silly and to laugh a lot! If somebody wanted an adult team game this is definitely the one to keep everyone entertained. This is an adult only game which is played in teams and a great game to play on a ‘night in’.  It provides lots of entertainment and fun and is a little light relief when the children are in bed!  Clare Kerslake

Product Tested By Josipa Setka

Josipa Awarded The Late Night Alias Game 4.4/5

​Lovely packaging .Colour of the package fits the name of the game well. It’s great. I am just not sure if I would be able to play this with anyone else but really close friends & hubby. Questions can get pretty tricky and sensitive. Instructions explain everything well. I don’t think they are any confusion at all.  ​A lot of cards included which is a bonus. Game rules really easy to understand.  ​Game can get a bit tricky and complicated at times, otherwise is really good and easy to understand and play.  This game was challenging hence the reason why I wouldn’t play it with anyone else but my close friends and husband. Would not say this game was competitive compared to some other games available. Definitely kept us entertained.  We had hours of fun playing this game.  I did enjoy playing this game with my partner and that is the best part of it.  Finally something available to buy for partners to play.  We also played this game with my best mate and husband. We played this a couple of weekends while having night in with friends and partner. Great quality and packaging.  I think it’s a bit on the pricey side but £15 would be about the right price for it. ​My favourite is that the game itself is very different compare to other games available to buy. I would but only if it was reduced price as its on pricey side.  I would recommend as I am sure they would have as much fun as I did.  Only lost marks due to price.    ​Late night alias is really good game for those weekends when you decide to stay in with friends and partners. Great fun game that makes you blush and really uncomfortable at times. Perfect packaging and the right amount of things available inside the box. Price is a let-down but otherwise you should definitely try it out and have some crazy fun. Especially would recommend to guys and girls who are bored of everyday board games. Josipa Setka





We already have recommended, definitely a fab addition to any child free nights. Fun competitive and highly enjoyable.  This game is perfect for child free nights with family or friends, not overly complicated very straight forward which avoids the dreaded cheating arguments.


Laura Awarded The Late Night Alias Game 5/5

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