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Lavera Family Shampoo – Organic Apple and Organic Quinoa

Lavera Family Shampoo with organic apple and organic quinoa effectively and gently washes all hair types, leaving it feeling clean, soft with a lovely shine. The natural, sustainable and biodegradable hair cleansing ingredients are extremely gentle on the hair and scalp and doesn’t strip the hair of it’s natural oils, therefore is perfect for daily hair washing and is even suitable for sensitive scalps.
The shampoo bottles are made from 100% recycled milk, juice and water bottles and can be recycled again.
Yes For All Hair Types
Yes Daily Shampoo
Yes Thoroughly cleanses hair
Yes Hydrated Hair
Yes Doesn’t strip the hair of its natural oils
Yes Mild Cleansing Ingredients
Yes Suitable for Vegans
Yes Certified organic by Ecocert Cosmos organic

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Price £6.95 Available health stores, and online

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Lavera Family Shampoo – Organic Apple and Organic Quinoa Reviews

Product Tested By Hayley Topley – Alexander 1 Year

Hayley Awarded The Lavera Family Shampoo 4/5

This arrived in a nice fresh looking bottle. Like the concept of a shampoo suitable for all of us, and that is better for our hair than other brands. Instructions simple and straightforward as with any shampoo. Easy enough to use as with any shampoo. Liked that it did lather up very well. Cleaned all of our hair really well, and we all required less washing using it as hair took longer to become greasy again. It seemed to work well for us all – I have very fine hair that gets greasy quickly, which it helped to combat. The kids both have a lot of hair that knots easily and it seemed to make their hair more manageable. And the husband has very thick coarse hair but he said it left his feeling soft. For three of us it left hair really nice and soft and fresh. For my hair I didn’t notice a change in softness, but could tell it was in better condition for using the shampoo. we’re all fair skinned and fair haired and prone to sensitivities, and it was perfect for us all with no reactions. We used this shampoo every other day. we all used it and liked the effect on all of our hair types. We all liked the aroma which is lovely fresh apple scent. Though we don’t go out of our way to buy organic and we aren’t vegan, it being both of these things implies that it’s a product which is better for the environment and us, which is important. I liked the smell and how fresh it left our hair. Great quality product, was clear to tell from the results. It’s above the usual price point we’d go for, but can understand why with being organic and the positive effects on our hair from it. As long as our budget allowed, would definitely buy this. I would recommend as it’s a great all round shampoo for everybody. Left hair feeling great for all of us, didn’t make any of our scalps sensitive, smells great, and is a quality product. Would’ve scored 5 if it was a little more affordable for the pack size. Overall we enjoyed trying this shampoo and how fresh and clean it left all of our hair, which less need to wash as frequently as with other shampoos. Hayley Topley – Alexander 1 Year

Product Tested By Amy Docherty – Logan & Evie 5 Years & 19 Months

Amy Awarded The Lavera Family Shampoo 4.4/5

I was impressed when the shampoo came it had nice packaging and the bottle is in nice colours. I think it’s great to a have a product that the whole family can use. It saves having lots of bottles of different shampoos in the bathroom. the instructions are clear and simple to understand. very easy to use. Use just squeeze it out like and other shampoo. This did lather very well. This did clean our hair well and my hair felt very clean and fresh after use. This shampoo worked well on us all. our hair looks shiny and felt very soft. I especially noticed it with my hair as it is long. This is a gentle shampoo so ideal for everyone and sensitive scalps. We would all use this every 2 days. everyone in the family used and worked great for use all. When I opened it and smelt it I liked it but when poured out and lathered up I wasn’t so keen. This being suitable for vegans and organic is not important to me. I liked that the whole family could use it and it worked for us all. The  quality of the product is great. The bottle and design are nice to look at. Personally I would say this is a little bit expensive. I wouldn’t personally buy this product as I think it’s a little expensive for how much you get. I would recommend it as it does work well. I like how useful it is as the whole family can use it and it works well. I also wasn’t too keen on the smell once on the hair. This product is good as it lathers well and does leave your hair clean and shiny.  It’s great that you can use it on all of the family. The package is nice and clear and easy to use and read. Amy Docherty – Logan & Evie 5 Years & 19 Months

Product Tested By Dan Hughes – Ben 6 Years

Dan Awarded The Lavera Family Shampoo 3.6/5

Product smelt nice the packaging is fairly dated, especially the bold ‘family’ branding. nice to be able to not have to buy a child’s specific and adult product. Instructions self-explanatory. Easy to use and fairly good lather, worked better on our boy with longer hair. This shampoo seemed to do a good job. We didn’t really notice a huge difference in performance from our normal brands. Hard to gauge regarding leaving hair soft and shiny as we used a separate conditioner in addition to the shampoo.  None of us have sensitive scalps so not really able to judge this based on our family.  We used this shampoo twice weekly. All of us used it except did not use on our baby. Liked the aroma although could be a bit stronger in my opinion. Not really a factor for us if product is organic or suitable for vegans. This shampoo seems long lasting. Fairly good quality.  Personally I think it is expensive compared with other equivalents. Would not buy this as too expensive and I prefer the branding of our current shampoo. I would not recommend as I do not think that it has anything special above other brand. A pleasant enough product but not enough to change from our current brand. Dan Hughes – Ben 6 Years


Overall we enjoyed trying this shampoo and how fresh and clean it left all of our hair, which less need to wash as frequently as with other shampoos


Hayley Awarded The Lavera Family Shampoo 4/5

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