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Lavera Glow By Nature Day Cream

Provides a natural boost of energy for a radiant complexion

✓ Reduces signs of tired skin

✓ Moisturises for a smooth complexion

Enjoy an instantly fresh complexion and a smooth skin feeling with the new lavera Glow By Nature skincare range. The lavera Glow by Nature Day Cream has a silky smooth texture to energise and revives tired skin for a more radiant, healthy complexion. The natural and organic highly effective formula is enriched with natural coenzyme Q10 and vitamin C which helps to reduce free radicals and thus protects against oxidative stress. This day cream revitalises tired skin, provides long-lasting moisture and reduces fine lines. The wonderfully light moisturising texture absorbs quickly into the skin and gently melts into the skin for a healthy-looking, radiant complexion. Suitable for all skin types.

The jar (excl. lid) made from 90% used glass & the cardboard material in the folding box is made from 100% recycled fibres

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Price £25.90 Available health stores, independent pharmacies and online

Bizziebaby Women’s Silver Award Winner 2023 Skin Care Category

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Lavera Glow By Nature Day Cream Reviews

Product Tested By Nicola Jenkins

Nicola Awarded The Lavera Glow By Nature Day Cream 5/5

It arrived in professional packaging, instructions and bright – a summery vibe! I liked that. I liked the detail – it was explanatory but short and to the point. It would catch my eye on a shop shelf. The instructions were clear but not overwhelming. Simple to read and understand. Very easy to apply. It rubbed in very well and not too thick. It absorbed easily and quickly. This has definitely worked for me. I am terrible but skin care routines and I definitely neglect my skin. This cream has given me a much needed pick me up and made my skin feel so much smoother and look less tired. I haven’t noticed that it lasts all day long but it definitely picks my skin up and keeps it looking less dry through the day. Although I have a few wrinkles around the eyes they aren’t prominent enough to say rate whether this cream has helped them. It absolutely worked for me. My skin felt instantly softer after the morning use. My skin is dry and it has definitely made it feel less so since I have started using this cream. I have also noticed that my skin has stopped drying out as quickly after using a cream, it doesn’t absorb it all up as quickly. The cream has definitely helped nourish my skin type and keep it nourished. I used once a day in the morning. I noticed an improvement in my skin after using for 10 days. I loved the texture and smell. It felt thick but once on your face it smoothed out quickly that it didn’t appear thick anymore which is ideal. The smell was beautiful. A good face cream is worth any price to me. It felt a lot more expensive than it is, and it worked so well that you would think it was more expensive. I would buy this. I would love to keep on top of this skin care and keep my skin looking and feeling as good as it has after trialling this cream. It is really hard to find a good face cream and I personally rely on recommendations and I know others do to. I would love to recommend a great product that works. I loved this face cream. It has made me feel more confident about my face and my skin. Thank you for giving me the chance to review this product, I have loved using it and will continue to use it. Nicola Jenkins

Product Tested By Becca Hastings

Becca Awarded The Lavera Glow By Nature Day Cream 5/5

I thought the packaging of the cream looked very professional as well at the tub itself. I loved the tub design. I love the fact it was glass and had a screw top lid. You can tell just by looking at the tub of cream that it’s definitely a high end day cream. Instructions were very straight forward. Short and sweet just what you need for a cream. I found this cream super easy to apply to my skin. A little really goes a long way and you only need the smallest bit on your face. Which is great because It means it’ll last so much longer! With only the smallest bit needed to cover your whole face it’s so easily absorbed and doesn’t leave your skin looking ‘wet’. It definitely helped my skin to glow. Especially on the mornings where I was tired and wasn’t in the mood to wear makeup. My face felt moisturised and clean the whole day I was wearing it. It also never leaked through the skin like some creams can do. I can’t comment on whether it did or didn’t reduce fine face lines as I do not have many. It left my skin smelling and feeling good! I have normal to dry (sometimes) skin. This cream worked really well to soften my skin and give it that morning glow. I would say at first it seems a little oily but it soon absorbs into the skin. I applied this every morning. I would say I noticed and improvement in my skin after using this for 5-7 days. At first it caused a little bit of a breakout but I stuck with it and after a week my skin was the softest it had ever been and no more spots. I LOVED the smell of the cream. It smelt so good like it could have been eaten! I think most decent face creams are within this price range nowadays and I would definitely say this is worth the money. The quality of cream is really good . From the smell to the way it looks and the way its applied. As soon as I have finished this tub I will be buying another! I would recommend I think if anyone is looking for a decent face cream that leaves the skin feeling soft and smelling nice, this is the one. I just really think this product is amazing. Overall this product is a 10/10. It smells amazing, its presented well and it applies lovely. There is nothing more you could want in a cream. Becca Hastings

Product Tested By Tarnia Lewis

Tarnia Awarded The Lavera Glow By Nature Day Cream 3.8/5

The box was slightly damaged however the packaging was user friendly easy to read and Informative. I was surprised with the weight of the pot, it had everything on the pot clearly labelled and east to follow instructions included the benefits and ingredients.I found the instructions very easy to read. I loved the citrus fragrance as you opened the lid and a lovely texture that was very easy to apply. It absorbed well onto my skin, the only thing I found was when it dried it felt like a very fine film almost like a second skin which when applying my makeup it didn’t sit very well on top and would come off in flaky like when you exfoliate dead skin. I did see a difference in my skin it was definitely a lot more radiant and my colleagues did notice when I had it on I would say it does work on tired skin. I have quite dry skin anyway, but I didn’t find it very moisturising and it made it more noticeable when wearing foundation. I am quite lucky that I look a lot younger than my age so I can’t say that I saw a difference to fine lines to be honest. My skin looked smooth, however it was still dry and did leave a slight residue when applying my make up. If I wore it make up free then my skin did look great. I have dry skin with red patches, I didn’t find it as moisturising as what I would of liked. I used it a couple of times a week. I noticed straight away how radiant my skin looked. I really liked the scent, it was really nice and the texture of the cream not greasy. Regarding value for money I think it depends what you’re looking for in a day cream and your skin type. I do feel it is good quality and I like that it has natural ingredients. I feel I need to try it for a longer period of time and possibly use it daily before I made a decision. I wear makeup daily so for me I would like it to be a bit more compatible with my foundation. I would recommend if they asked for a nice day cream for tired skin, it does give a lovely glow and illuminates the skin. I would like it to sit better on my skin when I wear my make up, it has a similar texture to primers but it just doesn’t work well with my make up. If you prefer to go bare faced or wear very minimal make up them this would be a lovely addition to your skin care regime. I enjoyed reviewing this product and I really likes the citrus scent it wasn’t too over powering. It wasn’t greasy on my skin and it absorbed well. The texture of the cream had a luxury feel however I felt the packaging was a bit plain and didn’t give off that luxury Product. Tarnia Lewis

It is really hard to find a good face cream and I personally rely on recommendations and I know others do to. I would love to recommend a great product that works. I loved this face cream. It has made me feel more confident about my face and my skin. Thank you for giving me the chance to review this product, I have loved using it and will continue to use it.


Nicola Awarded The Lavera Glow By Nature Day Cream 5/5

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