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Lavera Hydro Effect Serum

Lavera Hydro Effect Serum is the latest development from Lavera. The Organic Serum is intensely hydrating and has a unique anti-pollution complex consisting of highly effective antioxidants, organic algae and white horehound extract from the mint family. The anti-pollution complex is unique to the Lavera Organic Hydro Effect Serum and helps protect skin form environmental pollution, free radicals and premature skin ageing. The Hydro Effect Serum has a light texture and is easily absorbed into the skin revealing noticeably smoother skin. The formula includes hydrating natural hyaluronic acid, cooling and soothing organic aloe vera and moisturising biosaccharides. The organic serum gives skin an extra boost of moisture before applying an organic facial moisturiser.

Benefits -Suitable for Vegans – For all skin types – Organic Pre-moisturiser – Moisturising -Hydrating -Protects skin cells from adverse environmental effects – Counters the effects of free radicals – Prevents premature skin ageing – Radiant skin – Fresher looking skin
Bizziebaby Gold Award Winners Cosmetics/Skincare -Skincare Category

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£19.90 30ml Available to purchase online

Lavera Hydro Effect Serum Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Fiona Evans

Fiona Awarded The Lavera Hydro Effect Serum 5/5

As with most things
the packaging isn’t really important to me,it’s what’s inside that
matters. That being said, the packaging was a good size for the product which I
like to see. Minimal waste which can be recycled is much more desirable than
big packaging full of plastic to harm our beautiful planet! The instructions were clear, easy to follow
and understand. The bottle design is ideal, enough information on it to know
what it is and what it does. The
serum was extremely easy to dispense and use, a simple pump action required and
the serum is so light it doesn’t clog in the pump.It absorbed
really well into my skin, was so light to apply and my skin felt hydrated after
use. This definitely helped my skin condition.My skin feels clearer, brighter and not dry. I used daily in the evenings and incorporated
use into my daily skincare regime, replacing my existing serum. I love that the serum is Natural,
Organic and Vegan. Meaning kind to skin with no harmful ingredients! The quality was nice, it wasn’t greasy to
apply and I felt refreshed after use. The
pricing of the serum is what I would expect to pay for a good serum. I have paid
more in the past for ones I didn’t like half as much. After trying I would be
happy to pay the RRP. I loved
how light it felt when applying to my skin; the smell is beautiful and very
sweet which makes a nice change to some natural products I have tried. I
would definitely purchase this! I
prefer it to my existing one. It’s
a lovely serum that made my skin feel hydrated and moisturised. Would love to
see it stocked locally and interested to learn and try other products in the
Lavera range. I have already
recommended. My mum was keen to try and agreed it was a lovely, light,
refreshing serum! Thank you for
allowing me to try and review Lavera Hydro Effect Serum. My skin feels
refreshed, moisturised and extremely happy. The serum is lovely and light to
apply and the smell divine! It reminds me of sweets but I can’t put my finger
on which ones! A very hydrating serum that leaves your skin feeling
beautiful! Fiona Evans

Product Tested By Krishna Topan

Krishna Awarded The Lavera Hydro Effect Serum

It looks like a premium product
in its packaging so I had high expectationsafter opening it. The design and packaging looks premium. Anti-pollution is pointed
out at the front. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. Love
the bottle design and a good size to keep in my makeup bag. 1 pump for me is
enough for the face so will last a long time. It is a bit runny so blends straight into my
face. I did moisturiser on top as my skin is very dry but some people
could do with just this. My
skin looks a bit better and feels much better after using this. Not sure how
effective the anti-pollution complex is but this serum has definitely made my
skin better. I would use this every day. Using better ingredients is very important for
me. The serum feels really good
and has worked well on my face. This product does last a long time but is very expensive. I
loved the feel of the serum on my face
as it absorbed into my face easily.I would buy this. It is a bit
expensive but does feel like a premium product.I would certainly recommend. This
is a great product. I love this
product and will look to buy a new one after it finishes. Krishna Topan

Product Testes By Shirley Hyles

Shirley Awarded The Lavera Hydro Effect Serum 5/5

This looked well presented, good
quality and liked the style of the bottle with pump action dispenser. Instructions very easy to follow. The design
of the bottle is sleek, stylish and easy to store in bathroom and ideal to take
away with you. This is very easy to use
as with pump action top you can easily control just how much of this you need
for each application. This was lovely to
smooth over my skin. It absorbed really
well and my skin felt lovely. After using this for a few weeks I definitely
noticed a difference in my skin it felt softer, more hydrated and in much
better condition. I would use this every morning as part of my skin care
routine. I do have sensitive skin so always look for creams or lotions that are
natural. The quality of this serum is excellent. Consistency very good, easy to apply to the
skin and absorbed very well. For
something that worked so well this really is good value for money. I loved how
easy this was to apply and how great it made my skin feel. I will most
certainly be buying this again. Already
recommended to friends and my mother as I was so surprised just how well this
worked. Using this daily has made a difference to the look of my skin; it feels
moisturised, soft and looks so much better. Shirley


My skin feels refreshed, moisturised and extremely happy. The serum is lovely and light to apply and the smell divine!  A very hydrating serum that leaves your skin feeling beautiful!


Fiona Awarded The Lavera Hydro Effect Serum 5/5

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