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Lavera Self Tanning Lotion

Lavera Self-Tanning Lotion gives skin a natural looking even tan. The Green Bronzing Complex comprising of natural and organic tanning ingredients develops into a sun kissed, streak free, radiant look after approximately 4 to 5 hours. Not only does the self-tanning lotion give a beautiful natural fake tan, but also contains moisturising and nourishing ingredients of organic macadamia, organic sunflower oil, which is rich in vitamin E, and organic shea butter to keep skin soft, smooth and moisturised. Lavera Self-Tanning Lotion can be used on sensitive skin thanks to the calming ingredients of calendula and aloe vera.

Lavera Self-Tanning Lotion smells nice too!
Lavera Self Tanning Lotion has been developed specially for the body, legs and arms. For the face please use the specially formulated Lavera Self Tanning Cream as facial skin is soft and delicate and needs extra special care.
Please note: avoid direct contact with fabric as staining may occur. Lavera Self Tanning Lotions does not give sun protection.

Benefits Yes Can be used all year round –Yes Natural looking tan –Yes Streak free –Yes Pleasant Fragrance –Yes Easy to apply –Yes Doesn’t dry the skin out –Yes Nourishing and Moisturising

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Lavera Self Tanning Lotion Reviews

Product Tested By Catherine Egleton

Catherine Awarded the Lavera Self Tanning Body Lotion 5/5

Not having heard of the name and writing in different language I was dubious about its effectiveness. Concept pretty standard for self tans. Originally thought poor but then realised the instructions opened out with different language options inside. Then it was easy to use. Liked the design of the tube and very easy to use and not messy. This was easy to apply and sunk in very quickly.  I used mine overnight so it was on longer but it did give a lovely colour. At first I thought I have applied too much but it absorbed quickly and dried quickly.  This also seems to moisturise the skin as my skin felt soft afterwards. I mainly used on face chest and arms but it gave a good colour when I applied full body. Generally it is not important to me natural and organic but it was nice to know that this was so I may consider this more in the future. This glided over my skin with ease. This did deliver a long lasting colour without being too dark for autumn. It gave a lovely natural colour.  Gave me a very natural colour which suited me. I used this on my face and chest every week, body every few application gave me enough colour. I will definitely continue to use through the winter months. I used one big squeeze for my face and chest and half for arms. I loved the aroma.  It was very pleasant and smelt of cinnamon, not biscuits. So would be happy to apply during the day. Quality very good and exceeded my expectations. Price for size if comparable to other brands. The smell was lovely and the product creamy and easy to apply, much better than I expected. I would buy this as exceeded expectations, easy to use, natural colour and nice smell. I would recommend for the same reason. Nice smell of cinnamon, easy to apply and sink in lasted well with a nice colour. Happy with product and exceeded expectations. Catherine Egleton

Product Tested By Kirsty Shears

Kirsty Awarded The Lavera Self Tanning Body Lotion 4/5

I thought that the packaging was nice, looked like a good quality product and I was impressed with the quality of the ingredients being organic and free of nasties. As with any self tan, I was sceptical of the concept of a fake tan and I see a lot of orange girls around (with scary eyebrows too I might add). I came to terms with my pale Scottish skin when I was a teen after many failed attempts at fake tanning and real tanning! (Or should I say burning). But as it’s been some time since I tried any brand I thought that things have moved on since then so I was willing to give it a fair go! Instructions were fairly simple and easy to understand it didn’t mention exfoliation prior to application which after application becomes apparent that you should. I followed the instructions and even although I did apply moderately, I still ended up with patches of darker skin where there was dry skin before application. The packaging was nice and looked of good quality. One point was removed because it states about a Green Bronzing Complex but it doesn’t really explain what that actually means, you’re left to draw your own conclusions. It went on easily and appeared to be absorbed well into the skin. I did end up with a patchy result though and it was a bit too orange looking in the areas that were patchy, hence the reduction in score.  It went on easily; the cream was a good thickness and applied well to the skin. I thought it would have given a better more even result than it did though as I felt I applied it evenly but the result didn’t reflect that.  It definitely did give a result after 4-5 hours, it looked OK in the morning when I was dressing by incandescent light but by the time I got to work and the sun started to come up it looked more patchy and orange in natural light.  Once the lotion was applied it did not take very long at all to dry. It was maybe 10 mins max before I felt confident enough to put some trousers on.  I didn’t notice any significant soothing effects on my skin but I did think that it was moisturising.  As I was not sure of the result, I decided that I would use on my legs initially and if the result was OK, use on my arms and body too. As it was a bit too orange for me on my legs, I didn’t dare use it anywhere else that I couldn’t easily cover for work.  I am not specifically worried if organic when purchasing a tanning product but certainly in general, natural and organic is important to me to ensure that I am not applying harmful chemicals to my skin. The cream went on and glided across my skin easily.   I wouldn’t say that I had a beautiful or long lasting colour. It was too orange for me and most of it washed off after one shower. Perhaps if I exfoliated first it may have lasted longer?  I only used it once and discontinued because I wasn’t happy enough with the result to continue using it.  I’m OK with the fact that I am white and just because I am not tanned (or orange) does not mean I don’t look healthy.  I did like the aroma. It didn’t have the typical self tan musky smell I remembered from other products.  Overall although it went on well, smelled fine and done pretty much what it’s supposed to. I wasn’t happy with the colour, the patches and that if I was happy with the colour it didn’t last long.  For something which is certified organic and free from nasties, yes it does offer good value.  I liked that it was certified organic and nasty chemical free. It’s super important to ensure we are not smothering our bodies with chemicals that can cause more harm than good.  I personally would not buy based on the colour and patches. Everything else was fine.  I would recommend and that answer may be surprising given my other responses. I would recommend it to others who use fake tan often and are more expert at application than me. They would be better at achieving a more even result and more accepting of the orangey glow.  I really liked that this product was certified organic and free from nasty chemicals. If I compared it side by side to another leading brand I am sure the colour, although I deemed it too orange for me specifically, I think it’s as good as or if not better than the next product. I will give it another go when I have time to exfoliate and prepare my skin better in advance.  As per above, plus I was happy and surprised that there was no musky fake tan smell. It makes using the product a much nicer experience overall. Kirsty Shears

Product Tested By Frances-anne Lees

Frances-anne Awarded The Lavera Self Tanning Body Lotion 3/5

This looked like a high quality product, very well presented. It’s always good to be able to have a healthy looking glow from the comfort of your own home. Instructions were very simple and easy to use. Good simple design, easy to hold and use. The consistency was perfect, just the right amount came out as needed. It was a bit thicker than I expected it to be but it rubbed in OK with no stickiness. I did not find this worked well and found it was very streaky.  Once applied it did dry very quickly. I didn’t find it particularly moisturising any more than other creams I use.  It really didn’t work well on my legs. Very streaky and hard to blend in. The fact it is organic does not affect my decision in buying any product. It was quite thick and creamy and needed a lot of smoothing out. This wasn’t effective with me. I’m very fair with freckles and it left a lot of orange streaks. It seemed more orange/brown on my skin than bronze glow. I used it every day for 10 days.  I gave up using it as it was too streaky and didn’t look nice on my skin. After trying this it is not a product I would use again. I must admit it did have a pleasant smell. It felt nice and creamy but wasn’t easy to use. As this did not work for me would not represent good value. The thing I liked most was the fragrance. Although it looked and smelled good it just didn’t work well for me. I didn’t like this product as it left my skin streaky and discoloured. Frances-anne Lees

Quality very good and exceeded my expectations. Price for size if comparable to other brands. The smell was lovely and the product creamy and easy to apply, much better than I expected. I would buy this as exceeded expectations, easy to use, natural colour and nice smell. I would recommend for the same reason. Nice smell of cinnamon, easy to apply and sink in lasted well with a nice colour. Happy with product and exceeded expectations.


Catherine Awarded the Lavera Self Tanning Body Lotion 5/5

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