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Learning Curve Stanley Train

children to create their own limitless adventure. Start your child on the right track with the Early Engineers line!

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£6.99 Available from John Lewis, Smyths, Early Learning Centre online Amazon or click onto for local stockist

Learning Curve Stanley Train Reviews

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Product Tested By Anne-Marie Carlin – Joshua 2.5 Years

Marie Awarded the Learning Curve Stanley 5/5

Excellent! Colourful box, product can be fully seen and looks very nice. The style and the size of the toy is perfect and the entertainment value is very good too. Joshua has coupled this with his other trains and will play with it for hours. It does help with development because Joshua has to make sure that the magnets are the right way round to join them up, he also needs to place them correctly on the track. He will play for hours with this and pushes them around the house, often turning mummy and daddy into bridges and tunnels. Excellent quality. Very well painted, durable .After weeks of train crashes etc – still looks as good as new. Excellent value – considering that it is made from real wood too. I would definitely buy more, we are looking to extend his collection now. Excellent product. Beautifully made and very appealing to children. Fits the majority of train tracks (can prove a bit difficult with bridges from other tracks). Only problem is – once you have one you want to collect the rest! Anne-Marie Carlin – Joshua 2.5 Years


Product Tested By Lucie Baverstock – Sean 2.5 Years

Lucie Awarded the Learning Curve Stanley 3.7/5

A good, sturdy and well built toy. The size of the toy is good for small hands to play with it and is nice and chunky. The only thing is that the wheels and the main part of the toy don’t look in proportion to each other, I think this has been done to make the wheels more sturdy but it does look a little odd as a style. My son liked the toy when it first arrived but then it just blended in with the rest of his trains and he wasn’t too bothered with it after a little while. This toy is good for hand eye co-ordination as children need to keep it on the track as they move it around. I think this toy is maybe a little too simple to keep my sons attention for very long as he was always trying to open it or get it to do something else. My son has also been using this train with his toy garage and it has been going up and down the ramps with all the other cars! The quality is good but it has developed a bit of a wobbly chimney from use. I think for such a small part of a train set this product does seem rather expensive. But I would consider buying it because it is something that you would like the whole collection of. This is a great little sturdy train that will add to any child’s wooden train set, as its quite basic it also promotes children to use their imagination more than other toys. Lucie Baverstock – Sean 2.5 Years


Product Tested By Akiko Carotenuto – Leonardo & Ricardo Ages 4 & 2 Years

Akiko Awarded the Learning Curve Stanley 4.5/5 

A cute little train from Thomas, ideal for toddlers. It arrived securely packed and would not break easily. With see through packaging you can also see what’s inside before you purchase. The toy is bulky so it is ideal for small fingers, there are no small parts to worry about either so it’s perfect for my 2 year old. For my sons, Stanley is not main character, so they are not as excited as playing with Thomas or Percy but they are still happy to play with the shiny silver engine. It’s bulkier than the normal Learning Curve engines, so Stanley gets stuck going through tunnels and my 2 year old gets frustrated. Apart from that, they continue to play happily for a period of time. I think it helps with Hand/eye co-ordination definitely and my 2 year old is learning to share his engines with his brother & cousins. When he’s playing with Stanley, he would let others play with the other engines. My 4 year old gets bored after a while but my 2 year old plays with his engines until he falls asleep by the side of trucks. My 2 year old chooses an engine to take out with him. Unfortunately he doesn’t choose Stanley much, he usually takes Thomas & Percy with him. No other use other than playing with wooden trucks. Sometimes Stanley gets thrown off table but he’s tough, no wearing or tearing at all even with rough treatment by the toddlers. Definitely, £6.99 for this quality of engine is a good value. I think that it will last very long time. My 2 year old loves Thomas but he’s breaking his big brother’s Thomas set (electrical one with plastic trucks) because he doesn’t treat the trucks & engines nicely. Wooden trucks are good for small toddlers and this engine, specially made for 2+, are perfect for little fingers. It’s so tough that Stanley is still going strong after a month of rough treatment by 2 year old. Very happy with it. Akiko Carotenuto – Leonardo & Ricardo Ages 4 & 2 Years

Excellent product. Beautifully made and very appealing to children.


ie Awarded the Learning Curve Stanley 5/5

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