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Leather Baby Moccasins

Baby moccasins. Award winning luxury shoes for your baby. Lovingly crafted using the softest, flexible leather.Our soft-sole baby moccasins have been designed using Psyhcology, Anthropology & Science. The soft soles of our baby shoes help your baby’s balance & coordination as she learns to walk. aidie baby moccasins have optimal sole density for neural feedback. If the soles of her feet can feel the ground beneath, the nerve endings in her feet receive sensory information. This information is sent to her brain by a neural feedback loop. It’s an essential part of forming new habits and learning new skills, like walking.The softest. most durable, flexible leather moves with your baby’s feet. This helps ensure they give her the best support as she starts exploring, as reccomended by The UK College of Podiatry. Leather is the next best thing to barefoot walking. Breathable, hypoallergenic & naturally antimicrobial, our leather means that your baby’s feet are comfortable and safe.Shop your Award winning baby moccasins today and take advantage of our free lifetime replacement guarantee plus a free specialist product information pack.

Available in Beige, Black & Red, Leopard, Light Blue, Lilac, Mink dot, Navy, Pink Dot, Pink and White

Sizes: 0-6m, 6-12m, 12-18m and 18-24m

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2018 Baby Shoe Category

£17.99 Available online

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Leather Baby Moccasins Reviews

Product Tested By Rachel Kidman – Elsie 18 Months

Rachel Awarded The Leather Baby Moccasins 5/5

They were quite cute and look very well made. They were comfy for her to wear she mostly used them like slippers around the house, although having laminate flooring she did slip a little wouldn’t be too bad if had some little grip on bottom . Care instructions very clear and easy to follow. They were great fit my girl has quite big feet compared to most her age, although I don’t see them lasting on her too long even though says to 24m, but like I said my girl has reasonably big feet but it’s bit expected when her dads a 9-10 and I’m a size 11. These kept her feet warm and protected while trying to walk around house, especially with kicking or bumping things. I do feel it is important they are designed by Psychologists to protect and help development. I feel walking is a key milestone with any child, and I think it’s great way for them to get used to having something on their feet, ready for when they have proper shoes which can feel odd from the feel and weight of the sole on them . In regards to being tested and approved by a team of Podiatrists I would answer yes and no. I do look at a lot of products and research before I buy to see if they are worth buying and will benefit my child, I’d look at reviews mainly from other parents that have used them, having a point from a podiatrist will help but even if they didn’t if others were having a good review of them and that they helped their child I would buy them still. These did help her to walk safely. The sole is not too thick or heavy so child can still feel the floor and can balance accordingly, and as I said before that it’s a great stepping stone to when they have proper sole shoes. The leather is lovely really soft touch and gentle feel won’t hurt or damage their little feet. They were comfortable for her to wear and she rarely wants to take them off. She would wear them most of the time in the house. The free information pack was good and it had a lot of information and help too. It was very lovely soft and flexible leather and love the little spots. For the length of time my girl is going to be in the ones I reviewed, if I bought them online without trying first I think it’s a bit much, but if I got it with a longer time length till she grew out them I wouldn’t see a problem in paying that price. I like the design and how soft they were, my daughter really loves them. I would like to purchase a bigger size if they have one. I would recommend as I found they have helped with my daughter learning to walk and not hurt her feet if she ever trips up etc. My daughter just loved these. Rachel Kidman – Elsie 18 Months

Product Tested By Charlotte Goodfellow – Jessica 19 Months

Charlotte Awarded The Leather Baby Moccasins 4.5/5

These looked good quality. Style good and I felt like they would suit a pre walker better. Although to use these is self-explanatory it is good to have care instructions. These were a very good fit for my daughter. These did not help with development to walk as my daughter was already walking. I feel like these would be good for a pre Walker for the ability to aid walking. But my daughter walked comfortably in these around the house and garden. To have these researched and tested by a team of Podiatrists would assist in me making a buying decision for the future. I did feel the design of the sole density did help my daughter with her balance and co-ordination. There was a day where the colour had stained her socks. These were comfortable for my daughter to wear. She would wear them almost every day. The quality is very high standard. I feel like £15 would be a reasonably priced amount. I really like the fact they were comfortable for my daughter to wear and very good quality. I would purchase these. I would also recommend these to friends and family. A good high quality moccasin that my daughter found very comfortable to wear. Charlotte Goodfellow – Jessica 19 Months

Product Tested By Carla Jones – Brinley 18 Months

Carla Awarded The Leather Baby Moccasins 3.4/5

Simple packaging, should come boxed in my opinion.They looked great on first impressions. Unfortunately these were not really a good fit. there wasn’t enough elastic used which left them very tight, the back piece needed to be longer at the back of the foot. He was almost walking on the frilly pieces because the back of the heal piece was too short. My son has been walking now for 7 months so these were not beneficial in helping develop ability to walk. I agree it is important these are designed to protect and ensure baby’s feet have the best infant shows available to help development. I don’t feel they have achieved this for the 18-24 month size. I’m sure they were a great fit for smaller babies but I feel they have failed in the largest size. Being endorsed by a team of podiatrists would not be important to me. However knowing these types of shoes are good for growing babies that would be why I would buy them. I did not think there was anything special about the sole that they have used?Isn’t it the same material used for the rest of the shoe? The quality was very good, didn’t feel cheap like other brands I have used before.Unfortunately as they were not a good fit they were tight and not big enough at the back of the shoe. He wore them for just one week, before it was obvious they were not a good fit for his feet. On looking at the product, they are very nicely made; they look and feel nice it was just the fit I wasn’t happy with. It they had been a good fit I would definitely say value for money. I liked the fact they looked well-made and of good quality leather. I would consider buying for a smaller baby yes. I would not recommend at the moment but if I use them on my next child and they fit better then I might. The lower mark is only due to how I felt they fitted my son. I don’t think they have done enough research or given out enough samples for children in the same age bracket as my son. My son doesn’t have big feet for his age at all. So I feel maybe they just shouldn’t offer this size and just keep them for the early crawlers and walkers. Not much past 14 months. I feel the product they have is very strong, good quality leather, made well, they look nice. So overall I like the shoes I just don’t feel they were a good fit for my son. Carla Jones – Brinley 18 Months


Rachel Awarded The Leather Baby Moccasins 5/5

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