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LEGO DUPLO Numbers Train

All aboard the Number Train to skill building!
Hop aboard the Number Train where learning to count has never been so much fun! With numbered LEGO® DUPLO® bricks and 3 wagons, young builders will learn math skills while creating and constructing their own toddler-friendly train! Rebuild into a tunnel, building, dog house and … More

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£12.99 Available to purchase online Lego Shop and available in all leading toy stores nationwide

LEGO DUPLO Numbers Train Reviews

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Product Tested By Sarah Watts – Joseph 2 ½ Years

Sarah Awarded The LEGO DUPLO Numbers Train 5/5

I thought this looked great for the price. The packaging was bright and engaging. The size and style of the toy was perfect for my boy’s age group; it was very colourful too. This kept him occupied for hours. I think this is completely age appropriate and will help with his learning later on too. My boy has a good imagination which is why he enjoyed this so much. It is a good size for little ones to build. The quality is excellent and offers excellent value for money. It is much better than many of the other sets we have seen. I would definitely buy this again and recommend it to others. It’s great fun and a good price too. Overall it’s brilliant; excellent value for money. SarahWatts – Joseph 2 ½ Years


Product Tested By Gemma Harrison – Matilda 3 ½ Years

Gemma Awarded The LEGO DUPLO Numbers Train 4.8/5

This looks like a very good product for teaching your child about numbers. The packaging is good; easy to see what you are getting inside. I think the size and style of this toy are both good; very appropriate for my child and doesn’t take up too much space. The entertainment value is very good. My daughter played with it for a good hour on her own. It is great that it isn’t just useful for learning but great for play too. I had no concerns at all with her playing with it as all parts were very safe. My daughter really enjoys playing with this toy. She likes to put the numbers in order, build things with the blocks and the driver and dog have also been a big hit. It has definitely stimulated her imagination and she regularly brings it out to play with. This toy has been great for a few things; colour recognition, number recognition, motor skills, cognitive skills, patience and role play. My daughter regularly chooses to play with this toy on her own as she knows how it all works. This is a very good quality toy, no fear of it falling apart. Value for money is very good. It would make a fantastic birthday present for a kids party. I would definitely consider buying this; my daughter has really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to everyone. We have had a really good experience with this product, a great product for learning and play. It would be great for boys and girls and isn’t priced too high. Gemma Harrison – Matilda 3 ½ Years


Product Tested By Kate Pearse – Joe 2 ½ Years

Kate Awarded The LEGO DUPLO Numbers Train 4.8/5

My initial impression of this product was that it was brightly coloured. It looked like a good size for toddler hands; looks like fun. Joe’s initial reaction was "Wow!”and couldn’t get the box open quickly enough! The packaging was brightly coloured. It shows the product very clearly and was easy to get into. The design is simple and easy for a 2 ½ year old to put the bits together. Good size for toddler hands. However the figure’s arms seemed a little wide to fit in the cab of the train so my son struggled to fit him inside and gotf rustrated by this. Entertainment value is very good; my son has spent a lot of time playing with it. The toy is a good size for a toddler to handle with no concerns about him trying to eat bits of it. It certainly kept his attention! He generally prefers to use the blocks separately, usually to build a tunnel for the train to pass through. The Duplo blocks are smaller than blocks Joe has played with before and I wasn’t sure he’d have the dexterity to fit them together, but he’s had no problems with taking the train apart and putting it back together. He alreadyk nows a lot of colours and is just learning numbers, so the number blocks have been a good way of building on this. The train often takes a trip around the lounge to take the man and dog shopping or to the park. It’s easy for Joe to take apart and put together so he doesn’t often get frustrated and lose interest (this only tends to happen when he can’t fit the figure into the train cab.)  As mentioned above Joe tends to use the number blocks to build a tunnel so that he can push the train through it. The train "carriages” generally spend their time carrying the little dog backwards and forwards through the tunnel. The quality is very good, the pieces fit together easily. It appears very sturdy and appears it will stand up to a heavy-handed toddler. The recommended price appears reasonable for the quality of the toy. I would definitely buy one of these as my son has had a lot of enjoyment from it. I would recommend it to family and friends. It’s a sturdy, brightly coloured toy which keeps my son’s attention. It’s educational without losing any of the fun factor.  Kate Pearse – Joe 2 ½ Years

It’s great fun and a good price too. Overall it’s brilliant; excellent value for money   


Sarah Awarded The LEGO DUPLO Numbers Train 5/5  

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