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LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Manchester

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Manchester – over 2 million LEGO® bricks under one roof! 4D cinema, Kingdom Quest laser ride, Merlin’s Apprentice, LEGO City: Forest Pursuit  Driving School and more! See all of Manchester’s top attractions made from LEGO in our MINILAND®LEGO themed birthday parties here in Manchester! Learn building tips from our Master Model Builder Workshops. One of a kind school trips to support the National Curriculum in the Manchester area. Adults must be accompanied by a child to enter.With a café and our LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Shop, enjoy one of the most unique things to do with kids in Manchester.

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Online from £9.95pp. £16.95per person or family price (2 or more) £14.95pp. Children aged 2 and under FREE. Disability Carers come in for FREE (with proof). Wheelchair and Pram

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Manchester Reviews

Product Tested by: Rachel Duxbury – Eva & Marcie – 3 years and 4 Months

Product Tested By Rachel Duxbury –
Eva & Marcie – 3 years and 4 Months

Rachel Awarded The LEGOLAND Discovery
Centre Manchester 4.6/5

was a little apprehensive initially as my daughter has just transitioned from Duplo
to Lego which are significantly smaller, and wondered if she would enjoy it as
much building with smaller pieces. We drove and found it very easy to find as
it was signposted several times. The parking facilities are part of the
Trafford Centre which has a LOT of spaces. We parked at the parking area
closest to the attraction and were able to park quickly and close to the
entrance. Bright and colourful, friendly staff, lots to keep kids interested in
case of a small queue. It was easy to find the desk to pay/hand tickets over. The
staff were extremely friendly and were all full of smiles. We were asked
several times how our day was going and doors were always held open for us,
Parts of the attraction were quite dark which made my daughter a little
apprehensive. You are given a map as
soon as you go in which helps you to understand where the different areas are
and whether it is suitable for your children age. There is a ride near the
beginning in which you shoot the bad guys to save the princess. I didn’t see
much information about what the ride was when we were leading up to it and kind
of went on blind. My three year old daughter didn’t like it as it was dark and
there were scary figures being projected onto a screen for us to shoot, so I
had to have my arm around her the whole time. The main area where the other
attractions were was big and open plan so you could roam around freely to take
everything in before deciding what you wanted to check out. She was
initially apprehensive as the sections at the beginning were quite dark, as was
the ride, but once she got to run around the soft play area, build Lego houses
and build cars to race she was happy and had a great time. We love to be able
to take our daughters for days out as a treat. We had a sandwich and a coffee
and my daughter had a kid’s lunch box which were all nice. Not a massive
selection but still good. Everything was clean and saw several staff cleaning
whilst we were there. There was nothing
whatsoever to make us feel unsafe at this venue. We really enjoyed our day out
but my husband and I both said that we would have expected more for the price.
Whilst the different areas are all good and keep the kids entertained, it is
quite small. Once we got into the main area where most of the attractions were
we knew that is where we would stay as there was only one other section after
this. As you arrive at the main area quite quickly it was a little bit of an
anti-climax to know that this was the main feature. I would only go again if I
could get discounted tickets, I would not pay full price for a ticket. I would
recommend as my child enjoyed it but would mention that the price is probably
too expensive considering what the attraction entails. We had a lovely day out
here and my 3 year old daughter enjoyed herself after initially being quite
wary and sometimes scared. I would think that children from 4/5 years plus
would have a better time and wouldn’t be scared of the dark areas or the rides.
We spent a few hours here and went into most areas several times so it was a
little smaller than expected but my daughter still had fun which was the main
thing. Rachel Duxbury – Eva & Marcie –
3 years and 4 Months

Product Tested By Katie Gerrard –
James 3 years

Katie Awarded The LEGOLAND Discovery
Centre Manchester 4.5/5

was very happy to review this attraction as it is close to where I live and
have wanted to take my son for a while.
I have had a number of friends go and recommend it. It helped that I
live very close to the attraction so know of its exact location but if I hadn’t
known, it is well sign posted around the area. I chose to drive to the
attraction. The attraction is located in Barton Square of the Trafford Centre
which has its own car park. There is
ample parking and we managed to park in the parent/child bays as it was
relatively quiet. The entrance is very inviting, so much so that my 3 year old
ran in ahead of me. I have marked this down slightly as he ran into the shop
and I had difficulty getting him out of the shop and into the attraction. The
staff at the gate were very friendly and welcoming. The environment was great, Lego everywhere. The staff seemed very helpful. There were no
steps for the little ones to trip over and the attractions were all family
friendly. My only disappointment was
that my son wanted to go on the jeep ride but even though he met the height
threshold, he couldn’t go on due to the fact he was only 3 (almost 4). The
first section where a professor talks you through how they make Lego was a
little strange. There was only my family in there and it was clear that the
script was made for an audience of many. We
all enjoyed the second section which was the ride where you shoot the baddies.
My 3 year old was very impressed that he got to use a gun. We
all enjoyed looking at the Lego displays. My son liked the interactive aspect
of it, making the horse’s race, making the ride go, and playing football. The 4d cinema was great and the interactive
part was very good. All very well set up. My son enjoyed the time we spent at LEGOLAND.
I liked the fact that there were so many different aspects. Rides, a cinema,
soft play and building Lego just to name a few. The toilet facilities were very
good, clean and tidy. We did not eat or
drink there but we looked at the café area and it looked ok for a coffee and a
cake but not much else. I had no concerns for our safety at this venue. I would never pay the full on the door price
for this attraction. I feel that £18.95 per adult is outrageous. I would even
struggle to justify paying the online price which is slightly cheaper. They do
have an offer of one adult and one child under 5 mid-week for £13.50 which I
would absolutely pay if I had a good few hours to spend there. I think to get value for money you need to
allow at least 4 hours in here. I would consider going again if I got cheap
tickets or did the midweek offer, but I would ensure I had more time. I would
recommend this yes but advise friends to make sure they spend a few hours there
and get cheaper tickets as I don’t think it’s worth the full price. I think the attraction appeals to children
from 3 and up and have all the facilities that you would need. It is a fun
place for the kids and adults alike who can satisfy their own Lego fix. My 3 year old had lots of fun at Lego land
discovery centre Manchester but I feel he would have benefited more if he was
slightly older. Although there is lots
to do for 3 year olds, he couldn’t go on one ride and I don’t think he fully
appreciated the venue. I think 5 and up is the target market. The rides were
very good but I thought them trying to sell the photos to you as an extra was a
bit cheeky. I would visit again if I got tickets at the right price and I would
allow more time. We went after school and they closed at 7 and they were
clearly starting to wind down at 6pm and there was lots left for us to do which
we didn’t get the chance. Katie Gerrard – James 3 years

Product Tested By Gemma De Cet –
Thomas & Joseph – 4 Years & 1 Year

Gemma Awarded The LEGOLAND Discovery
Centre Manchester 4.3/5

located within a large shopping centre meant that it was well signposted on the
motorway and easy to find. Huge amount of free parking available. We visited in
the afternoon and there was no queue.
The staff were happy for us to wait by the entrance while another family
member arrived. We were not given any maps or information relating to the
attraction though. The initial Lego manufacturing tour was great; educational
and fun. Numerous members of staff were
very friendly and enthusiastic with the children. My 4 year old was able to go on all of the
available rides and enjoyed building cars and testing them on the ramps. My 1
year old enjoyed the initial ride in the dark and had fun playing in the Duplo
area. This is very much a child attraction and both of my children were very
happy in the different sections. As a family we love exploring new places –
theme parks, zoos and outdoor activities.
We would visit LEGOLAND for a fun day out during school holidays. We did
not eat/drink whilst there but the buggy parking facilities were good. The 2 baby changing toilets were engaged when
we wanted to use them and I imagine they could get very busy during busy
periods. Whilst paying a couple were actually turned away because they did not
have any children with them. I was
impressed with their child safeguarding policy. I think the full price is quite
expensive given that we were able to visit the attraction in half a day. I
would not pay full price to visit this attraction but I would visit during
special price parent & toddler sessions and I would use the Kellogg’s
promotional vouchers. I would recommend to people who live relatively local who
were looking for something to do with their young children. The
children enjoyed this attraction and there were things to amuse both my
youngest and eldest child. An enjoyable afternoon
but not big enough to spend a whole day out there. Staff were fantastic with the children. Quite expensive but would definitely visit
again during promotions. The kids had
great fun. Gemma De Cet – Thomas & Joseph – 4 Years & 1 Year

We spent a few hours here and went into most areas several times so it was a little smaller than expected but my daughter still had fun which was the main thing.


Rachel Awarded The LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester 4.6/5

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