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Legoland Discovery Centre

Whatever size and age your family, you’ll find that we have everything you need to feel at home at the LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre.

Push-chairs can be parked on the ground floor, however we do ask that you don’t leave any personal belongings in the push-chair. Push-chairs can easily be taken around the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre, and there is lift access to the first floor.

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£48.00 family ticket 2 adults + 2 children

Legoland Discovery Centre Reviews

Product Tested by: Carleen Shoreditch – Jennifer & Josie Ages 6 & 8 Years

Product Tested By Carleen Shoreditch – Jennifer & Josie Ages 6 & 8 Years

Carleen Awarded the Legoland Discovery 5/5

I was a little unsure as to how my girls would react at visiting Lego Land, but when I told them they seemed very excited. Getting to the attraction was simple and it’s very well signposted along the way too. Parking was easy as there are many spaces and its free, which I was a little worried about. There was quite a bit queue to get into the park but it moved along very quickly and both my girls were kept entertained thanks to the staff. Once we had got in we found the park had a very exciting atmosphere and my girls were instantly absorbed! There is so much to do such as rides, games, shows and there was even a cinema there too. All throughout the day my girls were kept busy and not once did they complain that they were bored. I found the prices of food to be a bit high but I expected this much. The food was great and I was impressed with the cleanliness of the toilets too. Another thing that I liked was that there was always staff around, just in case anything happened. This made me feel at ease and I didn’t have to watch my girls as closely as I first thought. Overall, we all had a fantastic day and we will definitely visit again. Both my girls haven’t stopped talking about Lego Land and can’t wait to go back! Carleen Shoreditch – Jennifer & Josie Ages 6 & 8 Years

Product Tested By Maggie Gomes – Lilly & James Ages 6 & 7 Years

Maggie Awarded the Legoland Discovery 5/5

Lily and James were delighted when they found out they were visiting Lego Land, we had never been before so I was rather excited too. I knew there would be lots of Lego but I didn’t expect a lot of rides and events to be taking place that were! Getting there was simple, we had a sat nav but the park was well signposted anyway. It didn’t take us long to park and I was very pleased that it was free, it’s those things that make a day out a lot less stressful for mum! Once we were into the park I was overwhelmed at how much there was to do and see. It was very busy and had a very nice and fun atmosphere about the place. Both of my children had a great time and loved everything about Lego Land, it was like a little adventure for them! We didn’t have to queue for too long for the rides which I think made a huge difference. Usually, both of my kids argue together but on this day out they had lots of fun together without crying or arguing. This made the day much more of an enjoyment for me too. I was impressed with the standards of the food; if a little expensive it was still very nice. There were always toilets close by and plenty of staff to keep things under control too. Overall, the park was extremely clean, safe, friendly and a very big bundle of fun for the whole family! We bought a few photos on some of the rides too so that we can remember the day which I thought was a nice touch. Lily & James thoroughly enjoyed the day and didn’t want to leave. Overall, great value for a fantastically fun and memorable day out that will leave your children wanting more! Maggie Gomes – Lilly & James Ages 6 & 7 Years

Product Tested By Joanne Cawthra – Amie 6 Years

Joanne Awarded the Legoland Discovery 4.5/5

I thought this looked like somewhere really fun for the children and it seemed to have lots of things to do. It was very easy to find and once near the attraction was very well signposted. The parking facilities were very good; there were ample spaces within the Trafford centre parking and also free. The entrance also had things for children to do whilst waiting and once seen got taken down personally to where we needed to be. The environment inside was fine; it’s very friendly and enjoyable for the children, a lot of things to do. They absolutely loved it, there was so much going on with shows and cinemas and also play areas. They was loads of different things to do, I thought would be all same but they made it really good, who knew there was so much different things to do with Lego! Very clean toilets, baby changing facilities. We only got a warm drink but found the prices a bit high. Although was a very lovely day out and the kids enjoyed it, I find the price for the children very reasonable but I found that the charging for adults not so good. Loads to do and the 4d cinema was amazing, Also there is a ride which the children loved and there is no limit to the amount of time you spend in there so the children could have played for even longer, but find the adult prices a bit too much! Overall lovely day and probably worth paying the money to see the kids enjoy there day, I know mine had a lovely day and already asked when we were going again on the journey home! Excellent day out! Joanne Cawthra – Amie 6 Years


Both my girls haven’t stopped talking about Lego Land and can’t wait to go back!


Carleen Awarded the Legoland Discovery 5/5

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