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LetMeBe Can Crusher

This heavy duty foot operated food and drinks can crusher helps you recycle by compacting bulky cans without significant effort for effective storage. Works extremely well on stubborn steel food cans. Suitable for both steel and aluminium cans. Reduces cans by up to 85%. Non slip and non marking footpads. Sturdy all metal construction. Suitable for cans up to 500ml.


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LetMeBe Can Crusher Reviews

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Product Tested By Samantha Rogers

Samantha Awarded The Let Me Be Can Crusher 3/5

Looks sturdy and easy to use. Simple design. No instructions for use in box.  Immediately can see product range on home page of site and instant access to can crusher visible. Easy to navigate around site and buy products with simple instructions to follow.  Packaging very basic, but as it should be for an eco friendly product. Would have liked some simply worded instructions(not just pictures) printed on the box: ie showing which way round the can should be placed in the machine.  Instructions need some improvement with some wording. Should be on packaging, not as printed sheet to save on paper use.  I found it quite tricky to stop the can from moving and had to try it both ways round. Also the machine seemed to stop half way down and more pressure needed to be applied. There is a knack to this which comes with practice!  Slightly easier to crush a drinks can than a tin can but still got stuck half way through and needed more pressure.  Did not really reduce the size of rubbish, as I tend to use very few steel cans and tins in the house on a daily basis.  We do recycle all glass, paper and plastic, but I rarely use tinned items so I dont think this item is very useful, as I can crush  tins cans cans under my foot to recycle them.  It takes up very little space and can be stored by the bin without visual impact.  I found the product to be a bit rickerty and unstable and it had rust patches on the metal bar holding the two pieces together.   Personally I do not feel this item is good value for money,  unless you have a great many cans and tins to crush on a daily basis. Its just as easy crushing under foot.  I would not get enough use out of it and I don’t think it is labour saving.  If you are eco friendly and recycle it is unlikely that you would purchase enough tinned products to warrant buying a can crusher.  Samantha Rogers

Product Tested By Jo Heard – Molly & Mason – Aged 13 & 9 Years

Jo Awarded The Let Me Be Can Crusher 2/5 

First impression seemd a bit heavy.  Packaging  all cardboard so good for recycling.  Instructions were Ok and fairly easy to follow.  I must admit when trying to use this item  the cans just slipped out of the side.  I do recycle but this item did not make any difference to my recyle routine.  When not using would leave this by the recycling bin.  Unfortunately for us this can crusher did not work very well.  I would put the cans in but when I pushed the foot lever down the cans shot out of the side!!  Was not an effective item did not work well and did not make it easier for us to crush steel and tin cans.  Jo Heard – Molly & Mason – Aged 13 & 9 Years

Product Tested By Jody Meltis

Jody Awarded The Let Me Be Can Crusher 3.1/5

Looked like it would come in handy.  Must admit surprised no instructions supplied with this item, but looked durable. Website good, informative, lots of eco products on offer and easy to navigate.  Packaging minimal but effective.  The box had pictures to show you how to use this item, but must admit written instructions would have been a help. I did not have great success with this item as did encounter problems with the can moving around, therefore not easy to crush immediately.  Found you also needed to apply a lot of pressure for this to achieve its purpose of crushing can.  With continued use it becomes easier to use this effectively. I did not find it really reduced the quantity of rubbish as normally would just crush cans flat by standing on them.  We do recycle everything so things like this are always of interest to us as a family.  Did find this was more effective when crushing drinks cans, but tin cans were a bit more tricky. It is compact so easy to keep in neat place in the kitchen.  For us it was not really an essential item, works but could be better quality and really much less of an effort to crush cans under your feet as has the same result.  For other households who use a lot of cans this could be the item they are looking for. Jody Meltis    


Samantha Awarded The Let Me Be Can Crusher  3/5

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