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LifeProof nüüd for iPhone 5

Protection Reinvented
iPhone 5 takes smartphone technology to new levels. And, nüüd for iPhone 5 takes smartphone protection and usability to new levels with the most advanced case design available.
Featuring LifeProof’s nüüd screenless technology, nüüd protects iPhone 5 from plunges and fumbles — without the need for a screen cover. That way, you can use your iPhone 5 just as Apple intended, in ways and places never before possible.
nüüd screenless technology is the first of its kind. By forming a waterproof seal to the touchscreen, nüüd protects iPhone 5 — while leaving the screen open for direct touch. Yes, you can touch the touchscreen!  üüd screenless technology, sleek design, enhanced sound, CrystalClear optics and full access to every function and feature. nüüd is everything you love about your iPhone 5 — everywhere you go.


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£79.99 Available Amazon.

LifeProof nüüd for iPhone 5 Reviews

Product Tested by: Lyndsey Lancee

Tested By
Lyndsey Lancee

Awarded The LifeProof iPhone 5 nuud 5/5

looked appealing as was packaged well. Well-presented and good quality
packaging. Very easy to follow instructions.
Quality is excellent. I would definitely
feel safe handing over my phone/tablet to my children with case installed. Initially
I thought this is a lot of money for the case, but it proved its value after
dropping my phone (accidentally) several times which I have no doubt would have
smashed the screen. I would consider buying
this product as if like me you are a bit clumsy or let your child play with
your phone then this would give superb protection. Highly recommend this case and have already
been telling everyone. The price would
deter me at first but this case has proved to be invaluable. I am a
particularly clumsy person so it’s perfect for me. I also feel comfortable with
my daughter playing with my phone. My only small criticism is the cover on the
charging point as I wear nail extensions. I found it very hard to open but I
understand this has to be tight in order to be waterproof. Overall a very
practical case that does exactly what is says on the tin. It would be nice if
it came in some more girly colours. Lyndsey Lancee

Tested By
Sophie Ray

Awarded The LifeProof iPhone 5 nuud 4.2/5

light weight, less chunky and looks better than I expected. Packaged very well
and attractively, would definitely notice and look at it in a shop. Simple,
easy to follow instructions made it very easy to put my iphone into the case. Very
high quality product didn’t appear or feel cheap in anyway and after using for
just a short time I definitely found it to be top quality. Although I find
children are experts at finding ways of destroying the indestructible so probably
still wouldn’t risk it and handing over to them with case on. Although the product is of a very good
quality and does what it says it will, it is very expensive. I would recommend
it as a good, high quality product. I found it very easy to use the product, it
has great and simple instructions and it definitely does what it says on the
tin. For people who don’t have to worry about the high price tag I would
definitely recommend this product. Sophie Ray

Product Tested
Samantha Hackney

Samantha Awarded The LifeProof iPhone 5 nuud 4.6/5

Great packaging easy instructions. Looks
great. Perfect packaging with flap to
view product inside. Easy simple to use. Has all information even website for
customer support if a problem occurs. After
my second attempt with this Product I found it very effective, I did the water
test and not a drop of water was in my phone.I dropped my phone twice
while testing it and no damage to my phone. Yes I would you feel safe handing over my
phone/tablet to my children with case installed. It is a bit pricey but a new phone is £300 so
it works out good value if it saves you breaking your phone. I would recommend
this product for anyone in heavy duty work, or anyone who has children who like
to play with your phone. Great product for keeping your IPHONE safe. Would use
product again with my other items if they produce it. Samantha Hackney

Overall a very practical case that does exactly what is says on the tin. 


Lyndsey Awarded The LifeProof iPhone 5 nuud 5/5                                                                                            

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