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Lift-the-Flap First 100 Words

An interactive new edition of Priddy’s best-ever selling title, First 100 Words, ideal for building vocabulary, developing language skills and aiding hand-eye co-ordination. More than 100 pictures of familiar animals, toys and more to encourage first word and picture association. With over 35 different shaped, sturdy flaps to lift, which reveal hidden words and pictures
275mm x 275mm x 15mm 
Board book, case bound, over 35 flaps 
14 pages 
0.5690 kgs    

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Lift-the-Flap First 100 Words Reviews

Product Tested by: Penny Bud – Pippa 23 Months

Tested By
Penny Bud – Pippa 23 Months

Penny Awarded
The Lift-the-Flaps First 100 Words book

Very vibrant, bright and colourful. An item of good quality and an
item which would most likely appeal to my daughter. We found the book to be a very good quality
item and durable for a young child. The flaps have not ripped after continuous
use and the pages are nice and thick. My
daughter really loved all the flaps, searching for ones where there weren’t
any, she was also very pleased when she found them and was able to open them
without help. As a mum I found the
illustration great, very clear and colourful. My daughter is at the stage where
she is saying new words every day so using this book for word association has
been a wonderful learning tool for us both!
Overall I think she has enjoyed finding the flaps within the book the
most, it was just the right kind of challenge for her age group. She has played with this book repeatedly and
still seems to be very engaged both on her own and with me reading to her so
yes I think this book has been very stimulating for her. A fabulous book,
bright, colourful, good quality and very cleverly laid out. This book is great value for money, I would definitely
buy something like this in the shops or online.
I Think I might consider getting one for my cousins little girl who is
of similar age. Defiantly recommend and already
have talked about it with fellow mums. A
really enjoyable learning tool for both me and my child, with bright clear
pictures and flaps its ideal for toddlers full of curiosity! Penny Bud – Pippa 23 Months

Product Tested by Pippa Selby – Erin 20 months 

Pippa Awarded The Lift-the-Flaps First 100 Words book 4.4/5

The book looks very enticing with bright, colourful cover design.
Great layout, coherent sections which are very appropriate for children. Flaps are easily torn (or ripped off!) so not
ideal for toddlers. My daughter loved
the book, and engaged well with it. Only downside were the flaps, of which she
tore quite a few (however, I could see this book being perfect in a year’s
time). Good variety of pictures and
photographs, which my daughter was able to relate to and understand. My
daughter loved this book. Very good
selection of sections on different topics – great range of potential learning
experiences for children of different ages. For a 20mo it was ideal for
teaching words. She was enjoyed pointing out the objects she recognised and
could name. If the flaps were less
flimsy this book would have been perfect. For a slightly older child (where
there would not be the same problem with tearing flaps!) this would be a
perfect book (which I would buy!). A lot
in this book to occupy a young child. I
would definitely buy this book as a gift (probably for 2+ for above-mentioned
reasons). My daughter was given a Priddy Books book on animals as a present
which has been a favourite, and I would go back to buying their products having
experienced a range of their books for children. I would certainly recommend. If they could come up with some extra-durable
flaps (which I have never been able to find in kids’ books!) they would be
getting a 5/5. I thoroughly enjoyed using this product with my daughter, and
seeing her engage and interact with it. Pippa Selby – Erin 20 Months

Product Tested By Claire Brain – Emily 21 Months

Claire Awarded The Lift-the-Flaps First 100 Words Book 5/5

The book was bigger than I expected. I really liked the look of it,
there seemed to such different sections. Great quality, lovely size to sit and
look at together. She loves it; she gets it and brings it over
to me when she wants to look at it. She likes the flaps and the different
realistic pictures so she knows what things are. I liked that the images were photographs as
she seemed to realise what everything was, sometimes the cartoon style are as
obvious when she is learning. She did
enjoy the book and she looks at on her own as well as bringing it over for me
to look at with her. She likes pointing
at the things. Absolutely stimulating
book for my daughter. The words are such normal words so certain
things that can be found in the house she can try to point to i.e. the clock.
Because there is more than one thing on a page she doesn’t get bored. She may
turn the page before we have looked at everything but next time we see it. Great book, I was very pleasantly surprised.
It was just much nicer o look through then some of these types of books that we
have already got. I like that it feels that she can keep learning from it, she
is too young for the memory game right now but that will something to look at
in a few months. It does seem like a lot
for a baby word book but when you see the amount in it and compared to how much
you can pay for much smaller books I think it is good value. I would buy this book. I think it would make a great gift. It is
nice to have many things- colours, food, animals all in one place. Definitely recommend as a lovely book with
lovely images. We have loved looking at
the book together. I love the way the flaps are done, with the paints and the
lunch box. Claire Brain – Emily 21



A really enjoyable learning tool for both me and my child, with bright clear pictures and flaps its ideal for toddlers full of curiosity!                    


Penny Awarded The Lift-the-Flaps First 100 Words book 5/5      

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