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Lights out Blinds

Why choose Lights Out?

–  Lightweight and portable, use at home or away

–  Allows window to be open whilst in use – no need to shut the window on hot summer nights

–  Simple attachment with one sucker applied to the centre of the window

–  No size adjustment necessary 

–  Put up / Take down in seconds. Lightweight zipped cover provided

–  Sticks to the middle of the window so no need to reach the top of the window

–  The cord and extension rod allows flexibility for use with recessed windows 

Who needs Lights Out?

–  They keep bedrooms dark and your chidren asleep for longer, especially in the summer months

    when the sun rises early and sets late.

–  They can help maintain your child’s sleep routine on holiday

–  Shiftworkers or anyone else needing to sleep during the day

–  Partially shading conservatories

–  Just moved house and have not put curtains up yet

–  Living in temporary/rented accommodation where the curtains are not dark enough

–  Creating a peaceful mood/sensory room for baby, or in hospital/hospice etc.

–  Darkening a media room so the projector/television can be seen properly

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Lights out Blinds Reviews

Product Tested by: Sophie Gent – Poppy & Florence Aged 4 & 1 Year

Product Tested By Sophie Gent – Poppy & Florence Aged 4 & 1 Year

Sophie Awarded The Lights Out Blinds 4.8/5

Seems like a good idea. Packaging a plastic cover with a cardboard sleeve with some instructions. There were no unnecessary boxes. Instructions were fine – even if it wasn’t quite as simple as it looked! There was an instructional video on the website too. It’s really easy to install and it just sticks on with one sucker. I’ve not seen one that easy before. They were really large as well so gave great blackout coverage. I’ve just recently moved and had been looking to get blackout lined curtains for the window in the girls’ bedroom. The window is really long and narrow and was proving rather expensive for a pair of curtains. Really good design. Easy to pack away if you were taking them away, and easy to store when you don’t need them so much in the winter. So easy to install, one sucker to stick on the window and then just tighten the cord. Sometimes had a problem with the sucker popping off just as you tightened the cord, but nothing major? You only had to loosen the cord and take the sucker off to let the light back in again. I’ve seen one that sticks to the window like a big sticker but I don’t think it would fit my window. My youngest daughter is a real fighter when it comes to going to sleep and refuses to give in. She’s sharing a room with her four year old sister and was keeping her awake for over an hour after going to bed, so much so that I used to let Poppy fall asleep in my room and then I’d put her in her own bed once Flo was asleep. By using these blinds, Flo only fought sleep for about 20 minutes so Poppy could go to sleep in her own bed. These blinds are made from good quality material. I think they’re great value for money as the prices I was getting quoted for curtains with blackout linings were over £100! Just one design suggestion – Perhaps a sturdier sucker could be used as it did pop off a few times when installing it, but other than that I had no complaints. I would definitely buy them. They are much cheaper than curtains with blackout linings! Can’t recommend them highly enough. These blinds were just the job. They got Flo to sleep quicker which meant that Poppy could fall asleep in her own bed. Plus they were so much cheaper than the curtains I had been quoted for! Sophie Gent – Poppy & Florence Aged 4 & 1 years

Product tested By Anne Dilworth – Daisy 18 Months

Anne Awarded The Lights Out Blinds 5/5

Good simple exterior packaging that was easy to open and the product packed in an attractive storage bag. Packaging Easy to open without the need for scissors teeth and high blood pressure. Instructions printed on packaging clear and east to understand, printed internal instructions/info are presumably a temporary measure and would be printed in a more durable format in the final (or non-test) product. Would be useful to have a small instruction booklet to keep with the blinds for future reference or printed on a flap attached to the storage bag (such as with tents and tent bags). I think this product is a brilliant idea! . It gives me the flexibility to have the blackout option when required and to remove when it is not. For example Daisy is our family alarm clock , up at 5.30am most mornings in the Summer , however on the first night we fitted the blind (a school night) it worked so well we all overslept and a and rush for school and work!! So afterwards we used it at weekends to get a lie in and not on school days. It gives good blackout coverage and I found it easy to install without the cost and complications of fitting roller blinds especially useful if you move house. Also great to take away with you, worked fine in the campervan and fitted Granny’s windows without any trouble so invaluable for holidays. Normally I would use Black out linings on curtains. Very similar to the car blind, classy looking and good quality typeface on product, the additions of covers etc. as mentioned in info would be a good idea and would be something I would look at purchasing. Very easy to fit, didn’t need to use the extension rods but they looked simple to use. These are so easy to remove just took off and stored until required again. I have not seen any similar products to these blinds on the market. Yes they did help my child sleep better, almost too well. Seems good quality and robust in design. Looks high quality too. The price for the two blinds is good value would be interested in the cost of the covers. Apart from a set of permanent instructions I can’t think of any other improvements, the covers are a good idea if you want them as a semi-permanent fixture. I have already recommended and have had to guard the ones I have. A high quality simple idea that is easy to use with instant results. Anne Dilworth – Daisy 18 Months

Product Tested By Rachel Robbins – Oliver, Rebecca & Zoe – Aged 4 & Twins 2 Years 6 Months

Rachel Awarded The Lights Out Blinds 4.9/5

It looks like a great idea, especially as a travel product. The external packaging was fine as it was minimal with some instructions on the cardboard sleeve. The instructions were fine. The blinds aren’t necessarily as easy to put down as it looks though. It’s not particularly difficult; it’s just luck whether you get it right first time. There was one that I could get down first time, and then the other one would always cause me difficulties. I’ve found the same with other pop-up products. I think it is easier to install than other blackout blinds and definitely gives better blackout coverage as the blinds fit tight against the window frame, so no light gets around them. I would normally have used just lined curtains in the girl’s room and Oliver’s room has a blackout lining on the tab top curtains. The design is really good as there are two really quite large blinds which fold down into a fairly small package. We went on holiday and they fitted into the suitcase. The blinds were really easy to install. All it took was a single sucker that stuck to the window, and then you have to tension the cord and the blind stays in place. Simple. They were really simple to take off again as you simply released the cord and pulled the sucker off the window. I’ve seen the one from Gro-group which sticks to the window like a sticker. This seems a lot easier to fit as this will cover all openers and you can use two in conjunction for larger windows. The blinds really helped my girls get to sleep. It was summer when we tested these and the girls would quite often go to bed between 7 and 8 when it was still really quite light outside. They would quite often run about, stripping their beds, playing with toys and generally keeping each other up for up to another hour after going to bed. Once the blinds were up, the girl’s weren’t immediately happy with the darkness, so I left the landing light on, but they were quiet, stayed in bed and were asleep within ten minutes. They are made of good quality material. I did find that the bendy frame did twist on one of them, but I think that was caused by me having real difficulties on day in putting it down and twisting it, however, this didn’t really affect its performance. £35 does seem quite expensive to start off with, especially if you are looking at them as a travel product, when there are so many other things to buy. However if you used them in your child’s room all the time they are excellent value for money, as they actually cost less than having a blackout lining sewn into the curtains in my son’s room, plus they cover a larger area than the size of our windows. The only negative I would have is that as it is a pop-up product it has curved corners, which does mean that light comes through if you are using on a window the same size or if using two blinds together, however I guess you couldn’t make a pop up, tensioned product with square corners! I would definitely purchase these. If my son had been younger than the twins, I would have bought a set for his windows as well, however he is older and sleeps like a log anyway. I would definitely recommend the blinds and would happily lend them to someone who was going on holiday. I was pleasantly surprised by these blinds. I expected to have problems with collapsing them and that the suckers wouldn’t stick. Although I did occasionally have problems with both collapsing and sticking to the window, it was not because the product was faulty or inferior. We went on a caravan holiday and took the blinds with us. The caravan was really cold at night and as well as keeping the rooms dark for the children, they also stopped draughts from coming through the windows, which would have been blowing right round their heads in the night. Rachel Robbins – Oliver, Rebecca & Zoe Aged 4 and Twins 2 years 6 Months.

They got Flo to sleep quicker which meant that Poppy could fall asleep in her own bed. Plus they were so much cheaper than the curtains I had been quoted for!


Sophie Awarded The Lights Out Blinds 4.8/5

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