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Lilla Kuddis Baby Pillows

Lilla Kuddis Baby Pillows prevent & treat head flattening, or Plagiocephaly. Lilla Kuddis Baby Pillows have been developed in Sweden especially for newborn and young babies to help prevent and treat flat head syndrome, a common medical condition also known as Plagiocephaly, (sometimes Branchycephaly or Scaphocephaly). Lilla Kuddis Baby Pillows are exclusively available from our online shop. Flat head syndrome is on the increase in the UK but can often be easily prevented and treated through three steps: Let your baby sleep on its back using the Lilla Kuddis Baby Pillow that helps relieve any pressure on the head -Repositioning of the head, alternating left and right sides of head -Practice tummy time, several times a day during supervised daytime play (without pillow). Tummy time stimulates the postural control and motor development. Sweden, one of the leading countries in Paediatric and baby care research, acknowledged Plagiocephaly in 2000 and introduced baby pillows as a preventative measure. Since 2000 the Swedish Department of Health’s guideline is for all newborn and infants to sleep on their backs and to use a soft baby pillow positioned under the head and shoulders. (See recommendations from the Swedish Dept of Health)

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£12.50 Small & £14.50 Large available to purchase online

Lilla Kuddis Baby Pillows Reviews

Product Tested by: Dawn Telford – Baby Simone 6 Months

Product Tested By Dawn Telford – Baby Simone 6 Months

Dawn Awarded The Lilla Kuddis Baby Pillow 4.7/5

Was very excited when advised this was being sent as first time mum and was concerned about Simone and how to help improve her problem.  Packaging was efficient and instructions on a leaflet.  Would have liked to see visual instructions to help me understand the product better.  Good quality and this pillow is perfect size for my baby.  This is soft and effective and during our 6 month trial I have certainly seen an improvement in her flat head and seems to be getting better.  It is soft and gentle and she looks really comfortable.  Came with 2 pillow cases which was a good bonus and in my opinion good value for money.  Certainly put my mind at rest and I would recommend without hesitation.  Did help improve Simone’s condition and we will continue to use.  Also found it great for playtime and used in pushchair as well as a comfort pillow. I would purchase this item and have already recommended this to a few of my friends who are giving birth soon.  Ideal for newborn babies and also a product that will help with a problem and last a long time as great pillow for them as they are growing.  Certainly helped improve Flat Head Syndrome, high quality, soft and comfortable for baby and value for money.  Dawn Telford – Baby Simone 6 Months.

Product Tested By Kelly Watkinson – Charley 16 Months

Kelly Awarded The Lilla Kuddis Baby Pillow 4.4/5

Packaging was very secure and the product was safe inside it.  Instructions were printed on standard leaflet and easy to follow. The size and shape was exactly right and will last for a few years. This item was delayed slightly in arriving and her flat head was already correcting itself by the time this pillow arrived.  The quality of this pillow is Excellent.  Definitely good value for money, it is proven to help babies with flat head syndrome and you also receive 2 pillow cases.  If I had another child with flat head syndrome yes I would certainly purchase this pillow, but I would buy when the child was a lot younger to obtain full benefits of this pillow.  Would certainly recommend if child had flat head syndrome.  Very good just because of the age of my child I did not really gain from all of the benefits from what the pillow is meant to do.  Kelly Watkinson – Charley 16 Months

Product Tested By Lavinia Freeman – Millie 17 Months

Lavinia Awarded The Lilla Kuddis Baby Pillow 4/5

 The packaging was minimal but very elegant.  The instructions were not that helpful but where clear and easy to read.  The pillow is a perfect size for my daughter she loves to snuggle on it now.  My daughter loves sleeping on this pillow she loves the soft feel and holds it when listening to a story which has made bed time easier.  My daughter’s flat head has not worsened but not improved.  The product is very soft and gentle I think it is fantastic quality.  This product was fantastic but I know I can find products similar that come with a duvet as well for the same amount.   Would certainly recommend if child was suffering from flat head syndrome.  This product is fantastic although it didn’t make my daughters flat head syndrome any better it has helped with her bedtime routine and she loves snugger ling up to it at night.  Lavinia Freeman – Millie 17 Months

Certainly helped improve Flat Head Syndrome, high quality, soft and comfortable for baby and value for money.


Dawn Awarded The Lilla Kuddis Baby Pillow 4.7/5

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