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Lillipops Iced Smoothies

Lillipops are naturally flavoured and specially formulated ice pops for pregnant women. Free from artificial colourings and flavourings, they ease nausea & heartburn, alleviate dry mouth, provide energy and are an overall soothing and comforting way to ease you through your morning sickness. Each Lillipops multipack contains 5 delicious flavours: Lemon & Mint, Grapefruit & Tangerine, Ginger, Lime & Vanilla and Camomile & Orange.
Winners Bizziebaby Bronze Award 2009 and Winners of the Bizziebaby Silver Award 2011/12

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£9.99 for pack of 20 Available online at or click online to find local stockist

Lillipops Iced Smoothies Reviews

Product Tested by: Kirsten Mitchell

Product Tested By Kirsten Mitchell

Kirsten Awarded The Lillipops Multi Pack 5/5

First impression looked very good. The company website is very colourful and easy to read. I really like the packaging as it looks very nice. The concept is really good it helps you think of something else apart from feeling sick. At first look I didn’t think I would like them all but they are actually all really nice. My favourite flavour was Camomile & Orange. I found these worked really well and did help with morning sickness. I would have 2 a day or as I needed them. I think they areof excellentquality. I think these are a little bit expensive and would be nice if they could reduce the price slightly. I would definitely buy them especially as they are so refreshing. I have already recommended to a friend and she has ordered some. They taste great. I found these ice lollies really good to use and I will definitely be buying some more but would be good if they were a little cheaper or did good multi buy offers on them but overall I love them. Kirsten Mitchell

Product Tested By Fiona Riddell

Fiona Awarded The Lillipops Multi Pack 5/5

When I first received the Lillipops I was a little unsure about the flavours as I read them on the box. They seemed a little unusual and as I was suffering with sickness I was a little scared they might make me feel worse but as they were intended to help with this problem I was kind of looking forward to trying them out. The next day after leaving them in the freezer overnight I decided to try one mid-morning and I have to say I was impressed and surprised at how nice they tasted. After trying all of the flavours over the next few days there wasn’t even a flavour I didn’t like. The Lillipops didn’t actually help with my morning/all day sickness but they didn’t make my feel sick when I was eating them and I never felt sick at the thought of having one as I did with other food. They were actually quite pleasant to suck when I couldn’t eat anything else. Overall I was pretty impressed with them although I’m not really convinced that they had any other affect than what a normal ice pole would but I would buy them again if needed and I would recommend them to a friend if they were in the same boat in the early stages of pregnancy. I had a look at the website, well laid out and good to see range of products on offer. The packaging is Nice and simple design but modern and attractive. I was sceptical at first eating an ice lolly to help relieve morning sickness, but nicely surprised. The flavours sounded unusual on first reading but they were nice tasting and refreshing. I did not have a favourite as I liked all the flavours. Kind of helped me as they didn’t make me feel sick when eating them like other foods did. I would eat one of these several times a day. Quality of the product is very good and certainly good value for money. I would consider purchasing and have already recommended. Overall I am very happy with this product and enjoyed eating them. I would use them again and would be happy to recommend them to a friend. Fiona Riddell

Product Tested By Claire O’Sullivan

Claire Awarded The Lillipops Multi Pack 3.8/5

My initially impression was that it was and innovative idea as I’d never heard on ice lollies aimed at pregnant women. The Lillipops website not only provides lots of information on the product but also on general pregnancy information including morning sickness, fitness, heartburn, quitting smoking, etc. The site is well laidout and easy to navigate.There is a handy feature where you can locate your nearest stockist as well as being able to order on line. The box is not your typical glossy ice pop box that you would find in the supermarket. Bright pink and lime greenhave been used to try and make it more eye-catching but it is still a box that you could easily walk past. It was lovely that the Lillipops are packaged in a good sized box so it is easy to open and choose your flavour rather than having to tip all theLillipops Iced Soothies out. However,thebox wasn’t well designed. It’s top opening but doesn’t shut very easily. You have to push in the sides to get the lid to shut and then it doesn’t shut very well. The website address that goes round the sides of the lidlooks upside down and also the hinged side of the box is on the right hand side rather than the left. These arevery small things but they give the feeling of being unprofessional. During this pregnancyand my last I found very cold things really helped my morning sickness and also, in later pregnancy, heartburn. For me the relief is only temporary and tends to last no more than 20 minutes after finishing theice lolly. An ice lolly is a good option compared to eating ice cream whichtends to have higher calories.Each ice pop was only 7.6 calories. Initially none of the flavours jumped out as flavours I would choose to have. However, once I had tried all of them they were all palatable and weren’t too strongly flavoured. Ginger – I know many people swear by ginger but it’s always given me indigestion, the lollipop was lovely and cooling and not too strong. Lime & Vanilla – this seemed a strange combination and I thought the vanilla would be too sweet but again it was nice. Camomile & Orange – the idea of camomile put me off but the taste was good. Lemon & Mint – I like each of these flavours on their own but had not tried them together but it seemed to work. Grapefruit & Tangerine – I find grapefruit too bitter but love tangerine, this combination was lovely and refreshing. Grapefruit and Tangerine was my favourite, it was very refreshing. The ice lolly eased my sickness for a short while but I don’t feel the flavour combinations provided any additional benefits. I would have 1 or 2 lollies a day. The ingredients were all natural which is a big plus when you’re pregnant. The ice pops work out at just under 50p per ice pop which is too expensive for 20ml of water with natural flavourings. It would bedifficult to justify spending more than 20p per ice pop. It’s a bit overpriced. I wouldn’t go out of my way to order online or go to my local chemist to buy it. I would recommend trying something cold but wouldn’t recommend this product solely because of the price. If the price was £4 for 20 then I would recommend to a friend. The website says "We put a lot of research into the ingredients in order to find flavours that were both delicious and beneficial for pregnant women". I felt the fact the ice pops were so cold helped ease my sickness but didn’t feel that flavour combinations had any additional effect. It’sgreat that the ingredients were all natural but I feel that £6.95 is too expensive. Ifreeze watered apple juice to help with my morning sickness andI couldn’t honestly say that the Lillipops Iced Soothies gaveme any additionalbenefit apart from they were ready made. Great idea but a little pricey for very short lived relief. Claire O’Sullivan

They taste great. I found these ice lollies really good to use and I will definitely be buying some more.


Kirsten Awarded The Lillipops Multi Pack 5/5

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