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Lindam Easy Fit Plus Safety Gate

This modern two way opening safety gate combines quality and value. Incorporating the Lindam U shaped pressure fit power frame for ultimate strength when in position together with a dual action opening system and secondary locking mechanism for added safety. U shaped power frame gives solid pressure. Assembled and ready to use. No need for drilling or screws. Two way opening. Dual action opening system. Adjusts to fit opening 75cm to 81 cm. Can be extended up to 137cm with separate extensions.

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£21.99 - Available in Boots, Tesco's, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Asda, Babies R Us - Check out local stockist online

Lindam Easy Fit Plus Safety Gate Reviews

Product Tested by: Kirsti Wilkins – Baby Jayden 8 Months

Product Tested By Kirsti Wilkins – Baby Jayden 8 Months

Kirsti Awarded The Lindam Easy Fit Plus Safety Gate 5/5

This product looks great and is easy to use. They have a variety of products available, something to suit everyone. The packaging is easy and tells you everything you need to know; also you can see what the product looks like. The instructions are easy to follow and caused no hassle. It is very easy to install and we didn’t have a problem. Very secure. I found the gate easy to open nothing complicated. It is excellent quality. The product is definitely good value for money. I will definitely be buying one for upstairs. I will also definitely be recommending the product. Was a great product and I am really happy to have tested it and will definitely be buying more from the Lindam range. Kirsti Wilkins – Baby Jayden 8 Months

Product Tested By Lauren Goldup – Baby Alfie 9 Months

Lauren Awarded The Lindam Easy Fit Plus Safety Gate 3.9/5

Great, and could not come a moment too soon!  Website is good with a good overall selection of items and prices seem affordable.  Packaging sturdy, just a bit of a nightmare to get in and all parts out as were packed so well.  Easy to use as we have already fitted wall fix stair gates, this pressure fix was much easier and did not take too long.  When fitting did need a little aligning and partner helped out.  The gate has stayed in place for a few weeks now, even with a baby hanging from it.  Not sure how it would hold up when he is much bigger but great for now.  Easy to open but need to make sure it clicks in place.  Quality good, seems to do the trick with no movement.  Just one suggestion on design improvement a pressure fix without a door bar, as far too many people trip on this as it is quite high.  Certainly good value for money and would purchase.  Alfie’s Grandma is going to buy one.  A great fixing stair gate, with simple installation, just watch you do not trip over the door bar.  Lauren Goldup – Baby Alfie 9 Months  

Product Tested By Sarah Hora – Alfie Aged 1 year

Sarah Awarded The Lindam Easy Fit Plus Safety Gate 4.8/5

A nice looking stair gate that would fit well into my contemporary house. The product was well packaged and you could clearly see from the pack that it would be easy to fit and that it would fit in the space I needed it too. I don’t like instructions – I tend to fit the item and then read the instructions – they make more sense that way!!! The gate was very simple to install.  It is pressure fit so I didn’t need to screw anything in to the wall in order to fit the gate – this is a bonus as I want to be able to use these gates in 2 different locations. The gate was very secure.  My three year old constantly attempted to climb over it and the gate never budged! The gate was very easy to open and close with one hand so I didn’t have to put things down in order to get in and out of the gate. The gate had a child proof lock on it at the bottom which allowed me to lock it so that my three year old couldn’t come out of the gate and inadvertently leave it open and present a hazard for Alfie.  He had to ask me to open the gate. My three year old was able to open the gate if I left the child proof lock off. The quality is excellent – the gate has been built to last and I am sure will see me through all of my children. The gate is very good value for money.  When you look at similar gates the prices don’t vary and this is an excellent quality gate. I have been out and bought another one of these gates so that I can have one at the top of the stairs and one at the bottom.  I like the safety features that this gate offers which is why I opted for an identical one. I would give this gate a high recommendation if anyone is looking to purchase a gate to keep their baby safe. This stair gate has made a huge difference in our house – it has stopped Alfie from being able to eat the cat food!!!!  He’s disappointed about that but the cat is over the moon! Sarah Hora – Alfie Aged 1 year

Gate easy to open nothing complicated. It is excellent quality and definitely good value.


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