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Lindam Extending Wooden Safety Gate

The versatile and stylish two way opening extending wooden gate is designed to fit opening from 62cm to a massive 106cm without the need for extensions. Easy to install the quick release fittings allow the gate to be removed and replaced quickly and easily to suit your lifestyle. Once installed the gate opens to create a wide walk through area with a push to shut mechanism for easy closing. Natural hardwood -Wide walk through section -Two way opening – Easy to install – Adjusts to fit opening 62cm to 106cm

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£27.99 - Available in Boots, Tesco's, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Asda, Babies R Us - Check out local stockist online

Lindam Extending Wooden Safety Gate Reviews

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Product Tested By Emily Vicary – Baby Grace 9 Months

Emily Awarded The Lindam Extending Wooden Safety Gate 3.9/5

It looks like a good sturdy smart gate. Not a lot of selection of different items. They all seem to be the same design which may limit people’s choice and put them off buying. The picture showed the stair gate and what it would look like when it was up. Had to read it through quite a few times to get the jist of it. Must have at least 2 people putting up the gate as some parts were very fiddly and we had to make sure everything was lined up. The gate can be lifted off the hinges if you lift it too high which is irritating if you have to secure it again with both hinges on the top and bottom. Again it depends if you lift the gate too high. I have to use my foot and hand to get the gate open. There is a safety catch on the top and bottom so even if Grace were able to undo the bottom catch she couldn’t open the top catch. Both catches have to be inline with each other; otherwise the gate wouldn’t be shut properly. If you have older children were they able to use the gate independently without posing a danger to your baby/toddler or themselves. Lovely looking, the wood looks good and strong. I would buy another one in the same design for the top of the stairs as they look nice, do their job and are good value for money. I think they could change the design so the gate couldn’t be lifted of the top hinge. The gate looks good, its smart and it will keep Grace from getting up the stairs. Emily Vicary – Baby Grace 9 Months


Product Tested By Angela Waugh – Baby Sophie 10 Months

Angela Awarded The Lindam Extending Wooden Safety Gate 4.7/5

Great, love the no trip bar and that its plain wood. Website is easy to navigate round and find what you are looking for, great descriptions and pictures. Simple packaging, no un-necessary packaging and its recyclable. Easy to follow instructions. Very easy stair gate to fit. Very secure. Very easy to open and close. Opens fully so no bar to step over, opens both ways, easy to remove quickly, and safely, has a push to shut mechanism for easy closing. Extends to fit. Majority of doorways and stairs. No trip bar is one of the priorities I look for when buy safety gates and the fact it opens both ways so its safe and practical. My 6 year old twins can use it independently and safely. It is superb quality. Definitely good value for money. Cannot think of any faults with it. Definitely, I had this stair gate 6 years ago for my twins and have already purchased another. A very safe, easy to use stair gate which extends simply and easily to fit any doorway or stairs. It is also pleasing on the eye. Angela Waugh – Baby Sophie 10 Months


Product Tested By Lydia Ashton – Baby Martha 11 Months

Lydia Awarded The Lindam Extending Wooden Safety Gate 5/5

A great looking product, not as bulky as we expected which is good. A great wesite, it looks fresh and modern. The menu is clear to read and the products it shows look great, have good detailed information and are well priced. The safety information is also very good with the house diagram showing good ideas. The packaging is good, the box should be fine to recycle and there was really no excess packaging which is great. I was surprised how compact the gate was when packaged. Very good clear instructions both in written and picture form so there is very little chance of mistakes being made. We found this very easy to install once reading the instructions, you do have to drill holes to fix the hinges to the wall but apart from that there is not much work involved. The safety gate is very secure now it is fitted, at the moment my baby is too small to test it too much but her 14 month old cousin gave it a good shake and leaned on it and it stayed put. I found this gate easy to open with one hand which is great as I have been put off some gates as they were impossible to do without using both hands which is no good if you are loaded up as most parents seem to be! The gate has 2-way opening which is very useful if you have it in a doorway or at the top of the stairs. It also has quick release fittings so you can remove it quickly if you need too or put it back in place quickly and easily too. It also has no step-over bar which is great. The fact that is has no step-over bar is fantastic as I have often tripped on friends gates when not looking where I am stepping! The fact that you can remove it quickly is good too. My 8 year old nephew had no problem using this gate once I showed him how to open and close it. This gate seems to be well made in nice strong wood. The fittings seem strong and hardwearing but are not too chunky so still fit in with the overall look of the gate. I think this is excellent value and I was surprised at the good value price as I think it looks and feels more expensive. The only way that I could see it may improve is if it could be pressure fitted so that it does not have to be screwed to the wall, although I am not sure if it would be as safe then as some children are quite boisterous! I am going to buy one or two the same to fit in a couple of non-standard size opening that we need to baby proof.  I have already recommended this gate to my in-laws for when we go to stay. We are very pleased with this product. Fantastic, it’s exactly what we wanted from a safety gate! Lydia Ashton – Baby Martha 11 Months

The gate looks good, its smart and it will keep Grace from getting up the stairs.


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