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Lindam Flexi Safety Gate

A lightweight alternative to conventional safety gates incorporating the Lindam quick release pressure fit handle, Flexi gate can be fitted in just one click for complete ease of use. This collapsible gate ‘twists and folds’ into its own carry bag making it ideal for travel. Quick release pressure fit handle simultaneously locks all 4 pressure points into place Collapsible, twist & fold mechanism. Fits into carry case provided for convenient transportation. Adjusts to fit openings between 71 and 92cm. Light weight metal frame.

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£24.99 - Available in Boots, Tesco's, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Asda, Babies R Us - Check out local stockist online

Lindam Flexi Safety Gate Reviews

Product Tested by: Lynette Gray – Patrick (4 years), Emma (2 Years) and Baby Rohan (9 Months)

Product Tested By Lynette Gray – Patrick (4 years), Emma (2 Years) and Baby Rohan (9 Months)

Lynette Awarded Lindam Flexi Guard Safety Gate 3.5/5

Looked really good, the packaging showed a very clear picture of the gate in use, looked forward to trying it out. Loved the fact that it folded small and comes with a carry bag. Thought that it would be really good for taking to grandparents as wouldn’t take up too much room in the car. checked out website heaps of things on offer like safety gates, bottles and weaning products. You can download instructions and they have an area about new products. It is pretty easy to navigate and there are contact details as well. All the pictures are really clear but in some areas, like safety, I felt a bit overwhelmed by all the products that were shown. compact packaging that clearly demonstrated what the product was, however it doesn’t explain on the packaging that the gate cannot be opened, which I think could be misleading. I liked the carry bag. Found the instructions easy to follow, however my husband and I were a bit flummoxed by the fact that the product is called a flexi gate. We fitted the gate and then both tried to open it. We really thought that we had done something wrong, as there are no instructions about opening it provided. Eventually I called the customer careline to be told that the gate doesn’t actually open. It would have been helpful if this was outlined in the instructions. pretty easy to install, but if you over tighten the outside spindle it is really hard to close the handle to fix the gate in place. My 9 month old had a good try at getting around the gate, he gave it a good shake and pull but it didn’t budge. My 2 and 4 year olds tried as well. They couldn’t move it but the 4 year old quickly worked out how to release the handle, effectively removing the gate. This product is not a gate in the sense that you can open it and go through.. If you want to pass through you have to lift the handle, which can be done one handed, but then you must remove the gate, which means making it smaller which requires two hands, then you have to refit it when you are through, then repeat to return. Not easy if you are trying to get to the other side quickly to attend a screaming child or if you are carrying a child. They could not get through the gate safely because of the previously mentioned reasons about having to remove the gate and then refit it. If the 4 year old lifted the handle this loosened the gate and then it lost its safety properties as it wasn’t fitted tightly anymore. Quality is good and it is very sturdy but I don’t think that it is terribly practical. I don’t think the gate offers great value for money; well not if you are after a gate that allows you easy access from one side to the other. If you want something very temporary or something to permanently block an area off this is the gate for you. We are currently using ours to stop the baby playing with the TV and sky box. The product should be labeled as a barrier instead of a gate. I ended up ringing the Lindam help line, which was easy to use, just to verify the fact that the gate could not be opened. If they want it to be a gate it needs to have a hinged door that can be opened. If they could do it with this product then it would be excellent. I would not buy it as a gate. I am currently using it in front of my TV cabinet to stop the baby from playing with the sky box and DVD player. Because it is mesh the remote controls still work with it in place, but fitted in the alcove in front of the TV cabinet restricts the babies’ access.  I would definitely buy it to take when we visit people, as it folds small and has a carry bag. It is a good quality, sturdily made product but I would dispute it being called a gate. The use of the word gate infers something that opens and closes. I think that this product should be rebranded as a barrier, as it has to be removed to allow access to either side. Lynette Gray – Patrick (4 years), Emma (2 Years) and Baby Rohan (9 Months)


Product Tested By Adele McCutchen – Baby Joshua 8 Months

Adele Awarded Lindam Flexi Guard Safety Gate 3.6/5

The company has a good website, it is quick to search for items and quite informative. The packaging is fine – just a small box, no over packaging, with photos of product in use. It comes with a handy carry bag with strap to pack it away when you travel. You are provided with clear instructions, with simple pictures and not too many of them. Initially I found it tricky to assemble on my own, but with two pairs of hands it is no problem, now I can do it by myself in seconds. When you have it tightened correctly it stays put and there are no issues with it falling open. This ‘gate’ doesn’t open; to get through it you have to remove it every time, with a baby in your arms this is not very convenient. I have two older children ages 8 and 6 who could easily undo the whole gate with the quick release handle, but could not put it back into place. I liked the quality of the product; it felt strong and well made. You can easily adjust the width of the gate to fit different size openings, this was easy and very easy to take off and store away again. It could be made to open! Unfortunately I would not purchase this item, for a short period of time this would be ok to block off areas that are rarely used by others, but in real life most people will want to get to the other side of the gate and this is quite inconvenient as you have to remove the whole thing. Felt mislead by the name ‘flexiGATE’ to me a gate is something that opens, and that was what I expected, I think even to take it on holiday or to the grandparents house it would soon get on our nerves by not being able to open it, and my parents certainly wouldn’t be able to keep bending down to re-set it. Adele McCutchen – Baby Joshua 8 Months


Product Tested By Emily Uskovic – Baby Tatiana 10 Months

Emily Awarded The Lindam Flexi Guard Gate 3.8/5

It looks good and appears well made.  Website easy to navigate and lots of information on their products. The box looks a little outdated.   Instructions Clear and easy to understand.  Very easy to use once fitted to the size of the door frame and easy to adjust to fit various door frames.  Very secure.  Not easy to open as you need both hands to get the gate in the correct position before locking it. Seems well made and sturdy.   Yes, it’s good value for the price.  Easy to use and adjust, but you need both hands to do this. Very secure once fitted, and it looks as nice as a gate possibly could.  Emily Uskovic – Baby Tatiana 10 Months

I would definitely buy it to take when we visit people, as it folds small and has a carry bag. It is a good quality, sturdily made product and acts as good barrier.


Lynette Awarded Lindam Flexi guard safety gate 3.5/5

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