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Lindam Sure Shut Porte Safety Gate

The Sure Shut Porte boasts a ‘push to shut’ closing mechanism which requires no fiddly alignment to close. Just a firm push and it will click into the closed position, great for busy mums and dads.The Lindam U-shaped pressure fit ‘powerframe’ gives ultimate strength when in position. A two way opening system and secondary locking mechanism provide added safety.With contemporary colour ways and softly contoured components the Porte safety gate will look great in your home. The handle design allows simple one handed opening and all Sure Shut gates feature wider walk-through areas for practicality.Suitable for openings between 75cm and 82cm and can be extended up to 138cm with separately available extensions.

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£29.99 - Available in Boots, Tesco's, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Asda, Babies R Us - Check out local stockist online

Lindam Sure Shut Porte Safety Gate Reviews

Product Tested by: Jade Salmond – Riley 23 Months

Product Tested By Jade Salmond – Riley 23 Months

Jade Awarded The Lindam Easy Fit Push To Shut Gate 4.3/5

This looked sturdy, well made, and simple to use. The packaging had nothing fancy as you would expect as it’s just a gate, not stuffed with unnecessary packaging as some products are. There are no actual written instructions, just a series of pictures. I couldn’t figure out how to put the gate up myself and needed my partner to fix it together. My opinion is the instruction manual needs to be clearer and contain some wording. There are 2 options for installation, either by pressure points or screwed into the wall, we opted for pressure points as we weren’t using it at the top of the stairs. I did like that I would have the option to make it extra secure for peace of mind. Just with the pressure pads the gate still feels secure; although over time these will need to be checked and tighten I’m sure. The bottom of the gate can be pushed slightly open; however it does come with additional locking points at the bottom to rectify this. To open it is a simple mechanism, that’s not overly engineered. It is a simple press of buttons and push down simultaneously; very easy. The quality is great for the money, perfect, does the job. It offers excellent value for money. It is affordable if you needed to purchase more than 1 for different areas. The only improvement I would suggest is there is a bar at the bottom of the gate that you have to step over. Also it is white and we have white thresholds so it blends in, I found I had to warn people it was there. I think it would be better without this bar as it is a tripping hazard. I would buy it for a grandparent’s house or as an additional gate for my child’s bedroom. Overall what you would expect for the price range.  Jade Salmond – Riley 23 Months

Product Tested By Rick Britton – William 23 Months

Rick Awarded The Lindam Easy Fit Push To Shut Gate 4.8/5

This seems less clunky than other stair gates, as well as easy to fit and use. It was well packaged. I was worried that a large item coming through the mail may get damaged but it arrived well packaged and undamaged. It had simple to read and understand instructions; really user friendly. It was very easy to install; we’d already got a stair gate with the same fitting so was easy for us to fit onto our kitchen door. Took a while to get it tightened but once fitted it was fine. It was very secure when fitted. My son was slightly shocked that we’d put a stair gate on the kitchen door so decided to swing on the gate when shut to see if he could open it but we were pleased to see that the gate stayed secure. After a few times using the gate, we got used to opening and closing it with one hand – very good and excellent when holding the baby or something else in your hands. We liked the fact that it had a one or two way opening so we had the flexibility of opening either way, but I wouldn’t see this as a safety feature. We don’t have older children but when we had a friend over with an older child, they seemed to be able to master the gate well! This is made of excellent quality, well made and very sturdy. Stair gates are all pretty much the same price so think this was well priced for the market. I’m not overly keen on stair gates that have the bar across the bottom of the stair gate as this causes a tripping hazard so not sure if this stair gate could be made without that bar? I would still recommend to friends and family as the stair gate worked well and was good quality, as well as well priced. It is an excellent product; well made, well packaged and well-priced. We’ll continue to use this stair gate on our kitchen door until our son is old enough to understand that he shouldn’t touch the cooker etc.! This gate is a brilliant well-made product to improve the safety in your home for babies and toddlers. Rick Britton – William 23 Months

Product Tested By Lucy Tyler – James 18 Months

Lucy Awarded The Lindam Easy Fit Push To Shut Gate 4.8/5

This looks sturdy, nice design, and in a neutral colour. Very well packaged, with all small parts enclosed in a box so no risk of losing them when unpacking the product and instructions were easy to follow. I found it very easy to install, only took 10 minutes, even with the help (?) of a toddler! It is very secure and has been shaken very roughly many times and is still standing! Initially it was a bit tricky to open but once you get used to it this is no longer a problem. Very easy to close, no messing about with alignment needed as it just pushes/pulls shut. This gate has a secondary locking mechanism, which my little boy has already worked out how to open – no use from a safety point of view but it is useful if you only want the gate to open one way. The gate is not self-closing which is a good thing in my opinion as both my husband and I got very fed up with our other gate trapping us as we were trying to get through it. The quality is very good, seems well made and sturdy. I think it is reasonably priced too. I would consider buying this now. It is better than other safety gates in my opinion. I would recommend it to others. It is an excellent safety gate, easy to install and use, but above all else SAFE! Lucy Tyler – James 18 Months

I would buy it for a grandparent’s house or as an additional gate for my child’s bedroom.


Jade Awarded The Lindam Easy Fit Push To Shut Gate 4.3/5

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