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Litecup – on a toddler cup mission to get parents more sleep

inspiration – or one bright idea!
the litecup was created by a parent who wanted a better cup for his children. It just so happens that this parent was also an industrial designer – how handy! from his studio in Putney south west London he started working on a drinking valve that could be non spill but also provide the most natural drinking experience possible. he created the litecup – a clean and colourful cup with an integrated night-light. to support independent mess free drinking for your child – day or night!

effective non spill valve minimising life’s frustrations and clean up time from knocks, drops, tipping and spilling. The cup rim supports bottle/beaker to cup transition – important for long term oral health. 360 cup edge means you can drink from anywhere round the rim. No straws or spouts which can be used for comfort sucking. Free flow natural drinking started by a small suck. Light and robust for everyday use. Great for travel and/or camping. The integrated comforting night-light means the cup can be placed anywhere around the bed. The night-light means your child will never lose their cup at night. Light sensitive – so you don’t even need to worry about turning it on or off. The night-light can also be manually switched off to save on battery life. Night-light battery and LED bulb are encased in a plastic unit or litepack that can click in or out of the base.
Available in choice of 10 colours 
Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2016 

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Litecup Reviews

Product Tested by: Fozia Shah – Nabiha 3 Years

Tested By
Fozia Shah – Nabiha 3 Years

Fozia Awarded
The Litecup 4.5/5

Lovely idea
of a night light incorporated into a drink bottle. Simple packaging with
limited waste. Eye-catching with necessary information included. Possibly make
instructions a bit clearer. Was slightly confused as to what the white rubber
part was for and if it needed to be removed. Definitely the night light. She
doesn’t like sleeping in complete darkness so this helps. It also makes it
easier for her to find the bottle. Liked the extensive colour choice
available. I would have liked to have a
lid for this cup as it is the only thing I didn’t like. A lid would make
it more hygienic. The light does not need to be on during the day and would
simply be a waste of the battery. I would not purchase this cup without the
light as it is the main selling point. Otherwise it is too simple. All seems
excellent quality. This is good value
but even better if had a lid. I would purchase this cup as my youngest loved
it. Even the eldest liked it. I would certainly recommend. A unique product for
the little ones, water bottle incorporated into a night light. If your child
just needs a gentle light in the room then this would be sufficient without
having to purchase an additional night light. Great that it can be put in the
dishwasher too (after taking out the light part). Possibly would be good if it
had a straw feature though. Fozia Shah – Nabiha 3 Years

Product Tested By Martha Kind – Tabatha
4 years

Martha Awarded
The Litecup 4.7/5

I thought this looked
interesting. A cup and night light all
in one. Packaging good with lots of
informative information and would catch my eye in a store. Instructions easy enough to follow. I really liked the night light aspect of this
cup as my granddaughter stays with us quite a lot and does not like it when we
turn the light out at night. Also if she
needs a drink during the night the cup can easily be seen and accessible for
her. Nice range of colours on
offer. This is a non-spill cup so in my
opinion does not need a lid. Ideal to
take out and about and great cup for night time if they need a drink. The design is good and no need for this to
have facility to light up all day long, would use too many batteries. Like the dual purpose of this cup and would
not purchase without the light up facility as ideal to leave in our granddaughters
bedroom at night. Quality is good. Reasonable value when you consider the cost
of a night light and this is a cup and a night light. I will be purchasing more so we have spares
when we take Tabatha away with us.
Recommended to a few of my friends who also have grandchildren. Really good idea, loved the dual purpose and
now use regularly. Martha Kind – Tabatha
4 years 

Tested By
Zabrina Coller – Millie 2 Years

Awarded The Litecup 4/5

The product
seems like a good idea, I liked the bright colour and the size of the container.
I thought the packaging was very plain and quite boring. Lots of information on
the packaging, maybe too much to read through. It wouldn’t attract me in the
shops as I walk past. Instructions clear and informative. Made perfect sense
and I think I followed them adequately. She liked the bright colour the most,
Pink is her favourite so she was happy with this, I think the colour selection
is ideal. I don’t think this needs a lid
in my household, the lid doesn’t spill and my children would never remember to
put the detachable lid on if there was one.
Personally I feel having the cup lit up at night time is ideal and would
not see a need for the cup to be lit up during the day. I have purchased a product similar to this
with the same drinking method and colour and no light. I thought the design and idea are brilliant;
it’s easy to clean and use. My only problem with it is, even after washing it
several times I could still taste the rubber from the lid when I tried drinking
from it. Good idea, works well and my daughter really enjoyed using it. I don’t
think we really have a need for this, my children don’t have night lights and
this was just a novelty that we wouldn’t normally need. If I knew of someone who was looking for
something like this then I would definitely recommend it. I thought the
packaging needed work. The colour, look, ease of use was brilliant and my
daughter enjoyed it. I wouldn’t normally buy this as I don’t really have a use
for it but I can see how good it could be for other families. Zabrina Coller –
Millie 2 Years

I would certainly recommend. A unique product for the little ones, water bottle incorporated into a night light. If your child just needs a gentle light in the room then this would be sufficient without having to purchase an additional night light. Great that it can be put in the dishwasher too (after taking out the light part).


Fozia Awarded The Litecup 4.5/5

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