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Little Angels First Aid CD

Angels First Aid Ltd offers a complete range of first aid products, carefully chosen to offer top quality and value for money. An established company in the UK, we offer an exceptional level of personal customer service worldwide. Angels First Aid Ltd also provides a wide range of affordable first aid courses throughout the UK.

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£7.99 Available to purchase online

Little Angels First Aid CD Reviews

Product Tested by: Elaine Russell – Baby Joshua 10 Months

Product Tested By Elaine Russell – Baby Joshua 10 Months

Elaine Awarded The Little Angels First Aid CD 4/5

I have seen many first aid books but never a CD. I was interested to see how informative and useful it would be. The packaging is eye-catching. Checked on the website which is currently being developed so cannot comment on this aspect.  The packaging is eye-catching, simple and it is clear that this is a first aid product. However, at first glance I thought it was a DVD as it doesn’t say ‘audio’ anywhere on the front. The track list on the back is very useful to find relevant sections. This CD is a great idea for quick accessible advice for at home or in the car.   Very informative! The voice was clear and the information was easy to understand.  I listened to the whole CD and now feel more knowledgeable and able to cope with an emergency. It is useful to have a track list so you can skip to the relevant information to refresh your knowledge. Loved the wide variety of situations it covered.    I think I would have to listen to this every month or two to refresh my memory but I suppose it depends on the individual.  For £7.99 I think the quality of the product is good. Definitely! Value for money as I think the CD is worth £7.99. It is something to keep for ever as most of the information applies to adults too.  Although the audio information is clear, I feel it would be useful to have an accompanying DVD. This would allow people to see the procedure when watching initially but listen to the CD for quick access information in an emergency. Would certainly purchase this product. This product is useful for parents but also for schools etc. and is value for money. An essential, easy access first aid CD for use in emergencies.  Elaine Russell – Baby Joshua 10 Months

Product Tested By Emma Johnson – Baby Joel 5 Months

Emma Awarded The Little Angels First Aid CD 3.5/5

I thought it looked good and was pleased it arrived as had thought about doing a first course. Had a look at the website but found it to be very basic?  Packaging was eye catching and looked good.  Quality of the CD looked good. Information on the CD was certainly informative as it did go into each procedure in depth was easy to follow. Certainly feel more informed now used this CD, but would still feel nervous if had to act quickly in a situation.  However this has definitely helped me.  Found the section on how to give CPR to a child under 1 year very informative. This is the sort of thing you would listen to again and again to refresh your knowledge.  A nice idea to have this on CD, but I personally feel it would be even more effective if produced as a DVD so you can visually see how to administer help.  Was informative and something worth having.  I feel it would be far more beneficial produced as a DVD as when listening to the CD you can loose concentration, when you have pictures to demonstrate it helps you so much more.   A good informative CD.  Emma Johnson – Baby Joel 5 Months

Product Tested By Naomi Hillier – Bethany Aged 1 Year 5 Months

Naomi Awarded The Little Angels First Aid CD 3/5

I initially thought it would be very useful for reference. The track list looks quite comprehensive – 94 areas of first aid advice.  The website is under development, so there isn’t much to look at and I could not see any other products.  The packaging is ok. All the information was clearly explained and was spoken at a good pace and easy to understand/follow – however I’m not sure it would be so helpful if I was listening to it in a real emergency situation.  Also, I do not feel confident performing any of the emergency procedures without a visual demonstration.  The CD is informative – some of the information contained on it is quite obvious, however I understand it has been created for people with all ranges of experience.  The CD contains a lot of information and I see its real value being for reference in the event of a non-emergency health concern.  Personally I do not feel that you are able to listen and recall all the information or locate the relevant section in an emergency.  I would listen to the CD again for reference, as and when required.  As mentioned earlier a purely audio first aid product has some inherent weaknesses.  However, I think that the product has been made to a good quality and would not be disappointed if I wanted a First Aid CD.  At £7.99 it seems fairly expensive considering its limitations. I personally feel this would be a superb product if produced as a visual aid and made available in DVD format so it contains some visual demonstrations.  I think the product is too limited and would look for other forms of first aid reference such as a book or DVD.  Overall a good quality product with good explanations.  Naomi Hillier – Bethany Aged 1 Year 5 Months



An essential, easy access first aid CD for use in emergencies.


Elaine Awarded The Little Angels First Aid CD 4/5

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