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Little Baby Wrap Without a Knot By Love Radius

Simple, quick, lightweight baby carrier. Meant for when you need to carry baby in your arms for a short period of time.New knitted fabric developed by JPMBB to provide high comfort and free movements.The small cushion/pad (optional) protects baby and the carrier from the rings.2 positions, from the first weeks until the walk. It’s never too late !Reversible, 2 colours with only one ring sling. Unisexe, one size (XXL if >110kg). To carry baby on the left and on the right shoulder.Oeko-Tex 100 Certified. Produced in Europe.

Bizziebaby GOLD Award Winner 2019 Sling Category

€65.00 Available to purchase online

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Little Baby Wrap Without a Knot By Love Radius Reviews

Product Tested By Dan Hughes – Noah 9 Weeks

Dan Awarded The Ring Sling – Little Wrap without a knot 5/5

A High Quality product, fabric felt soft and logo and branding gives the impression of a high quality product. I liked the simplicity of the product and the material choice (better than the plastic equivalents on some brands). The soft structure makes it not too intrusive like other carriers and we found it perfect for carrying our little one around the house. It was hard at first to work out the way to use the sling, the graphics helped, but effectively it took a few attempts and we certainly found that we needed two people to get things in the right place. After the initial jiggling, the product became a lot more intuitive to use. Once familiar with the product it was simple to put on and adjust, and easy to adjust to be used by myself or my wife. Our son looked very snug and happily fell asleep when tucked up. I liked the lack of structure and clips / rigidity that our previous carrier has, it was simple to wrap around a bigger coat when cold.Once the baby was settled the carrier kept its position without needing to be re tightened. So easy to use with hands free. Our other boys were too big for the carrier. The lack of bulk made you quickly feel that it wasn’t really being worn.We used this mainly around the house and walking around the garden. My wife used it and it quickly became her preferred product rather than our Stokke. We didn’t wash it, but it has clear care instructions. An excellent product that I feel would happily have the durability to be used with several children. Comparable with equivalent products, but to the upper end. I liked the colour range and felt that the colours were perfectly appropriate for use by both sexes. If I needed to buy a soft carrier, this would definitely be one that I would consider. I would happily recommend this. We were both very impressed with all elements of it. Really happy with the product, it quickly became the sling that we would use over our previous model. I liked the material, both its texture and colour. Overall a really nice product. Dan Hughes – Noah 9 Weeks

Product Tested By Areej Yasser – Ilya 6 Months

Areej Awarded The Ring Sling – Little Wrap without a knot 4.7/5

I was impressed with the packaging and quality of the product. Genius! It is so much easier to use than the slings you wrap up yourself. Instructions very simple to read and with pictures to make instructions easier to understand. I found this very easy to put on. My 6 month old was very comfortable. Slept very well in it too! I found it comfortable at first, but after a few hours as I have problems with my lower back it can strain a bit. My favourite position was carrying my son on the side. I was able to get on with cleaning and breastfeeding him at the same time! Unfortunately I have not had the chance to try it with my almost 3 year old as she resists any kind of carrying! Its super lightweight so I didn’t have the extra weight I would get when using my ergo baby carrier, also felt less restricted when moving around. I mainly used it at home for daily use when I need to clean or prepare meals. It’s a lot quicker and easier to put on than my structured carrier. So less crying from my baby! No I did not give my partner chance to use too. Very easy to clean I put it in a mesh laundry bag and just used it in the washing machine. Amazing quality, very sturdy material, very well made. For someone who would like to buy a sling it’s very affordable. I liked that my son was comfortable and it was easy to breastfeed. I would buy this sling. It’s easy to use and comfortable. And most important my son is happy! I would recommend this product. Quality is very good and affordable. It is pretty much perfect for me; the only minor thing is that for long use it can strain my lower back. (Back to the gym for me to strengthen my lower back). Areej Yasser – Ilya 6 Months

Product Tested By Siobhra Cran – Sionnach 13 Months

Siobhra Awarded The Ring Sling – Little Wrap without a knot 4.8/5

I’m a very keen baby wearer so was delighted when this arrived and was very excited to open it up. I was really impressed by the overall quality of the wrap, the fabric was super soft and the colours were great. I predicted that it was going to be very comfortable for both me and my son and felt confident trying it out immediately. This is such a convenient sling to have – baby slips in and out really easily and it’s comfortable for both of us. I’ve got quite a few structured baby carriers and in comparison, this is so straightforward; no buckles, no straps, just pop it on and adjust with a few pulls. I must say, I’m not sure how good a job I would have done putting the sling on without the instructions! They were absolutely necessary for the first couple of wears and thankfully they were really easy to follow. Having the pictures to go alongside the instructions made life so much easier. They had instructions for different ways to wear baby and each was as simple to follow as the next. Overall, the quality of the photos was clear and the instructions were fantastic. My only concern is that should I lose the instructions, I would feel less able to try out the different positions; however, the instructional videos by love radius on YouTube would be enough to sort that problem out! Once I had consulted the instructions and tried the sling out a few times, I felt confident putting it on quite easily. The most difficult part was ensuring the fabric in the ring was not bunched up so that it was easy to pull, but once I had identified this as a problem, I was able to ensure it didn’t happen in future attempts. I would say that this sling requires a few tries to familiarise yourself with putting it on, but once over that hurdle, it’s so easy to get baby in and out.This is a definite yes from me. My baby has been going through a very clingy stage recently and he more than happily sat in the sling for extended periods of time with no complaint. When taking him out of the sling, he was happy and was always happy to see that he was going to be put in to it. Initially, I think I had placed the ring in the wrong spot on my chest so it dug in a little bit but upon trying out a few different positions, I was able to find what was right for me and from then on, it was very comfortable. I was able to carry my baby in the sling for an hour at least at a time, sometimes more, and there were no complaints from either of us! I primarily went for a side carry as my boy is a bit bigger now and was able to move from one side to the next to keep myself from straining one side. My son is 13 months old and was mainly carried in the side carry, so although I was hands free, I wasn’t able to use the hand beside him very easily and quite often ended up using it to cradle him in the sling. Having been a baby wearer from the newborn stage, I feel very confident in saying that this sling would allow me to be completely hands free with a smaller baby. My son is 13 months old and is walking. He still very much enjoyed being in the sling and it worked very efficiently with him. He is used to being carried in a sling so perhaps this had something to do with it, but I intend to continue using this sling until he reaches the upper weight limit. This was a really handy sling to pop in the changing bag to have to hand when out and about without adding too much extra weight. I used it when making quick trips to the shop or out and about and it was really useful. As for the free movement, it certainly made both me and my son happy to be able to get things done when out and about. I had the security of knowing he was safe and happy (otherwise he would have wanted to be wandering around on his feet, making my life a whole lot more complicated!) and he was happy being close to me. It gave me a nice chance to speak with him and tell him what I was doing/what I was looking at etc., exposing him to language and engaging him in things that I was doing.As my son was going through a very clingy stage, I used this a lot around the house; it meant that my son was happy and close to me and gave me the chance to still get things done. I was able to get washing up, cleaning and basic house chores done with ease, which was absolutely fantastic. That said I also used the sling when nipping to the shops or walking over to Granny and Grandad’s house so it got a lot of use both inside and outside. My partner found the sling quite difficult to use and gave up quite easily with using it. He tried a couple of times but couldn’t find a comfortable spot for the rings to sit so didn’t use it much after that to be honest.I was a bit put off by the fact that this was a hand wash only item, or so the care label led me to believe with the ‘hand dry wash’ instruction. Had I been using this when my son was newborn, I have no doubt that it would have been covered in spit up so not being able to put it in the washing machine would be a big negative for me. Despite this instruction, I had a go putting the sling in the washing machine on a low spin inside a pillow case and it turned out fine. I was a bit anxious about putting it in either a lights or darks wash (it was cream and black) but popped it in to a coloured wash with a colour catcher and it came out perfectly. This is undoubtedly a high quality product. The fabric is super soft and it feels really secure when carrying a baby. The stitching is neat and shows no unsightly overlaps. After carrying my son for sustained periods of time, the fabric wasn’t stretched out as I had anticipated and it kept its elasticity really well. There are quite a few slings of a similar style on the market but I still think this is good value due to its high quality, high comfort levels for both wearer and baby and general convenience.The thing I liked most about this sling was the convenience of popping it on and off without having to battle with buckles and straps. It took seconds to get on and get baby in to a comfortable position and was easy to carry around in the changing bag as it was so light. I found it so handy when nipping to the shop and when doing cleaning around the house and really enjoyed being able to keep my baby close to me.I have already looked in to the other colours that this sling is available in but as my son is reaching the upper limit of the weight restriction, I resisted buying another. I really like the way it comes in different colours; it definitely appeals to my sling-buying problem. I would recommend without hesitation. Perhaps more so to friends and family who are pregnant or have young babies so that they can get used to it from an early age and make the most of using it. I would be reluctant to recommend it to friends whose babies are perhaps older than 6 months as they will not get as much wear out of it as would justify the price. Being a big fan of slings, I have tried out quite a few different ones and rate this one really quite highly only list for the following reasons: It can be used when dressed up and dressed down. It comes in lots of lovely colours. It is really comfortable for both carrier and baby. It is really easy to get on and off. Its label is discreet. It is good value for money if bought for use from the newborn stage. It can be used from newborn without any extra inserts. You can breastfeed in it. The only thing I would change is the hand wash only, as I don’t feel this is practical with a baby. Overall, I really enjoyed using the sling and intend to continue using for the next couple of months while I can. Once the initial ‘how does this work?’ couple of attempts at trying it on were over, it became a really easy sling to use and really handy to carry around. It was great for discreet breastfeeding when I needed it and my son really enjoyed being in it. I really liked the colours and found it really easy to shuffle my baby from one side to the other when using it. Siobhra Cran – Sionnach 13 Months


Dan Awarded The Ring Sling – Little Wrap without a knot 5/5

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