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Little Bag of BooBoos

Something for your travels. This stylish starter kit has everything you need to care for baby. The perfect baby bag to pack in your hospital bag, changing bag or handbag. ideal for your travels and just perfect to take on holiday. Comes complete in it’s own gingham carry bag and has that little extra something a baby rattle. Includes minature versions of Top-to-toe wash, baby bubbles, baby lotion and bottom butter. Ideal for your travels and makes the perfect gift.


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Little Bag of BooBoos Reviews

Product Tested by: Karen Wright - Baby Thomas 5 Months

Product Tested By Karen Wright – Baby Thomas 5 Months

Karen Awarded The Little Bag of Boo Boos 5/5

Loved it – cute packaging and the name would entice me as I call my little one "my little boo".  A perfect small little gift bag full of goodies for your baby.  We loved the smell of all the products and just made me want to cuddle cuddle my baby even more because he smelt so lovely.  My favourite product is the kind and creamy baby lotion as smells absolutely gorgeous.  Will certainly purchase more and just click onto the Boo Boo website to see whole variety of Boo Boo products on offer.  The products are high quality and Thomas did not suffer from any skin reactions while using these items.  This little pack also came with a Fair Trade rattle which Thomas loved (he also thinks he can eat it!!).  The Bottom butter is very good and goes on smoothly.  You only need to use a small amount each time so even larger pot would last.  The splashy Bubbles are lovely and we both loved this item when bathing.  We washed Thomas’s haireand body with the Top to Toe Wash and did a great job, left his skin smooth and soft and he smelt gorgeous.  All of these products are natural and very gentle on babies skin.  Quality of products superb and presentation great.  An ideal gift and perfect for when travelling with baby as you have all you need in one perfectly sized travel case.  Just Love it.  Karen Wright – Baby Thomas 5 Months


Product Tested By Nadia Springthorpe – Baby Theo 11 Months

Nadia Awarded The Little Bag of Boo Boos 3.6/5

Ideal gift for new baby and mum, useful and perfect for travelling.  This arrives in a nicely decorated clear zip bag, so you can see items enclosed.  The bag is easy to wipe clean.  Loved the size as ideal sample trial to ensure your babys skin is ok with the products before you purchase full sized items.  We used all the products.  The Bubble bath was great and made loads of bubbles and used by all of our 3 children. The creamy lotion smells nice, not too powerful and left skin feeling smooth and soft but took a while to rub in completely.  Bottom butter nice and thick so left a good coating on bottom but did not seem to improve any redness at all.  Smelt good though.  Fab bubbles, all three children loved this.  They lathered well and lasted and smelt gorgeous.  My favourite product from the set and would have be used again if my sons exzema did not react to even mildly perfumed products.  Top-to-toe Wash good, lathers nicely and washes well. I also liked the baby lotion and must admit I used this item as good moisturiser.  I believe all the products are of good quality and a lot of thought has gone into the desig of these using more natural extracts to avoid the nasty chemicals, this was evident as the products smelt natural and not too full of perfume.  I think it would make a nice gift but perhaps a little pricey for everyday use.  The labelling is well designed, informative and not too fancy.  What you need to know is there.  The zip bag is perfect and can be used for many other items.  My children have supersensitive skin and bad eczema at times so we have to be very careful choosing products and especially perfumed items.  Unfortunately one of the products did irritate one of my sons excema.  Within the Little bag of boo Boos you also receive a little rattle which is so cute.  It was instantly loved by my little one as he loves toys that he can shake and was a perfect size for his little hads and easy to grasp.  A pleasure to trial these items to see the children’s faces light up at bubbles, nice smelling and natural, but not for us.  Would make ideal gift.  Nadia Springthorpe – baby Theo 11 Months.

An ideal gift and perfect for when travelling with baby as you have all you need in one perfectly sized travel case.  Just Love it.


Karen Awarded The Little Bag of Boo Boos An Amazing 5/5

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