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Little Comfort One-Size Bamboo Trial Pack,

Little Comfort One-Size Bamboo Trial Pack, (include: one nappy, one wrap, liners and information).  Fully adjustable both in terms of absorbency and size.

Price: €21.00/£18 (according to todays rate for the trial pack)
Age Suitability: 7 – 17lbs

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€21.00/£18 (according to todays rate for the trial pack) - Purchase online

Little Comfort One-Size Bamboo Trial Pack, Reviews

Product Tested by: Amy Gibbon – Millie 15 Months

Product Tested By Amy Gibbon – Millie 15 Months

Amy Awarded The Little Comfort Washable Nappies 4.3/5

I was impressed with the softness of the product and the presentation of the packaging. I think they are less convenient. If I was a SAHM I would have more time to do the washing etc. required but I found it difficult to combine them with nursery. On the days I was at home I found them AS convenient as disposables. Due to washing the nappies purely with Milton and no softeners I found that they did lose some of the softness but was still impressed with the feel of them and how flexible they were.  The waterproof cover felt a bit cheap and got a sticky feeling when wet from urine. Only sent one so hard to give it a thorough trial with just one.  A little bulky as my baby is very active. It did seem to push her legs out a little.  Was snug fit when I folded over the pads inside so I’m not sure how much longer it could fit her well for?  Very impressed with the absorbency of these nappies. They kept my daughter perfectly dry and nappy rash free. Even when they were at maximum absorbency, my daughter remained dry. I used the extra pad and folded over as instructed. My daughter is a heavy wetter in the morning so I felt happier using disposables at night as a couple of nights the Little Comfort Nappies were full to bursting by morning.  Generally very happy with the reliability. As a first time reusable nappy user I was concerned about using them but after a day or so felt happy to take my daughter out to groups etc. with these nappies on.  So far they have washed well – no wear to the Velcro or anything. After watching the video on the Little Comfort website I found it easy to use them. I didn’t find the instructions that came with them easy to follow at all!  Arrived ready to go after washing. Nothing to put together.  Very easy to launder. Just saved them in a bucket then washed them with some solution to get them clean. Once washed looked as good as new.  I put the disposable parts into a nappy bag with the used wipes instead of flushing. As easy as changing a disposable. Incredibly important to me items use are eco friendly. Not so much the disposable liners but I know you can also purchase reusable ones as well which would make it even better. Very good value for money.   I would definitely think about getting more of the nappies and covers so that I could continue. They are very simple to use and reliable.  Would recommend due to the environmental factors and how easy they are to use.  Wasn’t keen on the quality of the outer cover but except for that I found these nappies excellent in terms of my child’s comfort and ease of use.  I was delighted to try these nappies. I had never used reusable nappies before and was nervous about the washing and storing soiled nappies. I actually found that these were no more fuss and mess than disposable nappies. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Little Comfort nappies in future as I have seen that they are good quality, wash well and are comfortable.  Amy Gibbon – Millie 15 Months

Product Tested By Claire Bell – Ava 4 Months

Claire Awarded The Little Comfort Washable Nappies 3.2/5

I found reusable’s hard work to keep up with.  Texture was comfortable to touch but my baby got very hot in these on hotter days, the nappies were thick and some of her clothes did not fit as well with these nappies on with them being so big. Texture was fine of the cover and still comfortable. The fitting of the nappy looked comfortable however my baby got very hot in this nappy as we trialed them in summer.  A lot of extra work for the parents which I could have spent that time with my baby, she rarely sleeps during the day so I found it hard to organise myself with these nappies.  As soon as my baby had wet the nappy she cried for this to be changed.  Impossible to sleep all night in this nappy, the insert needed changing after every wee.  The nappy stays on fine but as the nappy needed changing after every wee it was not convenient or reliable.  Easy to put on as poppers fit for babies size and every part sticks together.  All parts with poppers and very easy to assemble.   Needed laundering a few times before use to get rid of the smell of them, they are hard to dry as cannot be tumble dried and are very thick so they need to be out on line for a long time.  Very easy to dispose the liners as they are flushable.  It is important to me that products are environmentally friendly.  This  product is environmentally friendly as you dispose less (just liners instead of full disposable nappy), You do have a lot more washing however but they still work out more environmentally friendly then the disposables I was using.  Good value for money as a lot cheaper than disposables and nappy grows with baby for a certain length of time.  It put a lot more work onto me in regards to washing and my baby time is too precious as I have other children. My baby was unhappy with the heat of these and became irritated.  I would recommend it if  was someone who had tried reusable nappies and knows the work load and their baby is happy in them already as apart from this they are a good design and fit.  This is the first time I have used reusable nappies, I am impressed with the design and fit, however my baby did not like the heat of these nappies and cried as soon as she had wet the nappy, she is already used to dry disposable nappies, the extra work for them was too much for myself as have a big wash load already with other children.  Claire Bell – Ava 4 Months

Product Tested By Pauline Wilson – Granddaughter Ellie 9 Months

Pauline Awarded The Little Comfort Washable Nappies 4.7/5

As a grandmother I bought my children up using re-usable nappies and now I am caring for Ellie was looking forward to trying these out.  Arrived well packaged and felt soft to the touch.  As a Gran always washing so just took this in my stride and all became part of my daily routine (just like the old days although hand washed then!!).  These are easy and convenient to use.  A good fit for Ellie and she never complained and looked comfortable enough.  A bit bulky under clothes but aren’t most re-usables. The waterproof cover was effective.  I would use these in during the day as my daughter uses eco disposables at night.  We never had any problems and no leaks so happy with the results.  The disposable parts can be flushed or just pop in nappy bag and then in the bin.  These are very good value for money and effective.  Have suggested my daughter purchase these to use at home.  Also recommended to some of my friends with new grandchildren on the way.  I have always been a fan of re-usable nappies so these have my vote and easy to use and launder.  Pauline Wilson – Granddaughter Ellie 9 Months.   

I wouldn’t hesitate to use Little Comfort nappies in future as I have seen that they are good quality, wash well and are comfortable.


Amy Awarded The Little Comfort Washable Nappies 4.3/5

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