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Little Friends Happy Birthday

Little Friends Happy Birthday
Range: Little Friends
New for January 2014Little Puppy is excited – it’s his birthday, and all the Little Friends are coming to his party! An illustrated board book filled with all the things that make a birthday so special – bunting and party hats, cake and presents, friends to celebrate with With different textures to explore, as well as a big birthday surprise flap to lift on the final page
180mm x 180mm x 17mm 
Board book, casebound, tactiles, flap 
10 pp 
0.2750 kgs       

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Little Friends Happy Birthday Reviews

Product Tested by: Sophie Young – Zachary 21 Months

Product Tested By Sophie
Young – Zachary 21 Months

Sophie Awarded The Little Friends Happy Birthday Book 3.5/5

I thought it looked attractive and interesting but maybe
slightly aimed at girls rather than boys as the colours were quite pastel. The
quality was nice. It felt like it would last well even with regular use. My son
wasn’t very interested in it I’m afraid! He took a quick look and I showed him
all the pages but he seemed quite disinterested. I thought the illustrations
were very sweet but my baby didn’t seem interested. He didn’t really have
interest in playing with it. I thought it was attractive but maybe a bit too
calm for my son. I think it needed more then what it offered in terms of
‘things to do’ and touch and feel. I think it was priced ok for what it was. I
wouldn’t personally but this just because my son was not interested in it and
he would normally be with a new toy or book. I would recommend it to others; just
because my son didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t not recommend it. I think it was
nicely illustrated and written but just not right for my son; perhaps his age or
just in general as he is into much bolder coloured books. I personally thought
the book was quite sweet however my son didn’t seem too interested in it. I
think maybe he is slightly too old for it and perhaps would have preferred
something with stronger and bolder colours. The price seemed reasonable for
what it was though and I wouldn’t not recommend it based on my sons experience;
I think maybe I would just try it when he was younger. Sophie Young – Zachary
21 Months

Product Tested By Caroline
Deacon – Evangeline 14 Months

Caroline Awarded The Little Friends Happy Birthday Book

This looked like a very sweet little book, unusual to be in
pastel colours as many books for young children use primary/bright colours. The
quality was very good. My daughter’s not overly inspired, some of the ‘textures’
are not very well raised off the page. She loved the hat with 3 ribbons though.
The illustrations were very sweet too. My daughter enjoyed this book when it
was new. Now she’s used to it and she spends much more time with lift the flap
books and those with better textures. It’s a lovely little book with a cute
story but the colours and textures are not bright enough/‘feely’ enough to
engage small children for any length of time. Caroline Deacon – Evangeline 14

Product Tested By Emma
Mannering – Logan 20 Months

Emma Awarded The Little Friends Happy Birthday Book 3.7/5

I thought the colours were quite bland. The quality was
really good though; it seemed quite sturdy. My son did pick this book up to
look at; I was surprised, he did look at it a couple of times after reading it,
but I have left it in a prominent place for him to go to but he hasn’t since. The
illustrations were good, but he was more interested in the touch and feel
parts. He did enjoy the book initially. It was stimulating on the 5 pages that
had touch/feel parts, but I myself thought they were quite basic. The first page was three small ribbons, which
my son liked but once he’d touched them, he moved on. The second page was more
interesting with some bumpy cardboard, the third was some silk in two colours,
again, not particularly bright or different to touch, the next page had
metallic colour musical notes, again not overly stimulating and the last was a
flap to look behind. I myself wasn’t enthused by the colours or thought put in
to the touch/feel stimulating parts.
However, my son did seem to enjoy it. For the size and robustness, I
would say it was priced appropriately. I wouldn’t consider buying it. I know
there are brighter, more stimulating books to be bought. Overall I found the
stimulating/hand eye coordination pages quite basic and unimaginative, and the
colours bland. Emma Mannering – Logan 20 Months







I personally thought the book was quite sweet.             


Sophie Awarded The Little Friends Happy Birthday Book 3.5/5    

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