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Little Grippers Boys Short School Socks

Our School Socks are designed to Stay Up!  Gone are the days of schoolboys constantly pulling their school socks up or looking scruffy.  Our socks are made with a cotton rich content and a small amount of stretch for comfort and fit. Our unique natural, hypoallergenic Stay On Technology is applied by robots inside the top of the socks to help them stay up.  Each sock has its size clearly knitted on the sole for easy pairing and its own little secret, our trendy Gecko hidden under the foot. Available in Black and Grey Marl Black Socks 74% Cotton, 24% Polyamide, 2% Elastane Grey Marl Socks 47% Cotton, 29% Polyester, 23% Polyamide, 1%  Elastane

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now sold in 5 pair packs for £16. Available on-line only from Little Grippers website and Amazon

Little Grippers Boys Short School Socks Reviews

Product Tested by: Susan Mullen – Reece 3 Years


Product Tested
By Susan Mullen – Reece 3 Years

Awarded The Little Grippers Boys Short School socks 4.5/5

Good quality, but a bit boring to look
at! Was initially concerned about the
non slip strip at the top – looked sticky.
The packaging was plain – nothing that would grab a child’s attention
but that might be a good thing! Lovely material
– not too thick but not thin either. No
bobbling after numerous washes and tumble dries. We were given the 9 – 12 size, and my son is
a 9.  Slightly too large for him just
now, but they stayed upright due to the non slip strip.  After his initial reluctance to wear
them (my son can have sensory issues when it comes to his feet), he was happy
enough to wear them, and we had no issues with them falling down or leaving red
marks on his skin. I have older children
who wear plain black school socks and, with these socks being plain black also,
it would have been easy to confuse them with my other son’s school socks, but with the motif and size on the bottom I could easily find these and knew they were Reece’s socks.  Great texture and material. No bobbling.
If you have children who seem to “rot” socks at an alarming
rate! I’d be reluctant to pay £4 for one
pair of socks, had I not already tried these.
Well worth the money, just a bit boring to look at (the pair I was sent
anyway). I don’t know if other
designs/colours are available but that’s the only “flaw” I can see. Without a doubt, I would buy these
again! Especially for my younger
daughter who makes it her life’s mission to pull off any socks she has on. I would recommend – they’re very hard wearing
and seem comfortable. You may be able to
get cheaper socks in stores but, in my experience, they start to bobble and
disintegrate after a few washes. These
socks haven’t. They may be
“just” a pair of socks, but they’ve made my morning ritual easier as
my son can put them on and they stay on! Susan Mullen – Reece 3 years

Product Tested By Becci Symons –
Thomas 5 Years

Becci Awarded The Little Grippers Boys
Short School socks 4.3/5

like a good quality pair of socks and come in classic colours so useful for
school. Arrived well packaged ideal for
socks. Made of very good quality
material. Size supplied was ideal for my
son. My son said they were comfortable
and stayed up. Very useful to have size
knitted on the bottom – especially as we have 3 lots of male socks in our
household – this helped me to know who the socks belonged to. The quality of
these socks is very good. Little more
expensive than multi pack socks. The
design is good and they stay up too. I
would buy more and I would certainly recommend.
A good product which will last well and just goes that little bit
further than your average pair of socks with embroidered size details and hold
me up tape. Becci Symons – Thomas 5

Product Tested ByAnna Helm – Benjamin
7 Years

Anna Awarded The
Little Grippers Boys Short School Socks 5/5

A pair of socks with
a difference can’t wait to try them. Lovely well designed packaging, with nice
easy to read and informative text. Very soft, black and stretchy….just what I
look for in a Childs sock. Perfect fitting. My son loved them & they also
stayed up, a job very well done!! I have five men in our house so it was a
massive, massive help. They are fabulous, they kept their colour well after
washing, although the ‘sticky’ rim around the top of the sock did seem
initially miss-shaped after washing BUT as soon as they were folded away and
then worn again, the shape and hold came back to normal. £4 is a little
overpriced. I would look out for these being on offer, as buying so many socks
for so many sons, could easily add up. Different colour options would be great
(I’m not sure if that is already an option??). White socks & sports socks
for kids would be great!! If and when on offer I would definitely look to buy
some more for my other sons. Definitely would recommend as they do what the
packaging says and are a great pair of socks for any child. Socks with a
purpose that work and keep extremely well! Anna Helm – Benjamin 7years



They may be “just” a pair of socks, but they’ve made my morning ritual easier as my son can put them on and they stay on!


Susan Awarded The Little Grippers Boys Short School socks 4.5/5

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