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Little Helper FunPod Highchair

The FunPod HighChair is a fantastic new 5 in 1 product that has evolved from the multi award-winning FunPod. The FunPod HighChair can be used when baby starts to wean and can be used as both a high chair and a low chair with tray. Taking away the tray is really easy (allen key included) and it gives you the extra benefits of a trayless highchair and low everyday chair. When baby becomes a toddler the quick release screws allow speedy transformation back into our original FunPod safety device for use at kitchen worktops for up to 5 years. The award-winning FunPod can be used between the ages of 1*-6 and provides a safe environment to get your toddlers up to the worktop on their own safely constructed platform to help, interact, learn and play. Get them involved and see how much they love it!
*Toddler must be able to stand unaided to use the FunPod® safely.

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Little Helper FunPod Highchair Reviews

Product Tested by: Joanna Wilkinson – Heidi 26 Months

Product Tested By Joanna Wilkinson – Heidi 26 Months

Joanna Awarded the FunPod Highchair 5/5

Very impressed, this is a sturdy easy to use product with the ability to adapt with my daughters age and capabilities. The packaging was very standard and didn’t really show enough pictures of the item and the different ways it can be used. It did arrive safe and intact though without damage. The instructions were clear, I didn’t have any problems with following them although some of the pictures were not as clear as I would like. The wood was strong and sturdy, it all looked very clean and neat, I was impressed with the quality. I am not usually good at assembly but this product was fine. My daughter loved to stand and help me cook in the kitchen. We baked; she helped stir things with supervision on the hob and also enjoyed washing up when using the FunPod. My daughter loves her fun pod and uses it every day. We use it every day for at least 20 minutes, usually when I prepare breakfast/lunch /dinner and she can help. Far safe than the usual standing on a chair procedure we have adopted in the past, she can’t fall or wobble in here!  A brilliant safe place for my daughter, as invaluable as the stair gate! Joanna Wilkinson – Heidi 26 Months

Product Tested By Heidi Birdi – Priya 9 Months

Heidi Awarded the FunPod Highchair 4.3/5

Looks lovely, it’s compact, well packaged and comes with easy to follow instructions. The FunPod is great quality and is a very high standard product. We used this as a highchair and also for activities in the kitchen and messy painting and drawing. Priya seems happy and comfortable; our older child loves to stand in it to help cook or watch too so it’s great for activities. This gets used about 4 to 5 times a day, the entertainment value is fantastic but the safety benefits could be better. The straps did not fit my 2.5 year old and barely fit my 9 month old even when adjusted to the maximum length. But I still think this is good value for money because it’s a lovely product! Heidi Birdi – Priya 9 Months

Product Tested By Gareth Jones – Kiara 1 Year

Gareth Awarded the FunPod Highchair 3.6/5

Prior to receiving the product, it seemed like an excellent way of combining two products; one which we had already and one that we didn’t. The instructions were good, but some of the pieces were similar and difficult to tell apart in the drawings. The FunPod is made of good quality materials, but it’s very heavy to move around a lot. The FunPod is useful for reaching the kitchen worktops safely and for eating in. During testing the FunPod was used for approximately an hour a day. The safety benefit for worktop access is excellent, but for use as a highchair the safety straps were far too small even for 12 month old, so couldn’t be used which was a shame.  If the FunPod could be more easily converted between functions, then it would represent value for money, but it requires a screwdriver to convert and you need space around the house to store the pieces not in use, so with its current design. It does not offer value for money for us. If you have space for extra furniture, buy the cheaper FunPod that doesn’t convert into a highchair and buy a separate highchair. The kids like the FunPod, but unfortunately, we feel it could have been better. Gareth Jones – Kiara 1 Year

A brilliant safe place for my daughter, as invaluable as the stair gate!


Joanna Awarded the FunPod Highchair 5/5 Top Marks!

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