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Little Lamb Re-usable Nappies

The ultimate fast drying shaped nappy kit, ideal when drying space and time is a premium.
Velcro fastening shaped nappies with the Littlelamb cross-over tab that ensures a perfect fit every time.

Easy to use, easy to wash, easy to dry and easy to buy.

This microfibre nappy is a great to test the fantastic fit and amazing absorbency of our shaped nappies and comes complete with a booster (loose in size 1’s and sewn into size 2’s) and a washable liner.

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£12.00 per nappy Available to purchase online

Little Lamb Re-usable Nappies Reviews

Tested By
Amy Billington – Ralph 11 Months

Awarded the Little Lamb Reusable Nappies 5/5

I hadn’t
tried reusables before, purely because of the washing and waiting for them to
dry. Using disposables is much more reliable for me, especially when out and
about. When I first inspected the Little Lamb nappies, I thought they looked
nice. The size was a good enough fit, though they were a bit bulky under
clothes. The texture of the nappy and the insert is so soft, it just has to be
comfortable! And Ralph seems happy enough in them too. We used these for the
whole four weeks and only had a few leaks during the night, but none in the
daytime which I was very impressed with. They are very reliable and I feel
confident using them outside the house but not for a whole day, just incase! These
are very easy to put on baby and it makes me feel good knowing that I am doing
my bit for the environment too. Washing them isn’t that much of a hassle,
providing you have enough on standby whilst they are drying. The Bamboo nappies
seem to take quite a while to dry whereas the Microfiber are great and do not
take long at all. Overall, I did really enjoy using these and I think we will
buy more and do away with the disposables! I feel a bit guilty for not trying
them because of the washing but now I feel totally converted! These are
wonderful, and in the long term they are great value. Amy Billington – Ralph 11 Months

Tested By
Caroline Fletcher – Bobby 12 Months

Awarded the Little Lamb Reusable Nappies 4/5

I have
tried re-usable nappies before but found that they didn’t hold as much as
disposables so I was wary of trying these. However, I was impressed with the
quality and softness of the nappy and the insert. The outside texture is also
very nice and Bobby seemed to like wearing them. They were a very nice fit and
there was enough room to move but not too much for leaks. I did find using
these a bit less convenient than disposables, but purely because of the
washing. If I had enough nappies to use throughout the day without waiting for
them to be washed and dried then In the long run it would be great value. Under
clothes the nappy was bulkier than the usual ones we use but it did seem to
hold fluid very well, especially during the night. Bobby had no nappy rash
whilst using these and they looked very cute and comfy on him. I really did
like these nappies and I will think about buying more so it will be beneficial
in long term use. Caroline Fletcher –
Bobby 12 Months

Tested By
Glenda Beard – Jonathon 11 Months

Awarded the Little Lamb Reusable Nappies 3.5/5

is a Good starter kit; good range of nappies to
decide cotton vs. bamboo vs. microfiber. They have the thoughtful addition of
tea tree oil and lovely fleece liners (although it would have been good to include
some disposable ones for people to try both as this might encourage people to
stick with it). I personally didn’t like the colour of the wraps. I personally
think that reusable nappies could never be more convenient unless you
were on a desert island… but if the positives of final cost/environmental/no
chemicals are what you are considering then it’s worth it. The texture of the
nappy and the insert is beautifully soft! The outside texture is soft for a
waterproof garment too, I can’t imagine it would irritate a child. Without clothes on or just
in a babygro he was fine but once I tried to put clothes on top (even 18-24m
trousers) he looked very squished and struggled to move. It fitted him fine, it
is great how the wraps can be made very snug by overlapping on the waist but it
was really very big for him to move in. I didn’t have any leaks (including at
night) and he didn’t get any nappy rash while wearing the nappies. Very
reliable, no leaks and I was confident leaving the house without a change of
clothes for him (which was a good job as he only had one pair of trousers he
could wear with them!) Very
straightforward to put on but only a 4 as liner/nappy/wrap was more hassle than
an all-in-one washable. The bamboo takes a VERY long time to dry and would mean you would
need a lot of nappies and lots of drying space while the microfiber are
amazing! I weighed up the pros and cons of washables and do feel it is good to
use them when possible but would never prioritise the environmental impact
above all else. The information which came with the
nappies was great, very detailed and helpful, a definite “plus” for this kit. I
particularly liked the “quick guide” as the back – ideal for a busy mum. Glenda Beard – Jonathon 11 Months


I feel a bit guilty for not trying them because of the washing but now
I feel totally converted!


Awarded the Little Lamb Reusable Nappies 5/5

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