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Little Life Animal Wheelie Duffle Travel Bag for Children

For 2012 we have created some Wheelie Duffle Bags to match the Ladybird and Turtle Animal Daysacks. The wheelie bags are made with high-density nylon fabric, high quality zips and a telescopic handle. Perfect for taking on a plane, the fun designs are also ideal for those overnight trips and are sure to be a hit with little adventurers everywhere.
Animal Wheelie Duffle Features
Extending HandleSoft Rubber WheelsEasy-grip handleFun animal print’Stay Put’ lid offering easy accessSpacious 20 litre compartmentInternal accessory pocket
Technical Specification
Weight: 1.4kgCapacity: 20 LitresDimensions: 35 x 25 x 42 cmSuitable for Ages: 3 – 7 years

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£40.00 and click online to find local stockist

Little Life Animal Wheelie Duffle Travel Bag for Children Reviews

Product Tested by: Fran May – Addison 3 Years 6 Months

Product Tested By Fran May – Addison 3 Years 6 Months

Fran Awarded The Little Life Animal Wheelies 4.5/5

Very cute and compact little suitcase. I’d be worried with today’s new airline measurements for hand luggage if it would be suitable. Lots of things fitted nicely into the bag nappies, clothes and toys and books so great for a weekend away, flight bag or travel bag. My daughter loved the bag and would actually spend some of the day playing pretend games with it from going on holiday to it being a giant tortoise. The bag was easy to use and pack but I found the external zip to pull out the handle quite tough and my daughter wasn’t able to do it by herself. The bags handle length was perfect for my little girl but she is very tall for her age when my little boy tried (2yr) he struggled a lot with it being too tall and it flipping over from front to back. But as I say my little girl had no problems other than trying to pull th ehandle out. The quality of the product is extremely high I found no problems or issues with it. I think if you travel a lot with children its fantastic as will fit all their stuff in including toys and they will be able to in essence carry it.  But I think if you just travel say once a year it’s a bit expensive. I would buy this for both my daughter and son as fits everything in beautifully without being cumbersome and awkward and allows them to be in charge of their stuff. I would also recommend as great travel case for your children. Excellent suitcase/travel bag for toddlers allowing you to pack everything they need and them the ability and responsibility to carry/pull it.  Fran May – Addison 3 Years 6 Months


Product Tested By Kerry Brown –Harvey 2 Years 4 Months

Kerry Awarded The Little Life Animal Wheelies 5/5

Looks great, is very light weight and has loads of room inside.  Perfect height handle settings for me and Harvey. Perfect for weekends away, and could hold 4 days’ worth of clothes and extra shoes. This was ideal for Clothes for staying round nannies house, toys (a digger, soft toys and some puzzles) to take round his friends and we took it to Asda and he bought and carried his own shopping (fruit, toys and clothes).  My son absolutely loved it and it came on almost every car journey with us carrying his spare clothes as he is potty training, and he loved taking it round the supermarkets. I thought it was very easy to pack and unpack. My son could pull it easily even when it was filled with clothes, the wheels move really easily and smoothly compared to others. It’s a great quality product and very sturdy and the outside material is thick and padded so it won’t rip open if it was to catch on something or gets accidentally dragged on the floor. It is a great product but I think it is a little ove rpriced; I couldn’t afford to buy it on my budget, perhaps if it was £10 cheaper?  So I am really pleased I got to review it. It is a great product and well worth the investment and I would recommend without hesitation. We have loved using this and had a really fun time with a great product. Kerry Brown – Harvey 2 Years 4 Months


Product Tested By Millicent Gee – Gillian 4 Years

MillicentAwarded The Lifemarque Little Life Animal Wheelies 4.9/5


Looks great size, good quality and great fun to use. I was very impressed as lots of room inside and light enough for Gillianto use. The handle height was just right for Gillian. This holds so much and Gillian felt very grown up having her very own travel bag.  We took this on holiday with us and has been used a lot for weekends away visiting relatives. Gillian just loves having her own case and takes it everywhere she can as just loves using it. We could pack clothes, toys, and all her bits and bobs without any problems. Certainly has a lot of space inside. Gillian adores this and shows all her friends. This is very easy to use. Easy to pack and unpack and Gillian would pack her own things as found it very easy to use herself. My Daughter found this easy to pull along. The quality is excellent and I can see this lasting for quite a few years. Also available in some great designs which is very appealing to children. We have used this extensively and still looks in good condition. I think the price is a little bit high but is certainly worth the investment as will last for years. Highly recommended by all of us. One we will be using for many years to come and then pass down to our youngest. A great little case for your toddler.  A brilliant design and the perfect travel bag for children and easy to use. Millicent Gee – Gillian 4 Years


Excellent suitcase/travel bag for toddlers allowing you to pack everything they need and them the ability and responsibility to carry/pull it.


 Fran Awarded The Little Life Animal Wheelies 4.5/5

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