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Little Life DriStore Kids Daysack

Children can take an orca, crocodile or dolphin swimming with these new and practical water-resistant daysacks. They have a spacious 5 litre main compartment to store kit and towels,, plus a secret coin pocket for after-swim snacks. These new bags are a must for trips to the pool or beach.
Water-resistant 5 litre main compartment – Adjustable shoulder straps with chest strap – Compatible with Daysack Rein – Secret coin pocket – Internal name and address label – Top grab handle


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Little Life DriStore Kids Daysack Reviews

Product Tested by: Emily Watson – Zoe 3 Years

Product Tested By Emily Watson – Zoe 3 Years

Emily Awarded The Little Life Dri-Store Daysack 4.5/5

This is such a cute little bag and my daughter loved it as soon as she saw it. The style is perfect for her to carry her things in and beable to carry it herself. My daughter put her favourite toys in hers. Zoe absolutely loved it and so did I. It is such a cute, funky design. We did take it swimming with us a few times and all her items fitted in perfectly. We always take the micro towels and these don’t take a lot of space up so was ideal to fit into this bag. We didn’t have any leaks from wet items afterwards either. The quality is excellent and we have had so many comments about it. As much as we all love this bag, I do think it is expensive. I would love to buy one for her cousin but would look at the price first. I would recommend it to others; we have already done so as so many people have asked where it is from. Overall it is a lovely bag that it so, so cute; my daughter loves it. Emily Watson – Zoe 3 Years


Product Tested By Renee Pardoe – Max 3 Years

Renee Awarded The Little Life Dri-Store Daysack 4.4/5

I thought this was very, very cute. The design is really lovely. Tapers to a young child’s back so nicely, hardly any weight to it. We put mostly toys in it. It is a great size for some cars and colouring activities and that’s about enough to carry. Max goes swimming every week and we used it for his swim things. He has a small towel so it was fine for us, but I can imagine if you had a bigger towel it may pose problems. Max absolutelyloved this bag! He even wears it around the house pretending to be superman??? This seemed fine for us and kept swimming things contained. We never had any spills or anything inside the bag. It was big enough for necessary items for the pool but could possibly be an issue for bigger items. The quality is excellent BUT I would not pay the RRP for it. I think it is too expensive for a backpack. But I’m sure some parents would get carried away with the cuteness of the product and pay the price. £15-£19 would be reasonable in my opinion. I would buy this as a gift but only if it was on an offer. I would recommend it; we have had so many comments about it when Max has taken it out, but I always follow with expensive! The price is the only negative point. If it was a little more reasonably priced I would have given it a 5/5. It is an adorable fun product though; especially for boys! Renee Pardoe – Max 3 Years

Product Tested By AminaTutton – Isabel 4 Years

Amina Awarded The Little Life Dri-Store Daysack 3.9/5

This is cute! It looks lovely and my daughter was thrilled to receive it! The style is excellent; a ruck sack is the best for small children and it looks great. We went out for the day and my daughter brought a snack and a drink in her bag. After that she started using it to take her plimsolls, drink and snack to her martial arts class. My daughter loved the bag and was keen to wear it and show people. However she didn’t wear it long term and I had to carry it. It is not big enough for a towel and a swimsuit and obviously not if you wanted to add in sun cream, drinks and snacks but then if you did this, there would be no way my daughter could carry it anyway. It carries everything she needs for her martial arts class. It is good quality and well made. I like the handle and hook at the top and the chest strap and adjustable arm straps. It also has a label inside to put child’s name on. It all seems to be made out of good quality materials and sewn together firmly. It is great quality but it is a very small bag that doesn’t fit huge amounts in; if it is meant to be used as a swimming bag then it is definitely too small as a towel and swimsuit would not fit in it.  It has no pockets and I think a child may well grow out of it quite quickly  (i.e. notwant a dolphin/it be too small to carry everything they need to in it).  So in my opinion £25 is a lot of money for a small rucksack for a child that won’t grow with them. I think at least one small zipped pocket would have been good as well. I would recommend it as it is lovely and great quality but I probably would temper this with a comment on the high cost of the product.  It is lovely, my daughter loves it and it is great quality. However it is a lot of money for a very small rucksack which won’t grow with your child. Amina Tutton – Isabel 4 Years


Overall it is a lovely bag that it so, socute; my daughter loves it.


Emily Awarded The Little Life Dri-Store Daysack 4.5/5

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