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Little Softy Fragrance Free Moisturiser

Little Softy Fragrance Free Moisturiser 200ml

For silky smooth skin use our fragrance-free, top-to-toe moisturiser. Suitable for newborns and upwards, our mildest, allergen-free formulation contains nourishing shea butter, coconut oil and avocado oil to help protect and hydrate young and sensitive skin.

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Little Softy Fragrance Free Moisturiser Reviews

Product Tested By Katie Loneragan – Jack & Harry 7 & 3 years

Katie Awarded The Little Softy Fragrance Free Moisturiser 5/5

I was very interested in trying this product. As a parent with a child with a food allergy all products send alarm bells ringing as his skin is so sensitive. I have avoided nearly all products for my children but as this product is specifically suitable and an extremely good price I was very keen to trial it. The bottle design is very good. Easy to open and easy to control how much to squeeze out.  The instructions are easy to follow (with a cute little bit of humour in too which has quickly become part of our daily routine!).  It is easy to use-just squeeze out the desired amount out and apply directly to the skin. Just what you need as a busy parent! In addition to its easy use, this product is fantastic because it is absorbed into the skin extremely quickly. It doesn’t leave any ‘greasy’ residue. This fact is probably the high light of the whole product for me. The children don’t mind having it put on as nothing noticeable is left on the skin, there is no transfer of the product to clothes or other things the children touch and there’s no need to go and wash your own hands after applying it-I just rub the excess into my own hands and arms and get on to the next job! The product is fragrance free which is perfect for small children. It smells a little ‘creamy’ only and is hardly noticeable once it’s on the skin. I am confident that this product is gentle enough for everyday use on baby’s and small children. My sensitive skinned child had no reaction and his skin has been noticeably less dry. After use, their skin feels very soft and smooth. As does my own skin!  Although the instructions state to apply twice daily I have only used the moisturiser once a day- but this is only due to personal preference for fitting it into our daily routine. The quality of this product is extremely good. It moisturises well and has not aggravated sensitive skin.  The price for the size of the bottle is extremely good value for money particularly compared to other hypoallergenic products available.  As I have said previously, for me, the lack of ‘greasy’ residue left behind is the star of this product. I love the fact that it does exactly what it says it’s going to do with no fuss! I will definitely buy this product again. I have already recommended this product to a family member and will continue to do so. This product gets a firm 5/5. It is a good moisturiser which leaves lovely soft skin. Overall, it is good value for money and suitable for the whole family. Quick and easy to use leaving lasting effects. Katie Loneragan – Jack & Harry 7 & 3 years

Product Tested By Sarah Carter – Ella 4 Years

Sarah Awarded The Little Softy Fragrance Free Moisturiser 5/5

The product looked very eye catching; the presentation on the tube it comes in is lovely, colourful, bright, inviting and fun looking and one that would definitely catch people’s eyes if they were buying creams and lotions. It was a nice big tube, plenty of cream. The design is great, it has all the information on the tube that’s needed to show customers what the cream is all about, that it’s fragrance free, good for Eczema sensitive prone skin, what it can be used for, the ingredients, the wording is lovely as well as the little coconut picture which is cute, it’s very colourful, has great fonts which looks fun an appealing, I love the individual circles with a description on each bit, it’s eye catching and has  great use of the all the different colours too. I like the inscriptions on the back of the tube which explains what it is used for and how to use the cream and what it’s free from, plus the bit where it says it’s suitable for newborns and that it’s hypoallergenic. The instructions are easy to read, easy to understand, easy to follow and the font is big enough to read clearly. Also I love the quirkiness of the bit where it says ‘give them a high-five and do a little jig’ that bit is so funny and children will love that as it’s got a fun and friendly appeal.  I was very happy with the instructions. The cream was very easy to use, the flip top cap made things easy, the cream doesn’t come out to quickly, and the hole is a reasonable size so that too much cream doesn’t come out.  It was easy to rub in, non greasy.  The lip secured nicely to keep the cream germ and dust free. The cream absorbed perfectly, no greasy residue, it blended in well, it didn’t feel sticky or cause any irritations, and it was a lovely smooth cream which worked in well to the skin but left a protective barrier on the skin which was smooth and soft. Due to this being fragrance free there was no aroma, but a slight cream like smell, but that’s great as there was no perfumes, chemicals or colours or anything harsh to harm delicate of sensitive skin. This cream has been very effective, my daughter Ella suffers from slight patches of eczema and dry skin and this cream has helped soothe her skin, clear up the dry patches and stopped her itching her eczema which has almost disappeared.  The cream is so delicate its suited Ella’s skin so much and has bought relief to her sore sensitive skin. I’m very impressed how this has helped.  The cream defiantly has made my child’s skin feel much softer and much smoother since she’s been applying it. It really is a lovely product and we will continue to use it to help keep her skin soft and smooth. We have used this cream every day since we had it, every morning and evening before bedtime, after bath time and top ups if needed. A little goes a long way and we still have a bit left to continue to use. This item is excellent quality and you can tell it has been made to the highest standards and made with a lot of thought and care.  It really is a wonderful item which I would most definitely continue to use. The fact it’s suitable for newborns too is excellent and shows it’s been well researched and tested. Good Bubble are doing an amazing job so far.  Most definitely good value, it isn’t too expensive and with the amazing results, I wouldn’t mind paying that much extra as it has done a great job in keeping my child’s skin smooth, soft, dryness free and helped with her eczema. The value for money is spot on.  I liked the design of the product it is lovely, friendly looking, and eye catching and colourful. Plus the added details and instructions which are easy to follow.  I loved how the cream has helped my daughter’s skin improve since we’ve used it, I love the flip lid and reasonable size hole, I like how it’s easy to use and that it blends into skin really well.  I like how it’s fragrance free, no harsh chemicals, colours or perfumes. I love how it’s presented and that it can be used for eczema.   I would buy this product because of the difference it’s made to my child’s skin and when you find a product that does that, it’s definitely worth purchasing more to keep up the good work its doing.  The cost isn’t high, plus you get a lot of cream and as I said previously a little goes a long way so you’re nothing using too much. Also because it’s fragrance free and that it has avocado and coconut oil.  It really is a wonderful product.      I love how it can be used on newborns and hydrates skin.  I would recommend this product yes, as this can be used by all the family and that it’s not costly, that it does what it says on the packaging and that its value for money, safe to use, that’s it’s suitable for newborns which is an added bonus, that it’s got no harsh chemicals or perfumes, that it hydrates skin and is hypoallergenic. This product deserves the 5/5 due to the amazing product that it is.  It has certainly lived up to its expectations and helped my child’s skin improve a lot.  It’s got an amazing fun and quirky design, it’s a company you can trust, it’s safe to use and free of anything that can cause irritations to such delicate skin, it’s great for dryness and eczema, it’s  got great instructions and value for money.  This has been a very successful experience using this wonderful product and it is highly recommended.  It truly is definitely one to purchase as it is a company you can trust.  Using this product every day will see better results, but it can be used whenever needed and it is a fantastic product for eczema and dry skin conditions, as well as an everyday moisturiser. It prevents dryness and has a lovely texture and consistency, one which absorbs well and doesn’t leave any greasy or sticky residue.  It is a high quality product and value for money.  I will continue to use this cream due to the amazing results and are so grateful that we got to experience reviewing the product. Thank you so much.  Sarah Carter – Ella 4 Years

Product Tested By Nikola Caswell – Emilia 2 Years

Nikola Awarded The Little Softy Fragrance Free Moisturiser 5/5

Attractive packaging and I like that it is in tube form. Good design, easy to tell it is for babies/young children. Easy and simple instructions to follow. As moisturisers go this was straight forward and easy to use. It is a lovely texture/consistency and soaked in very well. Although fragrance free, I like the subtle smell of this moisturiser, lots of baby creams I have come across seem to smell very clinical so this cream was lovely to use. my daughter suffers from very mild eczema and when she has a flare up there is only one brand that seems to give relief and keep her skin hydrated, however, using the little softy moisturiser she hasn’t had a flare up and her skin is super soft and hydrated. My hands have been really dry with the cold weather and I have found the little softy moisturiser has really improved my skin also. I used this daily. Packaging and product both give the feel of a good quality product. Definitely good value as a little goes a long way with this product. I love how hydrating it is for both my daughter and myself. I will definitely be buying more. I feel it is good value for money and supercedes the cream we were currently using. I would recommend for all the reasons above. Good value for money, a good quality product which does exactly what it says on the tube. Very happy with this product, I will be purchasing this once finished and look forward to using it also on my son who is due in June. Nikola Caswell – Emilia 2 Years




I will definitely buy this product again. I have already recommended this product to a family member and will continue to do so. This product gets a firm 5/5. It is a good moisturiser which leaves lovely soft skin. Overall, it is good value for money and suitable for the whole family. Quick and easy to use leaving lasting effects.


Katie Awarded The Little Softy Fragrance Free Moisturiser 5/5

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