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LIV Doll With Dogs

Liv girls are 4 BFFs who do every activity girls love to do. You can hang out with them in real life and online. All Liv Dolls come with a detailed outfit, a long wig and now, their own puppy.

  • You can hang out with them in real life and online
  • All Liv Dolls come with a detailed outfit, a long wig and now, their own puppy
  • They are fully poseable, have unique hair play, and come with a special code that allows girls to enter the Liv world online at
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    £19.99 Available in all leading Toy Stores and also online

    LIV Doll With Dogs Reviews

    Product Tested by: Shirley Ashdown – Caitlin 6.5 Years

    Product Tested By Shirley Ashdown – Caitlin 6.5 Years

    Shirley Awarded the LIV Doll 4.1/5

    The doll was very nicely displayed in the box. Very bright and colourful. I think the size is adequate for the recommended age of the child. My child thought it was great that all the arms and legs were jointed, and could be moved. I think that if she had more than one of the dolls, her attention would be more with them playing together. My daughter finds the doll simple enough for her to play with without losing interest. The quality of the doll is good but the removable hair has got a plastic stem to put into the head, and this bends quite easily, making it harder to put the hair back into place. It was great to see my daughter playing with something with a lot of interest but I do feel that it is expensive and this would make me think twice about buying it. But if your child likes dolls and will use it then it is obviously worth the money. Shirley Ashdown – Caitlin 6.5 Years

    Product Tested By Gillian Leitch – Aaryanna 6 Years

    Gillian Awarded the LIV Doll 4/5

    A beautiful doll with the most realistic looking eyes that I have seen. The company’s website allows you to view their other brands along with their TV advertisements with links to take you to each products personal site, which is very useful. The packaging is of very high quality, the box has a large picture featuring the doll’s face but has a Velcro fastening so you can open it like a book page to see inside the clear packaging which show’s the doll along with all accessories and her dog inside, so you know exactly what you’re getting and what everything looks like. The size and the style of the doll is just right – she is realistically proportioned  and the joints offer a lot of pose ability without being too obtrusive. Although my daughter took the doll everywhere with her, the dog and the dog accessories weren’t played with. My daughter spent a lot of time combing and brushing her hair, it didn’t seem to stimulate her imagination as she didn’t include the dog in play. I feel my daughter would benefit from having some of the other dolls to aid her creativity/simulate her imaginative play but my daughter was happy using simple play such as dressing the doll and taking care of her wig/hair. The doll is of an extremely high quality as is her wig, the hair is a lot softer than most dolls and is rooted into semi-solid vinyl caps but I found the clothing on this doll to be of lower quality than I expected. But the overall high quality of the doll ensures good value for money and I have already bought more. I have bought Sophie and Katie – these ones come supplied with extra wigs not dogs and have been put away for Christmas (yes I know it’s only April!) I shall also be buying the salon set. I would definately recommend this product as the quality of every aspect of the doll itself is very high – the detail in the eyes, the quality and softness of the wig and the pose ability of the joints – the only let down was the clothing on this doll. Alexis is realistically proportioned and very pose able, she is a lot of fun for my daughter to play with. Gillian Leitch – Aaryanna 6 Years

    Product Tested By Brenda Steele – Sara 8 Years

    Brenda Awarded the LIV Doll 3.2/5

    The company has an attractive website that is easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. The packaging for the product was good, it was very eye-catching. The size of the doll made it easy to carry for my daughter and was the doll was also dressed very stylishly.  In a playable context, my daughter does not seem to play with the doll very much; she was bored after a very short period of time and did not find it stimulating. I do not feel that there are many developmental aspects with this toy because my daughter was not attracted to it, nor did she like the website as she said there were very few activities that interested her personally. The doll is of a high quality and well produced but I did not like having to buy other accessories for the doll. I would not regard this toy as good value for money because Sara did not like it and it did not live up to the advertising that she had seen of it. But although I and Sara did not like it, it may be well suited for a younger child who likes dolls a lot more. Brenda Steele – Sara 8 Years

    It was great to see my daughter playing with something with a lot of interest


    Shirley Awarded the LIV Doll 4.1/5

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