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Living Nature Gentle makeup remover

Our gentle cleansers purify skin without disrupting its natural processes. Kumerahou lathers naturally to gently remove makeup and city grime, without breaking your skin’s moisture barrier. Our cleansers are certified natural and completely free from harsh synthetic surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate – which strip the skin of protective oils.Your skin is a living organ. Treat it well and it will return the favour.

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Living Nature Gentle makeup remover Reviews

Product Tested by: Paula Chapman

Product Tested By Paula Chapman
Paula Awarded The Living Nature Gentle Makeup Remover 4.6/5

Nice looking product, presented well, easy to use, left my skin feeling nice afterwards. The packaging was really nice too. It is very easy to apply onto my skin. I had no irritation or allergic reaction at all when using this product. It was very effective in removing my makeup and I really enjoyed using it. I used this product every day. I did think that it was a little pricey for what it was and maybe if it was cheaper I would consider buying it again. I would recommend it to family and friends. It is a nice looking product, presented well, easy to use, and left my skin feeling nice afterwards. Paula Chapman

Product Tested By Sarah Worton

Sarah Awarded The Living Nature Gentle Makeup Remover 4.9/5

When I first saw the make-up remover my opinion was neither here nor there but liked the fact it said ‘gentle’ as that it was what I look for in products I buy. The packaging was simple yet elegant. It was really easy to apply to my skin; just add some to a moistened cotton pad. It is fragrance free but the scent it does have is pleasant. I had no irritation at all when using this; its allergen free and for all skin types. It removed all of my make-up even my water-proof mascara. I really enjoyed using this; it was easy to use and effective. I used it 3 times a week if not more. It does offer value for money but just a little on the pricey side for people that would use it every day. I would definitely consider buying it and would recommend it to others. I enjoyed using it. It was great on my sensitive skin and I am very pleased with this product. Sarah Worton
Product Tested By Lucy Smith
Lucy Awarded The Living Nature Gentle Makeup Remover 4/5

It was packaged well, I was very excited to start using the product as it looked good and I liked the idea of it being a natural makeup remover. The packaging was very practical, not eye catching though, but conveyed the information and branding needed. It doesn’t give the impression however of it being a high end luxurious make up remover which is a shame as I think it could be categorised as such. It is easily applied using cotton wool pads. It went on smoothly and felt nice on my skin as it was applied. The aroma of the product was not to my taste; however I’d be wary of using heavily perfumed products on my skin, so if this is the natural smell of the ingredients included then that is preferable to me. There was no allergic reaction, but there was a slight stinging sensation in certain areas of my face, specifically around my nose. I did notice that I had an increase in blemishes after using this product for several days; however I believe this is as a result of its deep cleansing action. It removed all trace of my foundation and blusher and I felt like all dirt had been removed from my skin which was wonderful, however it struggled to remove my waterproof mascara and I had to resort to using a different brand to take that off. I personally prefer to use a cream lotion to remove my makeup, so using a liquid lotion took me a while to get used to. However it left my skin feeling very clean and refreshed. I used the product twice a day for a couple of weeks. I stopped using the product after this period of time as I had begun to notice that my skin was breaking out in spots, which is probably a good sign of it cleansing my skin deeply; however I didn’t like having so many blemishes. I think that this product is good value when you look at the claims and ingredients, I probably wouldn’t be prepared to pay full price however as it didn’t fully remove all my make-up. Unfortunately for me, I wouldn’t buy this now. Mainly down to personal preferences and the price of the product and that it made my skin break into blemishes. I’m sure that some would really love the product though as I can see its benefits. I would suggest that someone try this product for themselves, maybe if sample sizes were available this would be a good idea. This product might suit my friend’s skin types better than mine. For those who love a fresh and thorough clean feeling, this would be their perfect make up remover. I’m scoring this product as a 4 because although it didn’t suit my needs I think it is a good product overall and would suit the needs of someone with less sensitive skin. It deeply cleanses your skin and leaves it feeling very clean and refreshed. I enjoyed using the product; it was easy to apply and effectively removed my foundation. I would recommend other people to try it for themselves as it leaves a deeply cleaned sensation! Lucy Smith

It is a nice looking product, presented well, easy to use, and left my skin feeling nice afterwards.


Paula Awarded The Living Nature Gentle Makeup Remover 4.6/5

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