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Lobelle Coffee Fibre Nappy with insert

Coffee Fibre Nappy with 4 Layer Coffee/Microfibre Insert – “Serenity”

Lobelle Coffee Fibre Nappies are a pocket nappy made using a coffee fibre mesh, which is brown in colour and therefore reduces staining. Due to the coffee fibres these nappies are fast drying, have odour reducing and anti-bacterial properties.

Fastened using a double popper closure system with stretchable tabs ensures the comfort of the baby while still maintaining a snug and secure fit. The crossover poppers on the tabs, length adjusting poppers on the front and the double gusset design allow for use with babies of all sizes, maintaining comfort but preventing leakage. The outer layer is made from PUL which is waterproof so no outer cover is needed.

Being a pocket nappy, fantastic absorbency characteristics are possible due to the addition of boosters where required, making these nappies a perfect choice for all babies including “heavy wetters”.

Suitable for newborn up to potty trained (approximately 2 ½ – 3 years).

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Price £12.99 Available online

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2021 Re-Usable Nappies Category

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Lobelle Coffee Fibre Nappy with insert Reviews

Product Tested By Ruth Tripp – Otto 10 Months

Ruth Awarded The Coffee Fibre Nappy with insert 4.5/5

The nappy looked and felt great but I couldn’t find any fitting or washing instructions. We were pleased to find it had a double gusset and stretchy tabs and the print looked great. I thought it was a great idea. A reusable nappy that was itself made of waste coffee fibres sounds fantastic and it is fast drying too. Also as it was already brown it wouldn’t show any stains. The shape looked good and we liked the dinosaur print. The stretchy tabs were great to help with the fitting and didn’t restrict any movement. we found a good fit with this nappy although it took a while to work out what was right. It would have been good to have some fitting instructions or a guide to a good fit included in the packaging. we found it just as easy to fit as a disposable nappy. It was quick and easy to popper it up once you know the best fit. we found that the nappy fitted snuggly around legs and waist and the fastening was secure. although my little boy is not able to speak he would be able to let me know of any discomfort. There were no marks left on his skin to show that it had been too tight so we believe he was comfortable in it. it was so soft, the insert was super soft too. The stretchy panels where the poppers were allowed for any extra movement. we found the nappy insert to be effective, it lasted a reasonable amount of time and it kept moisture away from baby’s skin. We were pleased with the quality and duration of the insert. We found this nappy kept baby’s skin moisture free and the double gusset definitely helped staying dry and containing any solids. We found that if the nappy had not been fitted to the correct popper size or there was space in between we had a few leaks but as baby grows and the more you used the nappy the more you were able to find the best fit to reduce leaks, similar to if you were using another nappy. We mainly used this nappy in the daytime but trialled it a couple of nights. these were very easy to launder. We wanted to make sure we were doing it right and as there were no instructions included with the packaging we looked it up on the website. Simply remove solids, remove the insert and put it all in the wash together. Washing was just a prewash and a long wash on a medium heat without fabric conditioner. The nappy washed well and thanks to it being coffee it didn’t show any signs of staining. The nappy and insert were also both very fast at drying. We used this nappy about 3-4 times a week depending on our washing cycle. There were so many things to like about this nappy, it was super soft, it had stretchy tabs to help with fitting, it was coffee coloured and didn’t show stains, it held up well when wet and dirty and we loved the double gusset. What we liked best was probably being able to use it often as it dried so quickly and kept baby’s bottom dry too. I would say that this nappy definitely offers value for money. The number of times that we have been able to use this nappy far outweighs the cost of buying disposable nappies and it is not as pricey as some other brands of reusable nappy. we loved the design and quality of the nappy and it kept baby dry for a long time. I have already looked at the website for other designs as I would consider buying more. I would recommend this nappy as worked well for us. we loved it and tried to get a lot of use out of it, therefore we would recommend to friends and family based on our experience. the nappy worked well for us but getting its fit right was sometimes tricky. We have really enjoyed trialling this nappy. It has helped us to reduce our waste and think about being more environmentally friendly. We had always thought that reusable nappies were hard to use and that the washing and drying is long and tedious but this nappy has just proved that wrong. We found that the nappy exceeded our expectations when both wet and dirty and that it was no more trouble to put on than a disposable nappy. As with all nappies, reusable or disposable, it is important to get the fit right for it to be effective and we found the stretchy tabs were really useful in fitting around the waist. We thought that the nappy worked well but what would have been helpful for us would have been a small note of how to fit and when to resize to get the best fit and also for some washing instructions. Ruth Tripp – Otto 10 Months

Product Tested By Chloe Fensome – Henry 1 Year

Chloe Awarded The Coffee Fibre Nappy with insert 4.5/5

Looked good quality, came in lovely packaging. Well thought about. I liked that it was a new concept and original. I loved the design, I chose the Dino one and Henry loved it. This was a very good fit for Henry. I did find this easy to put on. Once Henry was placed in this the poppers were very effective and secure. He seemed very comfortable in this nappy. Fabric was lovely and soft and comfy for my son. The insert supplied was effective but not as long lasting as I thought but still effective. We had no leaks but I had to change it sooner then I normally would. I just used this during the daytime. Very easy to launder. I used this most days during the week. I liked this nappy as no odour and my little boy didn’t have any sore bum. It does offer value for money. I didn’t buy a pack of nappies the whole time I’ve been using it. I would buy this. I’ve been partial to cloth nappies but I think I’ve changed my ways now. I would recommend as it is so cost effective. my little boy could get the poppers undone himself, and there wasn’t enough size options for adjusting the nappy.  My overall experience was very positive with this nappy. The only issue was with the poppers, there isn’t many adjusting options. Otherwise it’s odourless, lovely on the skin and easy to use. Chloe Fensome – Henry 1 Year

Product Tested By Layne Crofts – Ella 10 Months

Layne Awarded The Coffee Fibre Nappy with insert 4/5

It is eye-catching and bright, I love the pattern on the outside. I’ve never used cloth nappies before so I have to admit to being a bit daunted as there were a lot of buttons, no instructions and a number of parts! I think the concept is good. It can grow with the baby and it is obviously more environmentally friendly. I thought the outer design was lovely. So bright and eye catching. The design of the nappy was actually really simple. There is the outer nappy with lots of different button settings so can fit for a long time (once you get your head around how to use them!) and the insert was so easy to put in, take out and washed and dried really well. this was a good fit with lots of different fit settings. I found it hard to figure out what joined up where initially and it took some trial and error to get the fit right. I think if you are familiar with cloth nappies it is probably straight forward! As I am not familiar with them I found it fiddly compared to disposable nappies. But I think I did get my head around it eventually. the poppers were fantastic! Hard to undo even when trying! They felt very secure and also very secure in the fabric. she certainly didn’t complain! She seemed happy wearing this. I think the fabric is lovely and soft and washes well to maintain its softness. Ella isn’t yet mobile so I can’t comment on how it holds up with a mobile child but it certainly didn’t restrict her movements. The insert supplied was very effective, absorbent and washed well.  I preferred it for wet over dirty nappies. We didn’t have leaks but I did feel I needed to change it more frequently but that might have been my poor confidence in my fitting technique.  I only used it in the daytime for fear of leaks overnight. washed really well. easy to wash and dry. I used this 2-3 times per week. I think the designs of the outer part of the nappy are fabulous and so fun. They are really eye catching. the initial outlay in cloth nappies is what put me off ever using them to be honest, so I think it is expensive for a nappy, but then I have used it a number of times. In terms of costs of other cloth nappies I think it is fairly comparable but not sure I can comment on value as I haven’t used other cloth nappies before. If I was using cloth nappies then yes, I think I would. However, I don’t think this is going to convert me over to cloth nappies at present. I would recommend it. It is eye catching and fun and a great option for cloth nappies. My experience with cloth nappies is limited and I don’t think this would make me change to using them but I was surprised that it was better than I anticipated in terms of bulk, absorbency and minimal leaks. Overall, this was my first experience with cloth nappies and I was surprised by the ease of use. I’ve avoided using in the past due to initial costs and also extra work when I have three kids and a challenging job. However, this was easier to use than I expected and very eye catching design. Layne Crofts – Ella 10 Months

We found that the nappy exceeded our expectations when both wet and dirty and that it was no more trouble to put on than a disposable nappy. As with all nappies, reusable or disposable, it is important to get the fit right for it to be effective and we found the stretchy tabs were really useful in fitting around the waist. We thought that the nappy worked well but what would have been helpful for us would have been a small note of how to fit and when to resize to get the best fit and also for some washing instructions.


Ruth Awarded The Coffee Fibre Nappy with insert 4.5/5

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