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Lollipop Bamboo Nappy

Two sized bamboo shaped nappy offers excellent absorbency and a slim fit. Bamboo fibres are more absorbent than cotton but traditionally take a long time to dry. That is why we have inserted our special wellsoft booster material into the core of the nappy for maximum absorbency & easier drying. Cross over tabs at waist combined with snug elastic ensure a good fit. Bamboo has a soft silky feel which is retained after washing. One of the latest fabrics to take the reusable nappy market by storm – bamboo nappy is sure to delight eco-conscious parents. Additional booster included with every nappy for more absorbency as baby grows – this is separate in size 1 to avoid unnecessary bulk on a newborn, but is attached for ease in the size 2. Fastens with velcro style Aplix. Please select from natural, nutmeg, mint, pink(size 1only) or blue(size 2 only). Available to buy in our popular multi-buy sets. Size 1 : 7 – 16lbs – Size 2 : 16 – 35lbs

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Lollipop Bamboo Nappy £8.00 Each purchase online www.teamlollipop.co.uk

Lollipop Bamboo Nappy Reviews

Product Tested by: Clare Fowler - Theo Aged 1 Year 4 Months

Product Tested By Clare Fowler – Theo Aged 1 Year 4 Months

Clare Awarded The Lollipop Bamboo Nappy An Amazing 5/5

Lovely soft fabric.  This nappy fitted perfectly in with our lifestyle.  The textrue and softness of this nappy is lovely – soft on Theo’s skin and no dampness.  The waterproof cover is superb not plasticy at all.  The nappy looks comfortable and must have been as no complaints from Theo.  These fitted so well, and I have a chunky, tall toddler.  These kept Theo dry during the day and also at night time.  Never leaked once.  They are no bulkier than disposables and very easy to put on.  All my family had a go.  The whole thing is easy to assemble and comfortable to wear.  It is very important to us that a product is enviromentally friendly, so another big bonus for this nappy.  Nice knowing nothing goes to landfill – makes you feel good.  Most definitely good value for money.  I dread to think how much money I have spent on disposables in the past.  The design is Perfect.  Will be purchasing more.  Would recommend these to friends and family without hesitation.  As you can tell I am converted.  When I first found out I was testing re-usable nappies my heart sank.  Soaking smelly nappies & pins.  But these are a complete revelation.  "Give them a whirl can’t do any harm only good".  Clare Fowler – Theo Aged 1 Year 4 Months.

Product Tested By Neeta Patel – Neeyan Aged 1 Year 2 Months

Neeta Awarded The Lollipop Bamboo Nappy 4/5

Initially I was very impressed.  I have never considered re-usable napies however when the product arrived I was impressed with the amount of nappies I received along with the maintenance products (sanitizers).  I was also impressed with how far re-usable nappies have come as I thought that I would get a cloth and nappy pins, but was amazed how alike they are to disposable nappies.  I workd fulltime so it is not really convenient for my lifestyle to use re-usable nappies.  However as I work short weeks I did use them on my days off work.  I do wish I had looked into this further whilst on maternity leave as I would have invested in these for sure.  I was so surprised by the texture, it was very nice and I loved the fleecy feel.  When I tried it on Neeyan he would not stop touching the nappy as he loved the texture too.  Waterproof cover did leave a red mark on the inside of Neeyan’s Legs and this made him a bit irritable.  Neeyan seemed very comfortable when wearing the nappy and it did not look that bulky.  However, when I put his clothes on top his bum did look massive compared to disposable nappies.  I loved the way these nappies fitted Neeyan.  They looked cute and were strong and absorbent.  These nappies kept Neeyan dry.  Sometimes the disposable nappies we used would leek if Neeyan did a poo.  However, we never had this problem with the Bamboo nappy.  Kept Neeyan dry during the day and I was using these every day.  Neeyan is a little wriggle worm when it comes to nappies so I knew I would struggled at first getting these on.  The Velcro was very strong and Neeyan did try and take it off but he could not due to it being so strong and this was a big bonus.  As Neeyan is so active I did find it hard to put the inner layer on as well as the outer layer as I could not keep him still for long enough.  All the disposable parts were easy to assemble once you worked out a routine.  Really easy to wash and I would always soak them first but they came out looking good as new.  Disposable parts I would just throw in the bin.  These are environmentally firendly but I would imagine my electricity bills going up if I used them on a consistent basis as I would have to do a wash every other day and normally I do two a week.  I do think the initial outlay for the complete starter pack (£79) is expensive, but in the long run it would work out cheaper as you can use these again and again.  For my next child I would use them whilst at home on materniy leave.  A few of my friends use the re-usable system and I have already told them about the nappies and they were really keen to buy them.  Great product, very impressed with the look, fit, feel and design.  Neeta Patel – Neeyan Aged 1 year 2 Months

Product Tested By Katrina Fellows – Justin Aged 1 Year 6 Months

Karina Awarded The Lollipop Bamboo Nappy 4.5/5

These are lovely and soft to the touch, and made with such scrumptious soft fabric.  I like to use real nappies so keen to try these out and also they were a perfect fit.  They looked comfortable and were so soft had no worries about Justin wearing these and feeling comfortable.  They absorbed well and never noticed any dampness when changing Justin.  The outer protective cover was high quality and effective.  Lovely soft fabric.  A great fit and kept Justin dry during the day.  Not as brilliant at night, but still effective.  During day time use these never leaked.  I think washable nappies are a bit bulkier, but they fit in with our ideals and lifestyle and we like using them.  Very easy to put on, work well and wash like a dream.   They are no bulkier than disposables and very easy to put on.  I would say these are a good investment and value for money. Great design, soft and gentle and easy to use.  Will be purchasing more and already recommended.   These nappies are so good, so if you have never tried washable nappies before give them a go, you will be surprised how well they work.  Katrina Fellows – Justin Aged 1 Year 6 Months

These nappies are a complete revelation.  "Give them a whirl can’t do any harm only good".


Clare Awarded The Lollipop Bamboo Nappy An Amazing 5/5

Lollipop Bamboo Nappy Stockist Information
  • Website: www.teamlollipop.co.uk
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: Customer Care Line 0845 6017308 Tel: 01736 799512
  • Address: Lollipop Chirldrens Products Limited, Bosigran Farmm, Pendeen, Cornwall, TR20 8YX