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Lollipop Micro Nappy

This two sized polar fleece shaped nappy uses modern fabrics to combine great absorbency with a slim fit &  super quick dry time. Polar fleece fabric keeps moisture away from baby’s skin for a stay dry feel whilst the inner absorbent core of wellsoft booster material guarantees good absorbency. Special cross over tabs at the waist combined with snug elastic ensure a good fit and excellent containment even on newborns. An ideal option for parents wanting a soft, dry feel against their baby’s skin and in need of a quick drying nappy system.

Additional booster included with every nappy for more absorbency as baby grows – this is separate in size 1 to avoid unnecessary bulk on a newborn, but is attached for ease in the size 2. Fastens with velcro style Aplix. Please select from cream, lavender or mint. Available to buy in our popular multi-buy sets.  Size 1 : 7 – 16lbs Size 2 : 16 – 35lbs

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Lollipop Micro Nappy £8.00 Each purchase online www.teamlollipop.co.uk

Lollipop Micro Nappy Reviews

Product Tested by: Lauren Goldup - Baby Alfie 7 Months

Product Tested By Lauren Goldup – Baby Alfie 7 Months

Lauren Awarded The Lollipop Micro Nappy 3.4/5

Nice box and contained 5 Micro Nappies, 2 waterproof covers and 100 biodegradable liners.  Set was worth £59.99.  At first glance these did seem complicated but liked the soft nappies.  As a busy teacher these re-usable nappies do take up more time to organise and use.  The texture of the nappies is a very soft fleece and good strong velcro tabs.  A great fit as the velcro tabs allow you to have flexibility so you can be assured of good safe fit. The outside waterpfoof cover seemed a bit tight aroung the leg.  Althought this is to ensure no leaks.  It did leave some red marks.  These certaily looked comfortable on Alfie, although they are a bit bulky and for night time I would prefer less bulk.  These are as good as disposables and kept Alfie dry during the dy and no leaks at night.  We did not experience any leaks, but you do need to make sue the waterproof layer in not loose.  The Micro nappy is fairly easy to put on, but now Alfie is crawling found it a bit more difficult to get both layers on as he is a very active.  These are so easy to wash and the disposable parts are easy to dispose off.  The Micro nappy is enviromentally friendly and this is important to us.  These are expensive but once you set up a system and take into account you can use them time and time again, then value for money.  Just one suggestion for improvement would be to ensure the waterproof layer is attached and softer.  A good eco way to buy nappies, soft material, no leaks and overall much better than I expected.  Lauren Goldup – Baby Alfie 7 Months

Product Tested By Emma Botwright – Amelia Aged 1 Year 7 Months

Emma Awarded The Lollipop Micro Nappy Top Marks 5/5

First impression Gorgeous and they are just so soft and snuggly.  We received a box containing 5 Micro Nappies, 2 waterproof covers and 100 biodegradable liners.  Set was worth £59.99.   I must admit now the weather is a bit better these are easier to dry and use, so better for the warmer months in my opinion.  The texture of the nappy is a lovely soft micro fleece.  The waterproof cover is smooth and wipeable so really impressed.  This nappy looks gorgreous on my little girl.  I have put a pic of her wearing the micro nappy in the Bizziebaby forum.  The fit is fantastic snug and not too tight (like some other reusable nappies I have used).  This has kept Amelia dry during the day and even kept her dry at night. We have not had any leaks which is brilliant.  I do not think these look bulky at all, to me they look really cute.  Also very easy to put on.  The Velcro is excellent so easy to open and close.  In the past I have used ones with poppers and found them fiddly.  I have arthritis in my hands so there are just perfect for me and so easy.  All of the disposable parts are easy to put together.  Also wash well and come up looking great and still soft.  For the disposable parts, just put the liners in the bin, easy.  Also these are enviromentally friendly which I think is important.  They definitely work out cheaper in the long run as you can use them again and again, just initially bit expensive but well worth the spend.  I am certainly considering buying more as loved them and will be recommending to a few friends.  I just love these as they dry quick, fitted perfectly and look so gorgeous.  Worked brilliantly for us.  Emma Botwright – Amelia Aged 1 Year 7 Months. 

Product Tested By Melanie Ginsberg – Baby Tristan 4 Months

Melanie Awarded The Lollipop Micro Nappy An Amazing 5/5

First impression fleecy nappies, okay, that’s different. I hope they work!  I must admint I found these to be more convenient to use, even though there was more washing to do well worth it.  The texture of the nappy is really soft which is soft and gentle against Tristan’s skin.  The waterproof cover is also soft.  So glad as it does not make that crinkling sound that most waterproof covers make.  Tristan cried when I first put the nappy on him but he soon settle down and it looked comfortable.  Absolutely love the soft adjustable velcro.  The liner takes some getting used to but easier to handle than a full nappy.  These were brilliant dry night and day.  The cover that goes over the nappy is fantastic.  These look great on and do not bulge in the front or go hard like a disposable nappy.  Easy to put on and use.  The disposable liner would be easier to use if it were to slip onto the middle fabric liner as baby sometimes kicks the disposable liner off.  Very easy to wash and the lovely sanitiser helps.  For the disposable parts just flush, no mess, no fuss and no plastic packets.  A bit of a pain to keep washing but well worth it in the long run.  Saves pounds not having to buy nappies every two weeks so well worth the money.  Only design improvement suggestion would be to replace the big velcro strips with maybe blocks of 4, thus allowing more movement for baby and maybe poppers to prevent velcro from lifting.  Would certainly consider buying more.  Great value for money and easy to maintain.  Great for a new mum.  Less to carry around.  Briliant product idea for any mum wanting comfort and durability without the fuss and mess of disposables.  Melanie Ginsberg – Baby Tristan 4 Months

A good eco way to buy nappies, soft material, no leaks and overall much better than I expected. 


Lauren Awarded The Lollipop Micro Nappy 3.4/5

Lollipop Micro Nappy Stockist Information
  • Website: www.teamlollipop.co.uk
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Tel: Customer Care Line 0845 6017308 Tel: 01736 799512
  • Address: Lollipop Chirldrens Products Limited, Bosigran Farmm, Pendeen, Cornwall, TR20 8YX