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Lollipop Smart Wi-Fi Based Baby Camera

FAST AND EASY TO SET UP】Setting up the camera is fast and easy. Bend the tail and wrap the camera anywhere. Simply connect your baby camera to your phone using our app Lollipop, compatible with both iOS and Android systems.

ALL YOU NEED AS A PARENT】 Crying detection, Noise detection, Crossing detection, Push to talk, Built-in Sound Machine, Advanced Night Vision & High Sound Quality.

SLEEP TRACKING FEATURE】Sleep tracking for free in Lollipop Care Package! 30-day free trial guaranteed, get your sleep cycle back on track!

CROSSING & CRYING DETECTION】Worried about baby climbing out of the crib or crying when you’re not around? Get notifications when your baby cries, climbs out of the crib or makes loud noises!

MULTI-STREAMING MODE】Watch everywhere at the same time and never miss anything going on in your house with multi-streaming feature! You can add as many cameras as you want.

12 MONTH WARRANTY & 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE The risks are on us! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked! Each camera comes with a 12-month warranty at no additional cost to you.

Suitability: Birth – 5 years 

Colour Choice Cotton candy-Pink / Turquoise-Blue / Pistachio-Green

Sizes available if relevant: 11.7 x 3 x 1.6 inches (2.25 pounds)

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Price £145,00 Available

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Lollipop Smart Wi-Fi Based Baby Camera Reviews

Product Tested By Hayley Russell – Jacob 3 Months

Hayley Awarded The Lollipop Smart Wi-Fi Based Baby Camera 5/5

I was very impressed with how modern and fun the design is. Instructions were super easy to follow. I found this so easy to set up, the instructions and attachments are great.  Very easy to secure to baby crib, attach to wall or stand on flat surface. This is so good as one set up I was so surprised with how clear the camera is! The fact this can tell difference between ambient noises like wind and when your child needs attention we found to be great, especially when Jacob was in his bed.  I did not actually use the cross detection aspect of this. My son loved the baby DJ , was calming to help him sleep at night. The Lollipop build data history was interesting to use and helped us learn his sleeping patterns. I did not use the feature to invite friends or family to take a peek at baby but I think it’s great especially with lock down. I have not yet used the even list video feature but will in the future. It was great o have the app on my phone so I could keep eye on Jacob. Personally I probably would not use the sensor temperature, humidity and air quality function but I can see some people would. I used this every day. Had this set up in Jacob’s bedroom. I plan to move it to the play room so I can keep an eye on all 3 of my kids. I was impressed this is compatible with Google Mini and the Amazon Echo as this would be very handy. I looked into the new Al Sleep Tracking feature and feel it is a good insight into understanding sleep patterns. I was really impressed with the quality picture and wish I got this when I had my first, it’s fab! This certainly does represent good value as can be used from birth through to 5 years. Quality is excellent as image is extremely clear which I find in the past has been a big issue with other brands, I’ve spent a serious amount of money on them in the past and none were as clear as this one. I would buy this product.  I would recommend as it offers so many features and longevity. This was fantastic and loved it and will continue to use for many years to come.  My only suggestion would be to do it on black and white as the colours may be more desirable. Hayley Russell – Jacob 3 Months

Product Tested By Kimberly James – Eden Newborn

Kimberley Awarded The Lollipop Smart Wi-Fi Based Baby Camera 4.6/5

Really nice and professional packaging. Loved that it had my name on, it was a very nice touch. Very interesting and different. Really liked the idea of it wrapping around the baby’s cot. Had no issues with the instructions art all.  Made it very easy. This was very easy to set up. The slats in our cot are very thick, so it was difficult to secure properly. We did manage to fix it on but it did tilt slightly which made it a little difficult to get the angle we wanted. Once set up the image was very clear.  The night vision is brilliant as well. The way it picks up difference between ambient noises and baby has been brilliant. Picks up on load noises. It’s also good to look back at the following day. Baby hasn’t been stuck or from what we can tell come out of the border. So can’t comment on the cross detection feature. The Baby DJ is  a great idea and it did certainly help. We did think it might be a good idea if the app could link up with other apps like Spotify to play more music choices. We did use the data to help us with babies feeding pattern and how much she had slept throughout the night. we have used the link to live feed so that both parents have access to the live camera. It has been brilliant. It’s also great for Dad to be able to see baby even from work! We did see the event list feature but didn’t realise what it was for as it was just images of the baby crying. We loved using the live feed on smartphone as Dad really enjoyed being able to see baby when working nights. We would consider purchasing the Lollipop sensor as we have really found the camera useful and find the mobile app really handy. So if the sensor is the same we would. We have used this every day. Mainly used in the nursery. We will continue to use this for many years to come as nice to know that we won’t miss anything. Even her first words if we aren’t I’m the room. We don’t have Google Mini or Amazon Echo unfortunately so haven’t been able to test this. I’m not sure that it would increase our like for the product. We would purchase the new Al Sleep Tracking feature as this would also helped with feeding routine. I loved the design, it’s really nice to look at and really handy. The app is great and really simple to use. Definitely good value as has longevity and will be using it through to toddler years. The camera quality, design and packaging are all top notch. This is superb value. Initially we would have been hesitant to spend so much on a baby monitor but in time we have had it, it has certainly proved its worth. We would recommend as not only has it relieved some of our anxieties while baby is sleeping it has also allowed us to save some memories as well. The product concept and app are brilliant. There are only really 2 things that brought the score down. A bigger selection of music via an app maybe and the trouble we had with attaching it to our cot. Really good product. Would recommend it to new and existing parents. As it’s allowed us to save some precious moments. Other than the 2 things mentioned it’s been brilliant.

Product Tested By Helen Willingham – Ada 11 Months

Helen Awarded The Lollipop Smart Wi-Fi Based Baby Camera 4.1/5

Really well presented. The box was lovely and it had separate compartments for all of the pieces and was well thought out. The colour is lovely and bright. The camera was bigger than I originally expected but that is a good thing. I like the idea of the camera, however I’m just not convinced by Wi-Fi and smartphone monitor systems. I thought this might change my mind but if the Wi-Fi___33 drops even for a very short amount of time you end up with buffering and frozen images which is really not good. The concept of the bendy camera though is genius. The app was easy to follow although takes a little time to set up as you have to do things like get as close as you can to the Wi-Fi___33 router it should tell you that in the box as we had to move the camera and then start over again. Otherwise, simple to follow and good not to have loads of printed instructions. Generally was easy enough to set up. The app helps with that and the camera is really simple to bend and place anywhere you like. You do need a bit of time to download the app, sign up, go through the instructions and set it up – it isn’t an unpack and go type product. Once set up was it secure and easy to keep eye on baby movements.  I felt like it was secure. We have the monitor on the door handle as this is a good position and means we didn’t have to go mounting it on anything. I wouldn’t put it on the cot as it would not  last long and be a constant source of entertainment. Keeping an eye on movements was more difficult. We like you have a monitor on in the background all of the time and this just isn’t the right monitor for that. Our Wi-Fi___33 isn’t always the best and this was just a constant source of frustration. I would also not like to have my phone on by my bedside all night, if I did have my phone there I would want the screen off and it isn’t simple to then open the app just to check, by that point I might as well go into baby’s room. The camera on this is amazing for both night and day. If you have amazing Wi-Fi___33 and you don’t mind using your phone then this camera would be great. The fact it can tell the difference between noises, although sometimes ambient noise like baby moving around came up as being too noisy and it took a while to distinguish this. We tested the cross detection feature without using it on the cot and it worked well. However the angle that we have the camera means it just isn’t feasible as the box would need to be 3D and the camera the same to really be able to do this. Good idea though. The Baby DJ feature is good and love the sounds on this. There are a few songs you can choose from and noises. We don’t really use sounds for sleep, but baby liked hearing them when they were awake. We didn’t use the build data history feature. We have so many ways of tracking this that it just felt like another thing to keep updated. If we had this camera from birth then it might have been useful and fun to use though. We didn’t use the feature to invite friends and family to see baby as  there wasn’t any need to. If we were going out more then it might be good if one of us was out, rather than have the app to just receive a video update would be useful.  We didn’t really use the Event list. I think it would be helpful if they were ill or teething and it would help build an idea of what nights will be like and how to best deal with them, but it wasn’t necessary during the testing time. Linking this to live feed on phone or tables was realty helpful. However I like an always-on monitor and this felt like a bad way to use my phone and not the best use of the monitor. To be able to link this with their matching sensor to log temperature, humidity and air quality levels is a great idea. I think if I loved the camera I would get this as it would be really useful and reassuring. However, I don’t think I’m sold on the camera yet so I won’t be buying the sensor. We used this for a few nights and naps. Really couldn’t get used to not having a screen always on and the Wi-Fi___33 was frustrating. Mainly used this at home in Ada’s room. I will definitely use it when we go somewhere new, or if we set up a play space for baby as they get a bit older. The fact it can link up with Google Mini and Amazon Echo is a great feature and I would use it if I have one of these devices. I personally would not be interested in the Al Sleep Tracking feature. I think you just have to go with how you and baby feels. I loved the portability of the camera and its bendy arm. I think if you are happy with the Wi-Fi___33 and smartphone setup – which I know lots of people love then Yes good value. It is a good bit of kit, well made and solid with a great camera. The app is quite difficult to use but you soon get used to all of the menus and options. Personally I would not buy this as I just prefer an old monitor that is separate from my phone and Wi-Fi___33. It would also be great if the camera didn’t have to be plugged in all the time. I would recommend if they were considering a Wi-Fi___33/phone monitor then I would recommend the Lollipop.  Great camera, just not for me.  My overall experience of the Lollipop is that whilst it is a great camera and the sounds options are cool, it is just not right for me. There are a couple of things that would benefit from some changes including the app interface (menus are difficult to navigate and finding the settings is really hard) and having a rechargeable camera. I’ll be sticking with my monitor that is always on, but when we go anywhere new I will consider the Lollipop as it is easy to bend around anything.  I would say that the camera being set up on the cot is good in principle but will never work with standing babies, so finding somewhere else to put the camera is a must and this means being prepared to mount the camera. The fact that the camera comes with a cute tree branch mount is great! The idea is good and means that you are ready to go even if you do want to mount it and don’t have to think too much about it. Also have a screw mount and a sticky one, excellent! There is both a European and UK plug in the box so I’m already thinking it would be good if we get to go abroad soon! There are lots of small details that Lollipop has got bang on! I just wish that we could get on with this system. I think we will try it some more though, and maybe have the Lollipop for naps and whilst we are still awake at night and then have the old monitor for through the night for easy check-ins. I would also like to try it on better Wi-Fi___33 to really see how good it is with the live view and events tracking. Helen Willingham – Ada 11 Months

I was really impressed with the quality picture and wish I got this when I had my first, it’s fab! This certainly does represent good value as can be used from birth through to 5 years. Quality is excellent as image is extremely clear which I find in the past has been a big issue with other brands, I’ve spent a serious amount of money on them in the past and none were as clear as this one. I would buy this product.  I would recommend as it offers so many features and longevity. This was fantastic and loved it and will continue to use for many years to come.  My only suggestion would be to do it on black and white as the colours may be more desirable.


Hayley Awarded The Lollipop Smart Wi-Fi Based Baby Camera 5/5

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